Osprey Arcane Duffel Bluesign Approved Recycled Polyester

Thursday, January 16, 2020

The longer a bag lasts, the smaller the footprint it will have impact on the environment; hence creating a bag that can last a lifetime is a worthy goal! In a nutshell, that's the ultimate goal of being earth-friendly. To be more organic and recycle as much as possible non-biogradable materials such as polyester fabric, which does not break down for at least 20 years.
Polyester is, by far, the most popular fabric used in the manufacturing of backpacks and, with many polyester backpacks lasting 2-3 years, you can imagine the negative impact on the environment.
Fortunately, more and more companies, including Osprey are gearing their manufacturing to be more earth sustainable and, that means adhering to a system and standard criteria that works. That system and standard are the Bluesign criteria and Global Recycle Standard (GRS), which the Osprey Arcane Duffel adheres to with 100% recycled materials.
The Arcane Duffel outer shell is made of 500D recycled polyester and does not include harmful chemicals such as perfluorinated compound (PFC), which is used to coat outdoor gear and provide a durable water repellent (DWR) against rain. Instead of, having a fluorine based DWR, the Arcane Duffel DWR has a carbon-based (c0) DWR coating, which is eco-friendly.
While the Arcane Duffel has a durable water repellent coating, the bag is not 100% waterproof because the seams of the zips have no especial coating.
The backpanel of the Arcane Duffel is covered by a spandex-like fabric with a thick layer of wavy foam padding beneath it. The wavy profile of the foam feels like the foam used for orthopedic mattresses and pillows.
The wavy profile of the foam allows air to pass through to ventilate the backpanel and prevent sweat building up on your back. The backpanel padding provides comfy support on the muscles of the back, thanks to a wide coverage area, measuring 37cm high and 30cm wide.
The Arcane Duffel can be worn or used in three ways as a messenger tote bag, duffel briefcase and day pack. When converted to shoulder bag and/or briefcase, the shoulder straps can be hidden behind the backpanel via a small zip opening on the top that is large enough to neatly tuck-in the shoulder straps.
The top section of the shoulder straps are sewn to the bag, while the bottom section of the shoulder straps attach to the bag via aluminium G-clips. These clips have a G-hook style with a very thin and lightweight frame.
The Arcane Duffel also features standard buckle straps for adjusting the length of the shoulder straps. The shoulder straps have an S-design and are joint together at the top, which helps keep the shoulder straps more securely on the shoulders.
The shoulder straps measure 6cm wide and have very good foam padding thickness. The foam used for the shoulder straps don't have wavy ridges nor breathable mesh fabric on the backside.
There is a secret pocket on the front of the left shoulder strap. This secret pocket is made of spandex-like material so it's stretchy and can fit a phone.
To wear it as a messenger bag, the Arcane Duffel includes a 120cm long (4ft) webbing strap that measures 3.8cm wide and integrates a shoulder pad with thick foam padding. The shoulder pad foam is made of the same orthopedic-like foam on the back of the back so, it feels very comfortable.
The webbing strap integrates the same aluminium G-clips on either side for easy removable from the bag. The spring mechanism of the G-clips is secure without being overly tight.
As a briefcase, the Arcane Duffel integrates a padded 16cm long webbing grab handle on the side of the bag that is stitched up to the bag with durable sewing.
A second webbing grab handle is located on top of the bag. The top grab handle is also 16cm long and padded.
Above the top grab handle, there is also a small anti-theft pocket compartment, large enough to store two smartphones and other smaller valuables.
The Arcane Duffel bag has a total of three external compartments, one of which is the small zip pocket for storing the shoulder straps. In backpack mode, the shoulder strap pocket is a very usable roomy compartment as it spans the entire length and width of the backpanel.
The other two external pockets are the two main compartments, one of which opens up from the rear side of the bag via a single zip, while the other external compartment opens up from the front side via two large zips. The rear side compartment has a narrow sleeve opening to store a laptop up to 15 inches in size.
All zips are made of aluminium and have eyelets for locking the zips with a small padlock or wire padlock. The zips also feature nylon cord pull tabs attached to rubber plugs, which resembles an eraser pencil.
The front facing external compartment has a suitcase-style opening so, the lid opens all the way around like a clam shell. The lid integrates a large breathable compartment with a red keychain holder. This breathable compartment measures 28cm long and 25cm wide.
The front facing internal compartment is roomy and deep, measuring 34cm wide, 55cm long and 12cm tall (deep), allowing you to store up to 30 litres worth of gear. Both external compartments are lined with smooth recycled polyester fabric material.
When buying the Osprey Arcane Duffel Pack, you also want to register the Arcane Duffel online to benefit from the "All Mighty Guarantee", which covers repair or replacements without charge (minus postage and packaging) within the ‘reasonable lifetime’ of the Arcane Duffel Pack.
You don't actually have to register to benefit from this superb warranty but, it makes sense to register in case you misplace the proof of purchase. The Osprey Arcane Duffel Pack is a neat 3-in-1 bag storage solution that conforms to EU carry-on luggage specifications so, it will fit inside a cabin luggage.
Total dimensions are 47cm tall, 31cm wide and 27cm thick. The weight of the Arcane Duffel while empty is just 860 grams. Check out the review of the Transporter Rolltop and Arcane XL Day backpack and Osprey Talon Earth 22 Limited Edition techncal daypack

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