Edifier P841 Headphones With Good Sound Quality And Bass

Monday, July 15, 2019

When you are trying to listen to your music without distractions, there is nothing like a pair of really comfortable over the ear headphones!
The Edifier P841 headphones use a 3.5mm stereo jack plug connector; hence they are stereo headphones, delivering sound from left to right unlike mono headphones, which deliver the same sound to both ears.
While mono headphones (or headsets with a single earpiece) might not be as popular as stereo headphones, they are popular with cab drivers and call centres, and even required for some radio scanners like the Pro-46.
The P841 headphone cable, which measures 1.3 meter long, integrates a metal 3-button remote to control the audio playback and a microphone for hands-free calling. The microphone doesn't feature noise cancelling but has good volume gain.
While the remote control on the Edifier P841 has a standard 3-button layout similar to the inline remote of Bluetooth headphones, the Edifier P841 remote buttons function slightly different.
Instead of the volume buttons controlling the skipping of tracks, like on most bluetooth headphones, the play/pause button on the Edifier P841 controls the skipping to the next and previous tracks. The volume buttons have a single function to volume up and volume down.
All three buttons are tactile and grippy, thanks to being rubberized. The microphone is located on the opposite side of the remote control box, just like on most inline remote control designs.
remote control compatible with both iOS and Android
Having the microphone inline the cable has the distinct advantage of allowing you to place the microphone closer to the mouth when there is a lot of background noise or when you don't particularly feel like projecting your voice. With many wireless headphones, the microphone is located on the earpiece itself, which doesn't give you as much control as an inline microphone.   
Build quality is middle-of-the-road. It's not premium build but neither is cheaply made that it feels like the headphones will break apart prematurely. Edifier offers a 12-month warranty.
The construction is mainly plastic but well put together. A metal band is used for the inner frame of the headband, while adjustment notches are made of plastic.
The overall weight of the head band is fairly lightweight, which is good so the headphones don't fall off when you look down.
The P841 earcups have a swivel design so, you can lay them flat for transportation. The ear cups can also be tilted up and down, which helps the headphones mould around different head shapes. The earpads have a decent amount of springy polyurethane foam, which is comfortable to wear for a couple of hours with breaks in between.
If you require to wear headphones for long contiguous stretches of time, the W855BT headphones have an even better earpad padding. The material covering the Edifier P841 foam padding seems like leather, but it's fairly safe to assume it is artificial/ synthetic leather, giving the price tag.
The ear cups house 40mm speaker drivers with 32 ohm impedance, which is technically classed as low impedance, meaning you can use the Edifier P841 with audio sources that have weak amplification like smartphones.
High impedance headphones require an external headphone amplifier to get the best volume and fidelity out of them. You can normally tell when you have a pair of high impedance headphones (i.e. 100 ohms) when you plug them into a smartphone and, at maximum volume, they sound faintly.
On the Edifier P841 though, max volume is very loud. In fact, so loud there is a bit of sound leakage, which it's worth keeping in mind when using these headphones in an office or public transportation type environment.

Thanks to their high sensitivity (98dB sound pressure level), flat sounding frequency response (20Hz-20kHz) and huge 40mm drivers, the Edifier P841 headphones deliver big stereo sound with clear treble and bass. If you own bluetooth headphones of similar specification and have never owned a pair of wired headphones, you will be pleasantly surprised by the detailed sound produced by the Edifier P841 headphones.
With that said, it's no secret that compared to wireless, wired headphones always deliver better sound and that is because wired headphones can handle up to 2,304 Kilobit per second (kbps) compared to 768 kbps bit rate of a regular pair of wireless headphones.
Wired headphones also make use of the built-in amplifier of the audio source they are connected to. The headphone amplifier that most flagship smartphones are equipped with is particularly good, certainly better than the smaller amplifier packed into most wireless headphones.
The Edifier P841 wired headphones are reasonably priced with a performance equal to a lot of other headphones that you would pay a lot more money for. Check out the review of the Edifier W860NB anc headphones, the new G4 TE gaming headset, the Hecate GX headset.

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