FuseChicken Universal Wireless Powerbank With Built-in Switchable Plug Adaptor

Monday, October 21, 2019

The more features a product has, the more useful it is! The Universal wireless portable charger by FuseChicken is a convenient all-in-one power bank solution that features, not only USB and wireless charging, but also an AC power adaptor built-in!
The AC power adaptor circuitry is built-in to the FuseChicken Universal charger, along with an interchangeable plug that, not only reduces the footprint of the unit but, also adds convenience since you won't need to carry an external power supply.
The FuseChicken Universal adaptor plug is built-in to the back of the unit and it's designed so, you can detach the plug and fit any of the four country adaptor plugs that are included for US, EU, UK and AU.
The detachable plug unclips and clips into place securely so, the plug can hold the weight of the charger (25 grams) when it's plugged in to a wall socket. The FuseChicken adaptor plug features a figure-8 male connector that plugs into the figure-8 female connector embedded in the charger.
Being that the FuseChicken Universal uses a regular figure-8 connection, you could technically plug in a third-party figure-8 mains power lead, which should also solve the drawback of not being able to use wireless charging while the charger is plugged in to the wall socket.
Inside the FuseChicken Universal charger, there is an internal 6700mAh battery, which can be charged two ways: 1) via the built-in adaptor plug and 2) via the USB-C power delivery port on the front, which supports fast charging up to 2.4A (max.18W) as long as you use an 18W wall charger, which is not included.
When plugged into a wall socket via the built-in power adaptor, the internal 6700mAh battery charges at 0.5A, which is as fast as charging via the USB 2.0 port of a computer so, it's not very fast. If you want to charge the internal battery much faster, you definitely want to use the USB-C port, which can input 2.4A, taking just 1.5 hours to fully recharge the internal battery.
The USB-C power delivery port is also bi-directional so, it can input and also output 18W of power to fast charge small USB C devices like a phone or tablet. It won't be sufficient power to charge a USB-C laptop though.
The USB-A (orange) port, which is located below the USB-C port, supports Quick Charging 3.0 up to 2.4A (max. 18W). The small LCD display, above the white power button, shows the current battery level, which is easier and more convenient to read than tiny led indicators. The white power button is designed to turn on the wireless charger, which can transmit up to 10W of fast charging wireless power.
The FuseChicken Universal wireless charger is responsive and works right away as soon as a Qi-enabled phone is placed on top. Wireless charging works even with a protective case as long as it is a standard protective case and not a thicker phone case (i.e. otterbox defender).
If you've used a wireless charging pad (coaster-style) before, using the FuseChicken Universal won't feel any different since the wireless charging area on the FuseChicken Universal has similar dimensions.
If you haven't used a wireless charger before, you will have to get used to making sure the phone is properly placed on top to activate wireless charging. Basically, you have to match the wireless coil on the back of your phone with the coil on the wireless charging pad.
The FuseChicken Universal supports simultaneous charging (wireless and USB charging), meaning you can wireless charge a phone while charging two other phones via the USB-C and USB-A ports so, a total of three devices. The FuseChicken Universal does support a maximum of 2.4A via each USB port but the output gets shared when charging multiple devices; hence if you have two devices charging at the same time each USB port will only output 1.2A approximately.
The FuseChicken Universal also supports pass-through charging, meaning you can charge devices while the internal battery is recharging, which is super convenient. 
The FuseChicken Universal charger powerbank has the shape of a square and measures approximately 8cm long (without the plug), 8cm wide and 3cm thick. From the front of it, the FuseChicken Universal charger looks like a mini computer tower. The groove behind the plug adaptor slides through the circular metal notch on the charger
The materials used in the construction of the FuseChicken Universal charger include hard plastic and rubberized plastic.
The Universal wireless charger comes with a standard one-year limited warranty that you can register online. If you require a larger and faster wireless charging, the Gravity Lift is worth considering. Check out the review of the Bobine Flex C gooseneck phone holder.

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