Edifier Hecate GX Review Wired Gaming Headset With Retractable Boom Arm Mic

Monday, November 22, 2021

Like something out of a sci-fi movie, the Edifier Hecate GX gaming headset stands out for its striking futuristic looks and multiple wired connection options - not one, not two but three ways to tether the Hecate GX headset to a gadget of your choice, including a smartphone, games console and computer rig.

The Hecate GX headset integrates a 10cm long retractable boom arm microphone with built-in mute status led. The boom arm is made of rubbery memory wire so, it is flexible and can be bent into shape. The microphone capsule has a thin barrel shape and, when not in use, you can neatly stow it away inside the headphone housing and not notice it being there. The microphone boom arm can be easily extended and retracted (with one hand) whilst wearing the headset. Also, you can have the microphone boom arm fully retracted and still use the microphone, although the ENC noise reduction doesn't work as well.

The Hecate GX headset has an imposing figure with beefy earcups and ultra wide (4cm) headband, all made of plastic with crome accents and a graphite grey finish. The headband integrates a rachet inner band made of plastic and reinforced with a brushed aluminium metal band. 
The Hecate GX headset can be connected to a computer and smartphone via the 3.5mm headphone jack and USB-C port of a phone (provided that your phone USB-C port supports audio pass-through). Both the 3.5mm connection and USB-connection work well, although the volume output sounds a bit louder via the 3.5mm headphone jack.

The Hecate GX GX earcups do a good job of sealing your ears and keeping out external noise. There is some sound leakage at 100% volume, although it's only noticeable if someone is seating next to you. When connecting the headset to a computer, you have to go into"sound settings" and turn up the volume because by default, the volume is set to 60%.

There is a physical plastic button, labeled ENC, which is designed for disabling the microphone (this also turns off the mic status led). The ENC mic button has a red status led built-in and, it's large, making it easy to locate while wearing the headset. The microphone integrates ENC, which is one of various types of noise reduction systems (e.g. CVC, AI and DSP) integrated in headphones microphones. The Hecate GX ENC filtration does a good job of cutting out most background noise (e.g. keyboard typing, music, heavy machinery, etc) that aren't speech related. This microphone does not cutout voices of people. Below the ENC mic button, there is a plastic wheel barrel for adjusting volume

There are two other physical buttons on the right earcup for controlling the RGB lights, play/pause and switching to game mode. The buttons are made of plastic and have a loud clicky actuation. The RGB colors include four single colors (red, green, purple and cyan) which you can toggle between breathing effect and color changing effect, as well as solid static color effect.

The Hecate GX headset doesn't feature 7.1 surround sound like the Hecate G2 II and G4 TE headsets but, the Hecate GX has a game mode that works just as good as 7.1 sound, widening the sound stage and boosting the higher tones and bass response so, the sound is more immersive and dynamic. With game mode turned off, the bass is balanced with the vocals and treble. When toggling between game mode and normal mode, you will hear a double beep (game mode) and a single beep (normal mode).

The audio performance between the Hecate G2 II, G4 TE and Hecate GX is very similar. All three headsets have similar hardware: 50mm dynamic drivers with 97dB sensitivity and 32 ohm impedance. The G2 II and G4 TE are way more comfortable to wear for longer sessions though, thanks to their low weight: 280 grams (G2 II) and 300 grams (G4 TE); whereas the Hecate GX headset weighs 355 grams (without cable).

There are three cables included as accessories. The USB-A to USB-C cable (2 meters) is made of rubber and weighs 43 grams. The USB-C to USB-C cable (1.5 meters) is also made of rubber and weighs 30 grams. The inline remote/mic cable (1.2 meters) is braided and weighs 13 grams. The mic/remote integrates a single clicky button for controlling audio playback and calls. The inline remote omnidirectional mic sounds good too but doesn't have any noise reduction filtering. All the cables included are non-branded but they feel like good quality.

The Hecate GX earpads are soft and squishy with an oval shape. The inner hole measures 6.5cm high and 5cm wide. the outer of the ear pad measures 10cm high and 9cm wide. The depth to the driver is 2cm and they are covered with fabric material which has large R/L markings printing on. The earcups are held by thick yokes, allowing the earcups to tilt up/down, although not very much due to the limited range of tilt motion (~20 degrees). There is no swivel mechanism.

The Hecate GX headset ships inside a soft lightweight cardboard box with a removable plastic insert. With the colder winter days approaching, the Hecate GX headset PU leather earpads keep the ears warm and cozy. For hotter days though, a pair of earbuds like the Edifier GM3SE provides better respite from sweaty ears. You can buy the Hecate GX headset from amazon. Check out more reviews such as the Edifier P841 headphones, Hecate G5BT CAT, 855BT headphones, 860NB ANC headphones, Edifier K815 headphones.

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