Level8 Voyageur Carry-On 20-inch Suitcase Review

Tuesday, March 05, 2024


Forget waiting for your bag – a good carry-on is quick and convenient. In today's quick-paced travel world, you have no time to waste. Airlines are getting strict about luggage rules, and they charge extra for checked bags. Having a trusty carry-on helps you get through airports easily while eliminating the worry of potentially losing your bag and having to wait at baggage carousels!

The Level8 Voyageur Carry-On 20-inch suitcase has notable features such as a wide telescopic handle, spacious interior, robust shell, built-in wheels, and a stylish design. 

The handle, measuring 35cm wide and 8cm in diameter, is crafted from comfortable plastic. It includes a spring-loaded locking pin mechanism operated by a button, allowing easy height adjustment and locking at two levels: 51cm (1st level) and 46cm (2nd level). The broader telescopic handle design not only enhances comfort but also adds stability, making it easier to roll the suitcase without the risk of tipping over.

Measuring at 15.1 inches in length, 9.8' inches in width, and 21.3 inches in height (38.5 x 25 x 54.5cm) means the Voyageur Carry-On suitcase is small enough to carry on a plane and store inside overhead bin but  big enough for extra packing room to accommodate belongings efficiently.

A key consideration for any suitcase is durability, and the Level8 Voyageur Carry-On excels in this aspect. The polycarbonate construction ensures a lightweight yet robust shell. Weighing in at 8.1 lbs (3.7 kg), the outer shell of the Voyageur Carry-On is tough and can resist scratches, scrapes and bumps, thanks to the textured polycarbonate material. This not only keeps the suitcase looking new for a longer time but also gives you a better grip, making it easier to lift without slipping from your hands.

The Level8 Voyageur Carry-On 20-inch stands out for how well it works. It comes with a strong telescopic handle made of aluminum alloy, making it comfortable and reliable. The suitcase also features a TSA-approved lock, allowing you to secure the zippers while still letting airport staff open it easily. Moving the suitcase is a breeze, thanks to the four rubberized plastic wheels at the bottom.

The wheels measure 5cm in diameter and 1cm thick and roll smoothly on surfaces like tarmac and floors. With a unique design of eight wheels spinning freely, they ensure stability and make the suitcase easy to roll quickly. As well as wheels, the Voyageur Carry-On integrates feet pads on the back side and on the side to allow you to lay the suitcase on the ground horizontally or sideways.

Another practical feature of any bag is the grab handles, and the Voyageur Carry-On goes above and beyond with not just one but two grab handles. Both handles are crafted from thick, smooth rubber and feature a low-profile self-retracting mechanism. This clever design ensures the grab handles stay flat and tidy when not in use. Each grab handle measures 21cm in length, 2.5cm in thickness, and has a height of 3cm.

Similar to the inside zippers, the main zipper works seamlessly. However, it's worth noting that the main compartment's two metal YKK zip sliders, equipped with long metal pull tabs, don't make the main zipper seam water-resistant. You can secure the main compartment using the built-in TSA007 3-barrel combination lock with a push button, ensuring convenient unlocking of the suitcase zipper. The main zipper opens in a clamshell style, spreading into two halves at a 180-degree angle. This design allows both halves to sit flat, making it effortless for you to pack and unpack your belongings.

In conclusion, the Level8 Voyageur Carry-On 20-inch stands as a testament to thoughtful design, durability, and functionality. From its wide handle and scratch-resistant exterior to the TSA-approved lock and well-organized interior, every aspect is geared towards enhancing the travel experience. Whether you're a frequent flyer or an occasional traveler, the Level8 Voyageur Carry-On is a reliable companion that combines style with substance.

Selling points
  • TSA-approved combination lock
  • easy identification at baggage claim
  • Polycarbonate shell
  • Efficient packing
  • Clamshell opening opens wide 180 degree
  • Internal organizational pockets
  • Spacious interior for ample storage
  • Low profile grab handles
  • 360-degree spinner wheels
  • Built-in dry-wet pocket
  • Smooth-rolling wheels
  • Sturdy wide telescopic handle
  • High-quality construction
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Protective drawstring bag included
  • Value for money for frequent travelers
  • Well-designed minimalist

Potential deal breakers

  • Non expandable
  • No compression straps
  • Non water proof main zipper

The Level8 Voyageur comes with a lifetime warranty that covers the entire suitcase including the wheels, handles, and zippers. You can buy the Level8 Voyageur 20-inch carry on suitcase from Level8Cases and get 10% off using promo code GadgetExplained10. The 20 inch version (43 litre) is suited for short term travel (4 days). There is a 26-inch (93 litre) and 28-inch (99 litre) version available, which are checked luggage with bigger volume capacity. 

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