Fotopro UFO2 Bendy Macro Tripod Mount with Remote Shutter!

Friday, September 29, 2017

When it comes to vlogging and travel photography, you can never forget bringing along a bendy tripod!
This bendy tripod by Fotopro is called UFO and has bendable, articulating legs that allow you to clamp the tripod onto a rail, tree branch or anything you can think of.
From top to bottom, the Fotopro UFO tripod measures 11 inches tall and weighs 230 grams so it's the perfect height and weight for getting macro shots on the go.
The UFO tripod legs are 2.5 inches thick and features high quality rubberized exterior that is soft to the touch.
The feet of the tripod are made of the same material as the legs, which is a mixture of thermoplastic rubber and plastic that makes the UFO tripod, not only waterproof but malleable so you can bend the legs like a snake.
The top part of the tripod features an adjustable ball head with a 1/4" male thread to mount the included cell phone holder or a camera directly onto it. The 1/4" male thread is universal so it will fit pretty much anything that has a 1/4" female thread.
The ball head screw is made of stainless steel while the rounded support base is rubberized to help secure the camera onto it and prevent any scratching. The ball head can fully rotate 360 degrees and be fixed at any angle.
Sony A5000 camera mounted on Fotopro UFO
The Fotopro UFO tripod mount and ball head is strong enough to hold 800g so you can mount anything from an ELE action camera and a point-and-shoot compact camera to a mirrorless camera like the Sony A5000.
CKTEL smartphone mounted on
ELE action camera mounted on
remote shutter comes with lanyard
remote control shutter powered by CR2032 coin cell battery
With the UFO tripod you also get a few accessories, including a grip tight mount for smartphones, a quick release go-pro mount and a Bluetooth 3.0 remote control shutter. The remote shutter works on both Android (2.3.6 and above) devices and iOS (iOS 5 and above) devices and it connects to your phone via Bluetooth. The remote control shutter range is around 10 meters.
The Fotopro UFO tripod is definitely a top quality tripod which you can use as a small, compact tripod, clamp onto anything or even use as a selfie stick.
Best thing about the UFO tripod is that the gooseneck legs are very sturdy and you won't have to worry about ball joints popping out or getting cracks.

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