Edifier G4 TE Review Esport Gaming Headset with Unidirectional Mic

Wednesday, December 30, 2020

The game is not over until it is. And, more often than not the game can be over before it even begins when your headphones aren't up to scratch! The G4 TE are Edifier's latest gaming headphones designed to emphasize positional audio in games (i.e. footsteps and bullet whizzes) for games like Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege (R6 Siege) and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO) where anticipating your opponents' position from their footsteps gives you a distinct advantage. If you're a series esport player though, you should check out the GM3SE - a true esport gaming headset!
The G4 TE boom arm microphone is detachable and has a twist lock connector plug to secure the connection to the headset. The boom arm measures 13cm long, weighs 9 grams and, it integrates memory wire so, it stays bent at any angle you want. The microphone housing integrates a 6mm electret capsule with a unidirectional pickup pattern, which is uncommon since the vast majority of gaming headsets use an omni-directional or bi-directional microphone. 
That said, the unidirectional mic design is probably the best for headsets because unidirectional mics naturally block sound from the sides without the need of DSP processing, which is needed for omnidirectional and bi-directional noise cancelling mics.
If you tend to game with other people in the same room, a unidirectional microphone is very ideal because it helps prevent echo and voices getting picked up when chatting in discord during games. The G4 TE single direction also blocks the clickity-clack of a mechanical keyboard, as well as popping mouth sounds, thanks to the included foam shield.
The Edifier G4 TE headphones are fitted with 50mm size drivers that have low impedance (32 ohms) and high sensitivity (99dB), allowing you to crank up the volume very high without distorting the treble and vocals and muddling the bass. The G4 TE earpads have 2.5cm thick foam padding which is very squishy and covered with artificial leather; hence they heat up the ears, which is nice during cold days.
The G4 TE earpads have a proper round, donut style shape to them, which is rare since most headphones, these days, tend to have an oval shape. The inner hole opening of the earpad has a 6cm diameter and a 10cm outer diameter. The driver depth is 2cm and it's covered with a thin layer of fabric.
The Edifier G4 TE headphones also come with downloadable software for tinkering the soundstage and to also enable 7.1 surround sound for a more immersive experience during battlefield. The software has to be downloaded from Hecate Gaming which is Edifier's former E-sports headset sub-brand. The Hecate software is only supported by Windows OS (Win 7, Win 8, Win 8.1 and Win 10) and it's very lightweight, taking less than 25MB of storage space. The software has many audio presets for customization, as well as a 10-band equalizer for manually tinkering the audio to your exact liking. You can also enable mic monitoring so, you can listen to your own voice when talking on the microphone.
Like the vast majority of gaming headsets, the Edifier G4 TE headphones are plug and play so, you simply plug them into your computer and they automatically get recognized by your computer's audio manager. By default, the G4 TE headset volume is set to 59% but, you can manually increase it to 100% from the system sound settings where you will also be able to manually adjust the microphone input level.
The G4 TE microphone picks up the voice clearly and naturally. You can also tweak the mic sound from the Hecate Gaming software via a cool feature called "Magic Voice", which alters the voice. The G4 TE RGB light cannot be customized. The headphone and mic settings are hidden so, you have to double click on the headphone and microphone icons (see gif above).Since the Edifier G4 TE are wired-only headphones, there is no bluetooth support like with the W860NB headphones and W855BT headphones which support wired and wireless modes, as well as aptX for wireless mobile gaming. Despite made mostly of plastic, the Edifier G4 TE have a premium build quality that includes an anodized metal headband frame with a Lohb strap section that allows the headband to be self-adjusting without the need of a sliding band mechanism. The G4 TE self-adjusting headband literary removes a load off your mind and hot spot, too. 
The headband has neat leatherette stitching with Edifier branding on top, as well as dual metal bands overhead for styling. The headband suspension consists of an elasticated hard plastic band with a red accent fabric cord used to conceal the driver wiring. The G$ TE headband has low/medium clamping force, which is adequate for passive isolation. The Edifier G4 TE headset weighs 300 grams.
The Edifier G4 TE headset has no headphone yoke; hence the earcups do not tilt or swivel, which may limit the ability of the headset to be comfortable on all heads. This is usually a problem for people with an odd-shaped head. Without swivel, you also can't rotate the earcups flat, which is super convenient and safer when transporting headphones. 
The outer shell of the G4 TE earcups are also made of glossy plastic and feature neat LP record styling with chrome accents.The Edifier G4 TE headphones ship with a very long (2.5 meters), non-detachable braided cable, which is semi rigid and flexible.
The G4 TE inline remote measures 6cm long, 2.5cm wide, 1.2cm thick and, it weighs 14 grams so, it doesn't weigh down the headset excessively. The inline remote can also be placed on the desk since it's located 55cm away from the earcup. The remote dangles at belly button level.
The inline remote has a shiny gloss front fascia, which looks nice but it's a dust magnet. The inline remote features a large switch for controlling the RGB led lighting and a clicky button for muting the microphone volume. 
On the side of the inline remote, there is a small wheel potentiometer for controlling the headphones volume. The inline remote has thick strain relieves, as well as an Edifier laser printed etching on the backside. You can buy the Edifier G4 TE on amazon. Check out the review of the P841 headphones and K815 USB headphones, the Hecate GX headset, Hecate G5BT CAT

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