Master & Dynamic MW07 GO Review

Friday, November 01, 2019

With almost every new smartphone coming out to the market with no headphone jack, if you want a brand new phone you are going to have to settle for wireless headphones even if wireless listening isn't exactly your cup of tea!
The good news is that it's never to late to jump on the bluetooth bandwagon, especially with so many good third-party truly wireless earphones, giving you better value than the phone companies' own wireless earbuds.
The Master & Dynamic MW07 GO are the new kids on the block, infusing color into the wireless earphone world with funky shell covers. The MW07 GO shell covers come in four unique flavors, namely electric blue, flame red, jet black and stone grey.
Just like his bigger brother, the MW07 Plus, the MW07 GO is an upgraded sporty version of the original MW07 truly wireless earphones. Each MW07 GO earphone weighs 7.5 grams with a combine weight of 15 grams, which is 3 grams lighter than the original MW07, MW07 Plus and the newer MW08 hybrid ANC earbuds.
With an IPX6 water resistance rating and TR90 construction, the MW07 GO are built to withstand a sweaty and rugged gym workout session. TR90 is a popular thermoplastic material used in the making of eyewear frames. The MW07 GO body and front covers are made of TR90 material.
The MW07 GO earphones and charging case retain the same design and built quality as the original MW07 with the exception of the materials used in the making of the MW07 GO, which makes them some of lightest wireless earphones.
The MW07 GO charging case has also been constructed with different materials. Instead of stainless steel, the MW07 GO charging case is made of knit fabric, using warp knitting; hence the zigzag pattern yarn.
Despite the use of fabric material, the MW07 GO charging case weighs 76 grams, which is the same weight as the original MW07 charging case but 8 grams lighter than the MW07 Plus' charging case version.
The MW07 GO charging case has the same length as the MW07 Plus version but, it's 5mm smaller in width and 2mm taller in height. Visually, there is not much difference between the charging cases other than the battery capacity, which is substantially smaller in the MW07 GO charging case.
The MW07 GO USB-C charging case can be recharged 40% full in 15 minutes and 100% full in 40 minutes, which is same as the original MW07 version. The MW07 GO earphones charge time is the same as the Plus version earphones, thanks to integrating three charging contacts (instead of two) that allows a faster full charge (10 hours) in just 40 minutes and a half charge (5 hours) in just 15 minutes.
The GO charging case is only able to hold 12 additional hours of battery power, which is a lot less compared to the 30 hours the MW07 Plus version charging case can hold. Compared to the original MW07 charging case, the MW07 GO charging case does improve on battery capacity but only marginally by 1.5 extra hours.
the charging case lid and dock are are magnetic 
While the MW07 GO charging case isn't as long lasting, the MW07 GO earphones have the same 10-hour battery capacity as the Plus version. The long battery can be achieved on 50% volume and, while connected to a bluetooth 5.0 smartphone, which provides better Bluetooth stability and longer range up to 30 meters (same as the Plus version).
The actual audio hardware in the MW07 GO earphones is identical to the Plus version, including 10mm Beryllium drivers and bluetooth 5.0 chip, as well as support for aptX and SBC bluetooth codecs (no AAC support).
In the sound department, both the MW07 GO and MW07 Plus version delivery a similar sound of the same calibre with slightly better bass response on the Plus version due to the slightly larger driver chamber construction.
The MW07 GO earphones are slightly smaller than the Plus version by a couple of millimeters so, in terms of size, there isn't much between them. The fit is comfortable and secure as long as you use the correct fit-wing, which is designed to lock in place behind the ear ridge. Removing the fit-wing is straightforward but it's a 2-step process that does require removing the ear tip first.
Where the MW07 GO earphones don't fare the same as the MW07 Plus version is in voice calls. The MW07 GO version only has two microphones versus the Plus version four microphones, two of which are beamforming (directional) microphones.
The MW07 GO version only has one beamforming mic array on the right earphone and a regular omnidirectional mic. The call quality with the MW07 GO is still very good even in mono mode, thanks to loud volume output and noise cancellation provided by the beam-forming microphone technology. It's a good thing that the MW07 GO directional mic was built-in to the right earphone since you can't use the left earphone by itself.
In fact, if you only want to use the right earphone, you have to keep the left earphone inside the charging case because the MW07 GO earphones has been designed to automatically connect to each other when taken out of the charging case.
There is no power button built-in so, they cannot be manually powered off unless you put them back in the charging case. User control buttons include a multi-functional button on the right earphone that controls the voice assistant, play/pause and skipping of tracks, and a volume rocker on the left earphone.
The MW07 GO earphones are neatly packaged and clearly organized with individually bagged ear tips and fit-wings. A USB-C adapter and charging USB C cable are also included.
The long battery, fast charging and IPX6 water resistance does make the MW07 GO "good to go" for the gym and outdoor running in the rain.
The MW07 GO deliver everything you could want from a sporty pair of high end earphones, while improving on the original MW07 earphones minus the automatic play/pause feature, which is missing on the sporty GO version. For a more in-depth insight into the Plus version, check out the MW07 Plus review, as well as the new MW07 Plus Leica Camera edition. UPDATE-July 17th, 2020: a new lime green colorway has just been added to the MW07 GO True Wireless Earphones line up.

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