KitSound Immerse 75 ANC Bluetooth 5.0 Headphones

Thursday, February 06, 2020

Not everyone likes the idea of dropping hundreds on a pair of Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) headphones! This makes affordable options like the KitSound Immerse 75 very appealing, especially because of how close the performance comes to headphones triple their price!
While worn, the KitSound Immerse 75 headphones don't look too bulky (5cm deep) so, they don't protrude outwards like a pair of tin cans!
The earpad inner dimensions are 2.5cm deep, 5.5cm high and 3.5cm wide so, they fit comfortably over most people's ears. There is a thin layer of foam covering the speaker driver so, it doesn't rub against your ear.
The earpad foam padding is 2cm thick and squishy and covered with PU leather, which isn't breathable material so, after a few hours you do have to take a break. When taking a break, you can wear them around the neck since the ear cups swivel around.
The KitSound Immerse 75 headband is padded but only minimally, which typically has the potential of causing a hotspot or slight discomfort, especially on bold-headed users. That said, the Immerse 75 weigh just 230 grams so, there is very little downward weight, pulling down on the head, which is nice.
The inner frame of the Immerse 75 headband is made of aluminium alloy metal. The headphones have very minimal branding on them, aside from the letters KS on the outer side of the headband. Other than that, the Immerse 75 have a plain, rubberized matt black finish with metal accents that should appeal to those looking for understated headphones for work or for commuting to work.
The headband foam padding is covered with grain-like PU leather. On the underside of the headband, there is useful bits of information such as the batch number and date of manufacturing, which is interesting to know.
The Immerse 75 headphones charge via micro USB port at 5-volt/0.3-amp input and take 3 hours to fully charge.
With active noise cancellation (ANC) turned on, you can get up to 15 hours of battery life when using them on 60% volume and, around 20 hours, if ANC is turned off. You won't need to crank up the volume to 100%, anyways, because of the superb seal isolation you get. If you do crank them to max volume, the audio sound holds up very well without distorting.
The bass response is clear and deep with good midrange and top end. Interesting enough, having the active noise cancellation turned on while playing audio changes the frequency response somewhat. The Active noise cancellation acts as an EQ (equalizer) of sorts, smoothing out the sound and making the bass slightly deeper, which is nice.
The volume buttons control the skipping of tracks, while the play/pause button is isolated from the volume buttons and controls several functions, including answer/reject/end calls, redial, microphone mute and voice assistant.
Another feature that is also included that you don't typically find in headphones is Switch Microphone, which allows you to switch from the Immerse 75 microphone to your phone's microphone. This is convenient and useful since the Immerse 75 internal microphone is not the best quality, although it does the job.
The microphone is located next to the active noise cancelling led. There is another led located on the other side of the micro USB charging port. This led feedbacks charging, pairing (white light) and low battery (flashing red light).
During low battery mode, you will also hear an audible beep to let you the headphones are running low on battery power. The KitSound Immerse 75 headphones also power off automatically after 20 minutes when not connected to a device.
raised, tactile buttons
While the Immerse 75 microphone isn't anything to run home about, the performance of the noise cancellation feature and, the audio quality is pretty special. For the price, the active noise cancellation is very effective and, you can use noise cancelling without playing music, which is handy for sleeping in flights or commuting to work.
The other pinholes you see on the outside of the ear cups are the ANC microphones. The Immerse 75 headset uses feedforward active noise cancellation where the microphone is positioned outside the ear cup.
With the feedforward ANC microphone setup, the higher-frequency noises (i.e. chatter) up to 1–2 kHz are easily drown, although lower frequencies (i.e. heavy bass music, heavy machinery rumbling noise) not so much. Feedback active noise cancellation with the microphone inside the ear cup is better for drowning deep bass sound.
The included 1 meter long audio cable lets you use the Immerse 75 as a pair of wired headphones. There is no 3.5mm auxiliary port on the headphones though. Instead, the Immerse 75 use the charging port to deliver the audio, which is equally as good as via a 3.5mm auxiliary port.
The dual charging/audio functionality is typically seen in USB type C smartphones that don't have a headphone jack. While less ports makes it neater, having a separate auxiliary port is useful to prevent premature wear of the charging port. Buy it on Amazon.

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