Eufy RoboVac 30C RoBot Vacuum Cleaner T2118 Model

Thursday, February 20, 2020

Granted that a robot vacuum won't replace a full power vacuum cleaner but, it will darn help you have constant clean carpets and reduce the daily cleaning task of having to vacuum pet hairs and litter grit!
Robot sweepers such as the Eufy RoboVac 30C are equipped with the necessary tools for the job. These include sensors and threaded tires to maneuver around obstacles, over thresholds and under sofas. RoboVac 30C does require a 73mm height clearance.
From tile to hardwood to carpet, the Eufy RoboVac 30C can handle all surfaces, thanks to a built-in rolling brush and squeegee blade capable of sweeping up trodden down hair and dusty dirt. Like most robot vacuums, RoboVac 30C can only work on hard floors to medium size carpets. If you have a carpet with long strands, the RoboVac 30C will run into trouble because the strands will get wound up in the spinning brush and/or the robot will get stuck.
Luckily, you can prevent these type of issues by using the included "boundary strip" and stop RoboVac 30C from going onto a long haired rug on a carpet, or area of the house you don't want it to sweep.
Looks-wise, RoboVac 30C looks identical to other Eufy RoboVac models, including RoboVac 15C Max and RoboVac G10 Hybrid. The key difference lies"under the hood", more specifically in the filter suction system.
Instead of, using a unibody washable filter, like found in many Eufy RoboVac models. RoboVac 30C uses a three-piece filter system that consists of a pre-filter, foam filter and high-performance filter.
This three-piece filter arrangement is not as convenient as a single washable filter but, it does a better job of collecting dirt and fine hair. You can still wash the foam and pre-filter but not the high-performance filter, which seems to be made of a paper-like fabric material.
RoboVac 30C doesn't have a navigation system (i.e. gyro, lidar) built-in like the G10 Hybrid model has. This means RoboVac 30C cleans around the room randomly since it's not able to accurately map out the room. RoboVac 30C won't know when the room is cleaned so, it will clean until the battery gets low and/or until it completes your cleaning schedule.
While the cleaning pattern is random, RoboVac 30C does know how to return to the charging dock for charging, which it will do before running out of battery.
RoboVac 30C has a user replaceable battery pack that consists of a 2600mAh 14.4V Li-ion battery. Being able to replace the battery is handy as it allows you to keep the Eufy RoboVac good as new. Li-on batteries don't last forever so, eventually you will have to replace them as they will not hold charge properly.
You can tell when the battery has gone bad when performance drops and/or the battery doesn't hold charge for long. Usually, you will hear multiple beeps and a flashing red light during charging. Replacing the battery is very simple. Unscrew the battery cover, lift up the battery, remove the single connector and, hey presto, insert the new battery. Battery replacements are available from Eufy.
The front caster wheel can also be removed with the use of a screwdriver, while the wheels have a spring-loaded suspension mechanism to allow a smooth transition between thresholds. RoboVac 30C can be controlled two ways via the Eufy Home mobile app and/or a physical remote control.
The Eufy Home app allows you to change settings and control the robot nearby or when you're not at home. If you're at work, you will be able to choose a mode (quick, edge, auto or spot clean) and start a cleaning session via the app. If the robot gets stuck or tips upside down, you will receive a message alert to let you know.
The Eufy Home app can only connect to 2.4Ghz networks and needs a transmission speed above 11Mbps in order to operate effectively. 802.11g and 802.11n networks are suitable/recommended, although it's worth knowing RoboVac 30C does not support 5Ghz networks.
802.11b networks will be too slow since they are capped at 11Mbps. The Eufy Home app is compatible with both iOS devices (iOS 8.0 and higher) and Android devices (Android 4.4. and higher).
RoboVac 30C is not as powerful as the the 15C Max version (2000pa), but it does integrate BoostIQ, which is a neat feature also found in the 15C Max model that smartly increases/decreases the power based on the type of floor the robot is on.
You will want to have BoostIQ enabled if the room has a mixture of flooring and carpet. If you have pets at home, you will want to enable Max mode, which is high power suction (1500pa) to help remove fluff off carpets with ease.
Max mode drains the battery faster though, so the robot will only be capable of 40 minutes cleaning before it needs full recharging, which takes 5.5 hours. The other two modes - BoostIQ and Standard - produce less powerful suction but yield longer runtime (60 minutes and 100 minutes respectively).
Alexa/Google Assistant is also integrated, which allows you to start, stop and dock the cleaner using voice control. You do need to have an Alexa-enabled device (i.e. eufy Genie, Echo Dot, etc) or a device enabled with the Google Assistant (i.e. Google Home/Mini version).
There is no voice prompt with language functionality built-in to the RoboVac 30C, like you get with the G10 Hybrid version. Voice prompts are handy as it lets you hear useful information such as the power suction mode the robot is using.
RoboVac 30C does integrate speakers though, so it,will produce a series of beeps when it gets stuck and/or to let you know the current power mode (i.e. 1 beep=standard, 2 beeps=BoostIQ and 3 beeps=Max).

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