Moov HR Sweat Headband Heart Rate Workout Coach

Monday, July 17, 2017

Looking for a viable alternative to a heart rate monitor (HRM) sensor that is accurate from the start of your zone based heart rate training workout?
The HR Sweat optical heart rate (OHR) sensor by Moov is a versatile and different alternative to a chest strap as it doesn't suffer from the "warm up" disconnect issues that some optical heart rate devices and even chest straps experience.
The Moov HR sweatband reads your heart rate from the high temple of your head and because you wear it on your head you won't have to worry about having to adjust it like you would a chest strap when it loosens up during a high-intensity fitness programme.

The Moov HR Sweat is designed to track your heart rate exclusively so you can track your calorie burn. If you want to track movement as well, you need to get Moov Now movement sensor, which works in conjunction with the Moov HR headband.
USB cable and Moov proprietary charging mount
Moov HR essentially consists of a heart rate Bluetooth optical sensor, an elastic workout headband and coaching software (via the MOOV mobile app)
The Moov heart rate sensor is about the size and thickness of a coin and fits inside the headband, resting against the forehead/temple area of your head.
The heart rate sensor is wrapped inside a silicone cover that keeps the sensor dry and comfortable to wear on your head. The silicone cover features also a rubber bit that you loop through the gray fabric inside the band
charging cradle, Moov optical sensor and silicone cover
The heart rate sensor is always on when is not being charged in the charging mount but it has great battery life, using only 10% of battery life per day so you can easily get over 10 days of battery life from a single charge, which is great.
moov charging cradle with 2-pin connectors
The Moov Hr heart rate sensor pairs via Bluetooth with the Moov app, which features many pre-made workouts. With that said, you can also pair the sensor with third party phone applications like Ander Armour record, Digifit and Strava that accept Bluetooth accessories, as well as other wearables such as Bluetooth chest straps and fitness watches.
fun pre-made challenging workouts
The Moov app detects the Moov HR sensor and the sensor detects your heart rate instantly and accurately. As you exercise, the app coaches you verbally through your workout letting you know if you need to push harder and take it easy. From the Moov app, you can also check the battery life of the Moov heart rate sensor.
Another plus point for the HR headband is that it is a slimline design so you can wear a baseball cap over the headband very comfortably.

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