Redragon K641 SHACO PRO Review 60% Aluminum RGB Mechanical Keyboard

Thursday, December 28, 2023

Imagine the thrill of unboxing gaming perfection—introducing the Redragon K641 SHACO PRO. Let me spill the beans on what makes this keyboard a game-changer from the moment you crack open the box. Discover why it’s not just a keyboard; it's the key to unlocking your gaming potential. Get ready for an experience that's anything but ordinary!

The K641 SHACO PRO weighs 791 grams and sports a solid brushed aluminum case (and plastic top plate) along with sturdy rubberized single feet risers, toggle mode switch and magnetized storage area for the 2.4Ghz wireless dongle. Dimensions of K641 SHACO PRO are 32cm long x 12cm deep. The bottom row measures 3cm high, the top row measures 3.5cm high without feet and 4.5cm high with feet.

 The 65% size layout strikes a balance between a compact form factor and maintaining essential keys. This design choice works well if you want a steady and resilient keyboard without compromising on desk space. The keycaps are made of double-shot injected ABS, which are durable and resistant to fading and shine - perfect for keeping the keyboard looking clean even during intense gaming or work sessions.

One of the main selling points of the K641 SHACO PRO is its tri-mode connection technology. Offering USB-C wired, Bluetooth, and 2.4 GHz wireless modes, as well as bluetooth multipoint connection for up to 3 devices. This versatility is a significant advantage, especially if you switch between devices frequently.

Regarding the battery life on Bluetooth, you can get approximately 11 hours with RGBs turned on and around 35 hours with RGBs off. When using 2.4GHz wireless, the battery life with RGBs on varies between 25-30 hours, and when RGBs are off, it can extend up to 50 hours.

Equipped with hot-swappable red linear switches (1.8mm actuation), the K641 SHACO PRO produces smooth keystrokes with low noise levels, which is optimal when working alongside other people. 

If you prefer clicky switches though, you can always swap around with 3rd party switches (3 pin only). Speaking of noise, the K641 SHACO PRO integrates a 3.5mm EVA silencer foam internally which reduces pinging key noise, in favor of a more satisfying THOCK sound.

The RGB backlighting is bright and vivid and can be turned off right from the keyboard, as well as adjusted at various brigthness levels. There are various RGB effects to choose from including static single colors and dynamic multi colors. There is even an RGB effect that allows you to turn off the key switches, while keeping the side RGB bars turned on, producing a cool effect.

In comparison to other Redragon models, the K641 SHACO PRO is similar to the K628 PRO SE and Caraxes PRO K644 SE  in terms of features like Redragon software support and hot swappable switches but the K641 SHACO PRO stands out with its aluminum case which gives the K641 SHACO PRO a more premium look on par with the OLAF K648.

Selling points
  • Aluminum case
  • Elegant frosted look
  • Bluetooth/2.4Ghz/ wired connections
  • 60% footprint
  • Magnetic dongle storage area
  • Hot-swappable switches
  • Detachable wrist pad
  • Stock linear red switches (non-clicky)
  • 3.5mm EVA silencer foam
  • Cool gradient color design
  • Visually stunning RGB
  • Onboard controls for brightness and RGB effects
  • Redragon software support
  • Solid build - no rattling noises

Potential deal breakers
  • Limited functionality compared to a full-sized keyboard
  • Non-magnetic wrist pad
  • Heavier than a plastic keyboard
  • Not compatible with 5 pin switches

In conclusion, the Redragon K641 SHACO PRO stands out with its unique combination of features, including the tri-mode connection technology, hot-swappable red switches, and RGB side bars. While it may not be the perfect fit for everyone, its versatility and design make it a solid all-rounder if you are seeking a balance between functionality and style.

Accessories included in the box are a phone holder (11cm deep x 7cm wide x 1cm thick), ergonomic wrist pad (5.5cm deep x 1cm thick),USB-C cable (with inline USB-A adapter), metal thumbscrews, plastic keycap removed, metal switch puller and spare red switches. You can buy the K641 SHACO PRO from RedragonShop.

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