Assembling The Servo Kit On GoPiGo Raspberry Pi Robot - Part 3

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Today, I'm covering Part 3, which is the assembly of the servo kit on the GoPiGo Robot Car. You can check out also the Body and Brain Assembly - Part 1, the Functionality Test - Part 2Part 3 - Servo AssemblyUltrasonic Sensor Attachment - Part 4. The GoPiGo Servo Kit contains 5 screws, 4 small nuts/bolts, 1 large nut/bolt, 2 acrylic Ts, 1 acrylic square body, 4 plastic servo bits and the servo itself.
After peeling off the protective paper from the acrylic pieces, it's a matter of attaching the servo to the acrylic pieces and tightening it all together with the large nut and bolt.   
The white plastic bits are attachments for the servo shaft that you can use however you see fit. Simply place one of the bits onto the servo shaft and secure it by screwing a small screw in the center
small screw in the center
Now, we can connect the servo body to the body of the GoPiGo Robot car by attaching the servo plastic lip with two screws.
After fixing the servo to the GoPiGo body, we can now connect the servo to the three metal pins on the GoPiGo board. From left to right, the cable sequence is yellow (data transfer), red (power) and brown (ground).
This completes Part 3 of the assembly of the Servo Kit to the GoPiGo Robot car for the purpose of connecting the Ultrasonic sensor I will be attaching on Part 4. However, in future I will want to attach a Raspberry Pi camera and other sensors like a PIR Motion Sensor.

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