Fuse Chicken Gravity Lift Review Wireless Fast Charger Stand

Friday, March 20, 2020

Probably, the biggest drawback with wireless charging is the slower rate of charging compared to charging via cable. Wireless charging has another main drawback and that is not being able to play mobile games while the phone is charging in the stand. That said, wireless charging does come with its advantages too, especially if you use a wireless charger stand like the Fuse Chicken Gravity Lift, which doubles as a kickstand for watching content while charging.
Wireless charging also increases the lifespan of the phone's USB charging port, which is known to break ans/or malfunction prematurely due repeatedly plugging in and out the charging connector from the charging port. Wireless charging is also advantageous if you own a waterproof phone because once the charging port of the phone gets wet you have to let it dry for several hours before you are able to charge it safely, which is a massive inconvenience.
While wireless charging is not yet quite as fast as charging via a wire, wireless charging is getting closer to the current full potential, which is 15 watts (9 volts/1.67 amps). Most wireless chargers can output anywhere from 5 watts, 7.5 watts and 10 watts of power, which some phones support, including the iPhone XS and iPhone XS. If your phone supports 10 watts wireless charging, the Gravity Lift is worth a second look, thanks to its premium construction with aluminium frame and real leather charging pad. The total weight of the Gravity Lift is 200 grams.
The built-in cable is designed to power the Fuse Chicken Gravity Lift via variable input (5V/2A, 9V/1.67A). The output is also variable (5A/1A, 9V/1.2A) and strong enough to go through a phone's protective case as long as the case is less than 5mm thick and has no metallic or magnetic attachments such as a metal plate for a magnetic car base.
The Gravity Lift measures 13cm tall and has the standard L-shape, tilted-back design, which allows the phone to rest at a 45-degree incline. The Gravity Lift is a 10W wireless fast charger stand with two wireless charging coils strategically positioned along the stand to help deliver faster wireless charging, as well as minimize the hassle of having to position the phone on a exact spot like you have to with a single-coil wireless charger.
The base of the Fuse Chicken Gravity Lift wireless charging stand feature four circular rubber feet, which are made of the same rubber that is integrated on the front ledge of the stand designed for the phone to rest and to prevent it from sliding off the sides.
The small ledge measures 14mm outwards, while the charging area measures 12cm high and 6cm wide, which is wide enough to accommodate all wireless fast charging phones available on the market. The Gravity Lift charger has a total thickness of 1cm. The kickstand base measures 8cm long, which is long enough to prevent a heavy phone from tilting the charger backwards.
There is no lip on the front of the ledge to prevent it sliding forwards. Just beneath the ledge, there is a small led light under it, which is subtle and inconspicuous, which is nice since some wireless chargers can have an overly bright led indicator that can illuminate a room at night.
The Gravity Lift wireless fast charger stand works with any phone that supports fast charging, including top of the range and midrange phones such as the iPhone XS/Max, Oppo K3, Vivo Z1X, Samsung Galaxy A50 and the Mi Mix 3.
The Gravity Lift wireless fast charger stand features a meter long USB cable, which is built-in to the back of the stand. While the long cable is a huge plus, the Fuse Chicken Gravity Lift ships without a a fast charger, which is needed in order for the Gravity Lift to deliver 10 watts.
When connected to a non-fast charger or even a computer USB port, the Gravity Lift wireless charger will deliver 5W wireless charge. Provided that you use a 10W power adapter, the Gravity Lift wireless charger would be able to recharge the battery to 50% capacity within an hour and 100% capacity in 2 hours. In contrast, fast charging 50% of the phone's battery via cable typically takes 30 minutes (100% within 1 hour).

As well as wireless charging, you can get power on the go with the Fuse Chicken powerbank version. Buy the Fuse Chicken Gravity Lift via Amazon . Check out the review of the Bobine Flex C gooseneck phone holder.

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