Conbrov T16 Spy Cam With Microphone And MicroSD Card

Friday, July 14, 2017

 It's amazing what goes on when you are not around! A hidden camera or spy camera comes in handy when you want to record without anyone knowing. Anything from monitoring a child carer (nanny) or cheating partner, to recording conversations, an interview and even a classroom lecture.
If you're looking for a super small, hidden camera that you can leave running while you are out or take with you on the go, the T16 spy cam by Conbrov is worth checking out! The Conbrov T16 Spy Cam has a built-in microphone, microSD card and a field of view of 75 degrees.

The T16 hidden camera charges via the USB port of a computer or USB charger and supports only Class 10 microSD cards with at least 8GB of capacity (up to 32 GB maximum capacity). Before using the T16 mini spy camera you need to format the microSD card to FAT32 format.
The Conbrov T16 Mini Spy cam also features a reset button that is access via a pinhole with the included pin hole tool.
Turning the T16 spy cam on is done via the left button (power button), which you hold down for 3 seconds to power on (the LED will flash blue once). To turn off the unit you hold down the same button for 3 seconds (the LED will flash red and blue).
the T16 records by default 5 minute clips
To record a video with the Conbrov T16 Mini Spy cam, you hold down the Play button to start recording and press once to stop recording. The LED will flash blue three times to indicate recording is in process. 

picture taken outdoors with T16 spy cam (cloudy day)

picture taken indoors with T16 spy cam
To take a photo, press the Play button once (the LED will flash blue three times). If you forget to insert a microSD card, the LED will flash blue for 10 seconds.
camera clips onto the magnetic bracket
You can also record a video with sound by pressing the power button after the unit is turned on. This activates sound mode, which then records 2-minute clips video with audio. The built-in microphone picks up sounds greater than 60 decibels, which is the sound of a normal conversation at 4 feet away.
magnetic bracket, camera clip, USB cable, card reader, pin tool, warranty and user manual
To play the video back you can either connect the T16 spy camera directly to your computer or you can remove the microSD card from the unit and insert it into the included microSD card reader.
When battery is low, the LED will flash blue and red. As far as charging, when connected to a power source, the LED will show solid yellow/amber while charging. Once full charge is complete (20 minutes) the LED will turn off.
camera lens on left and IR lens on right side for night vision
It's also worth pointing out that the T16 spy cam features an integrated circuit (IC) so once the T16 is fully charged, the charging changes to trickle charging, which is great as you won't have to worry about the battery overcharging or overheating when connected to a battery bank or wall charger.

dimensions 25 mm x 27 mm x 20 mm
Being so small and light (only 18 grams), the T16 spy camera is perfect for concealing the camera just about anywhere. Also, because the infrared is invisible at night it’s hard for someone to notice it. Also, the unit draws little power (less than 2 watts) so when hooked up to a 30,000 mAh power bank, the T16 camera can be powered for well over a week on continuous recording mode.
T16 spy cam hooked to Xtorm 20,000 mAh power bank
The T16 spy cam records in 720p aspect ratio at 30 frames per second so it captures pretty smooth, fluid and clear video quality even in bad lighting conditions.The built-in 170mah battery lasts around 45 minutes and around 35 minutes with night vision on.
date/time format (yyyy-mm-dd, hh:mm:ss)
Setting the time/ date and loop recording mode on the Conbrov T16 spy camera is done via your computer and modifying the SETTIME notepad text file. 
To prompt up the SETTIME file, you will need to first record a video on the microSD card. Then, connect the microSD card to your computer via the card reader and locate the SETTIME file. The word "yes" indicates whether you want loop recording On (yes) or Off (no).
clear user manual
The T16 spy cam automatically enters night vision mode when brightness is lower than 10 LUX.

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