NeckFix Neck Pain Relief Adjustable Collar

Tuesday, March 03, 2020

Based on the concept of the inversion table medical device for decompressing the lower part of the spine, NeckFix works by concentrating on the upper part of the cervical spine (neck) where the main muscles of the neck are located, including the trapezius, levator scapulae and splenius muscles, all of which are attached to the base of the skull.
The neck muscles can tighten up under stress and incorrect neck posture, causing pain and lightheadedness due to poor blood circulation. The NeckFix inflatable collar fits around the neck and comes with a pump that allows you to manually and gently inflate the collar to stretch the muscles of the neck to relief pressure on the spinal cord.
By lifting up (and stretching) the neck muscles, NeckFix is able to effectively relief tension by untensing the neck muscles and lifting the cervical (neck) spine.

weighs 300 grams
Not only NeckFix relaxes the neck muscles, it also provides better neck support, helping un-pinch any trapped spinal nerves, allowing better flow of blood/oxygen to the brain and reduce dizziness, headaches, vertigo and herniated cervical discs.
NeckFix comes in two different sizes to accommodate slim and stockier necks. Getting the correct size is important, although NeckFix does integrate velcro straps to help adjust NeckFix to size in order to find the sweet spot between too loose and too tight.
NeckFix has the approval of the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) agency, which means the FDA has determined that the benefits of NeckFix outweighs the known risks, which are strangulation and neck strain caused by stretching the neck muscles tendons too far by over-inflating the collar.
NeckFix is made of PVC rubber with a soft layer of felt material on the outside. NeckFix is, essentially, made of the same material air mattresses and swimming pool inflatables are made of. The NeckFix PVC rubber material has a 3-tier, layered ring design with a 15-degree upward tilt at the back that allows the neck to be lifted up in an upright position. 

trigger point massage ball included
The front end of NeckFix sits lower than the back-end (approximately 6cm), which is purposely designed to allow NeckFix to lift up the head from under the jaw line and back of the neck. When fully inflated, the back-end measures approximately 22cm high.
Being an inflatable device, NeckFix does also contract the neck during inflation; hence why NeckFix comes with a warning not to over-inflate because as you over-inflate it you are constricting the neck, restricting blood/oxygen flow.You actually don't need to over inflate NeckFix at all. All you need is 60 to 80 pumps to inflate it in order to notice a positive difference, which can be felt almost immediately as the head gets, literary, suspended by the NeckFix neck collar inflator.
Being a medical device made by a doctor, NeckFix is cleverly designed after a sphygmomanometer blood pressure bulb pump, which has a 4.5cm diameter and measures 10cm long. The rubber tube measures 47cm long and has a 4mm air hole diameter.
A metal release valve thumb-knob is located at the joint between the tube and the bulb pump for deflating the collar by simply turning the release valve anti clockwise. There is also a small lump in the rubber tube that contains a tiny ball designed to block air escaping when removing the rubber tube, which you can if you don't want it hanging off the inflator.
While NeckFix is backed by chiropractors, NeckFix won't pop your spine the same way a chiropractor does during a chiropractic adjustment neither will NeckFix fix a damaged neck. NeckFix does take the tension off the neck though, so the claim of "spinal traction/ decompression home therapy" is founded. NeckFix provides instant relief from pinched nerves due to the herniation of the intervertebral discs (i.e. C5,C6 and C7), which occurs by drifting the head forward from poor posture. 
With just 15 minutes, twice a day you can help alleviate pressure of your cervical spine right at home or on the go, making NeckFix a nifty home and travel gadget. Considering the expense of physical therapy and the fairly inexpensive price tag of NeckFix, it's a non-deal breaker. That said, NeckFix comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. Should you not be satisfied, NeckFix will provide a full refund on request.

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