Tigernu Slim 15.6 Laptop Backpack For Commuting To Work!

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

A good backpack for commuting to work is a must, especially if you need to carry a laptop and bring it home at the end of each day!
weighs 900 grams when empty
The Tigernu backpack not only looks business smart, it's also comfortable, spacious and it has proper air vents on the back to prevent a sweaty backside!
The external dimensions of the Tigernu backpack are 48cm (18.9") high, 32cm (12.6") wide and 19cm (7.5") thick. The internal laptop compartment measures 39cm (15.4") high, 28cm (11.1") wide and 3.5cm (1.4") thick.
You can fit pretty much anything in the laptop compartment as along as it is slimline and no bigger than 15.6 inches. That means, you can fit 15-inch laptops like the Dell 7000 series, Lenovo IdeaPad Z510 notebook, the new Macbook and even the PS4 Slim games console will fit inside the Tigernu backpack.
blue foam padding is shock absorbing
The Tigernu Slim Business Laptop Backpack has two main compartments that zip open from the top down. One of the main compartments is the laptop/tablet compartment. You can fit in this compartment a 15.6-inch wide laptop and a 9.7-inch tablet computer.
The Tigernu backpack has plenty of pockets to organize things and lots of room in the second main compartment so it makes for a perfect weekend getaway bag. There's even a mesh compartment for toiletries. When fully packed up, the backpack can expand from 3 inches to 6 inches.
Both the laptop and tablet compartment are separated by a padded foam layer, while the back of the laptop compartment is padded with shock absorbing foam padding.
The outer grey fabric is made of a water resistant, hard wearing material so the backpack can tolerate some light rain, as well as wear and tear. On the front of the backpack (above the logo), there is even a hidden zip pocket.
On the sides of the backpack, you get two side pockets with a pass through hole in each pocket for hooking up a pair of earphones to your phone.
As you get two small openings on each pocket, you can use one of the pass through holes to wire a USB cable to a powerbank.
A pass through hole is a nice touch as it provides additional safety while travelling as it allows you to keep your phone out of sight.
The back of the Tigernu business backpack is nicely padded with soft foam and breathable mesh that keeps your back from becoming sweaty. The back of the backpack also features a small padded compartment. .
The bottom of the backpack is also padded
The foam padding on the back of the Tigernu backpack is approximately 1-thick and consists of three separate foam pads, as well as the padded back compartment, which offers support for the lower back.
The upper pads support the shoulder areas of the back. The thick padding design is actually very good as it allows the back of the backpack to breath.
You can easily adjust the straps to sit comfortably on your back as it is easy to slip on and easy to slip off.
The shoulder straps measure 2.5 inches (7 cm) wide and are adjusted via a traditional adjustable back system, which allows the shoulder straps to be increased or decreased to suit different heights, providing a more comfortable fit.
The Tigernu business backpack comes with a 3-year limited warranty, which includes repair or replacement of the backpack free of charge. The warranty essentially covers any manufacturer defects.
free lock included

You can get the Tigernu backpack on Amazon UK and Amazon US

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