Fuse Chicken Bobine Flex C Review Gooseneck Phone Holder Charger

Monday, September 07, 2020

The basic purpose of a phone stand is to make holding a phone more comfortable so, you don't have to strain your arm! Most phone docks have a classic upright stand design, while some phone docks like the Bobine Flex C have a neat cable design.
The Fuse Chicken Bobine Flex C uses a flexible gooseneck tubing similar to that of flexible desk lamps to keep a phone standing upright. The gooseneck arm is attached to a USB-A connector (at one end) and a USB-C connector (at the other end), allowing the Bobine Flex C to also charge devices.
Like most gooseneck hose tubes, Bobine Flex C is able to stay in a particular position, thanks to the inner steel spring and soft galvanized iron wire wrapped around it.The Bobine Flex C gooseneck arm measures 60cm long and it is galvanized, meaning it has a protective zinc coating on it to prevent it from rusting. The gooseneck arm can be bent anyway and it will maintaining the shape. It is highly malleable too so, it won't easily break or get damaged unless you fold it.
The USB connector terminals are integrated within hard plastic plugs. The USB-A connector has a standard plug design, while the USB-C connector plug integrates a three-arm support. The side arms are designed to support the weight of the phone from the bottom up, while the rear arm is designed to support the weight of the phone from the back. The three-arm contraption feels durable, although it is made of plastic. The side supports are slightly thinner in construction than the rear support backing.
The Bobine Flex C has branding on the USB-C plug with a laser print etching of [Fuse]Chicken. On the side of the USB-A connector, there is a serial number, which is presumably for warranty purposes.
The Bobine Flex C can be technically used with any phone that has a USB-C charging port and weighs under 170 grams. The Bobine Flex C cable is capable of holding heavier phones such as the Mi Mix 3 (pictured) and Galaxy S20 Ultra which weigh around 220 grams. With a heavier phone though, you do have to fiddle a bit, trying to coil the base of the cable so, the phone stays upright.
Ultimately, the heavier the phone it is, the more likely it is to droop. While the Bobine Flex C can support heavy phones, it's definitely best if the phone is under 170 grams because you will be able to position it with a horizontal orientation. A few examples of phones that weigh around 170 grams include the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 (168g), Huawei P40 (175g), Huawei Honor V8 (170g) and Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 (170g). That said, there are many other

Bobine Flex C is compatible with protective phone cases but the charging port opening of the case has to be large enough to fit the Bobine Flex C connector. As long as the protective case is 13mm long and 7mm wide (or larger), it will fit without issues. The protective case that comes with the Mi Mix 3 fits perfectly
There are two car clip attachments included that you can use to mount the Bobine Flex C cable strategically on the dash board of a car. The cable clips are made of hard plastic and integrate a 3M VHB adhesive backing, which is non-removable; hence the included pre-cut 3M VHB adhesive replacements. 
When removing the 3M adhesive, you may want to use 3M's Smart Tool and the Stripe Off Wheel to remove the adhesive residue from the car dashboard. The clip attachment is a nice feature that allows you to use the Bobine Flex C gooseneck cable as a car phone holder, making it a nifty 2-in-1 solution. Functionally, the gooseneck cable and clip attachment work well, being able to hold the phone while driving. 
That said, the Bobine Flex C is better suited for desktop use where it performs best. While driving, you are likely to go through speed bumps, potholes and even emergency breaking, which will no doubt put stress on the charging port of the phone.
Because of its design, the Bobine Flex C gooseneck cable is simply not able to provide the same level of support and security of a regular car phone cradle, which literary clamps the phone in place. The Bobine Flex C only has the charging port as the anchoring point, which is more likely to disconnect than a phone cradle during an emergency break. The Bobine Flex C will definitely perform better with a lighter phone such as the Nokia 3 (140g), Google Pixel 4a (143g), Samsung Galaxy S6 (138g) or LG Q6 (149g).
You can buy the Fuse Chicken Bobine Flex C on amazon. If you're looking for a charging stand with wireless charging support, check out the review of the Fuse Chicken's Universal Travel Charger and Gravity Lift charging stand.

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