Redragon Draconic K530 Multi Connection Bluetooth 60% Keyboard

Monday, March 02, 2020

With the advent of multi connection bluetooth keyboards, long gone are days of KVM switches for controlling multiple devices from a single keyboard! In the case of the Draconic K530 keyboard, it supports three simultaneous bluetooth connections, as well as a plug-and-play wired connection, meaning the Draconic K530 can be connected via a USB cable without having to install additional drivers. The K530 is, basically, the bluetooth version of the new Redragon K630W
The design of the Redragon Draconic K530 is tenkeyless so, it's very compact, incorporating just 61 keys; hence the name 60 per cent keyboard. Tenkeyless keyboards also include 80 per cent keyboards, 75 per cent keyboards, 90 per cent keyboards, 40 per cent keyboards and 100% keyboards (full size keyboards).
The Redragon Draconic K530 has a good amount of keys and it's purposely designed without a number pad, function row keys, direction keys and special keys. This makes the footprint of the Redragon Draconic K530 keyboard 29cm long and 10cm wide. A standard keyboard measures 43cm long and 13.5cm wide so, the Draconic K530 is noticeably smaller side by side.
With fewer keys, the Redragon Draconic K530 takes up less space, which on a small and crowded work area makes a huge difference, especially if mouse space is tight. Given the relative compact size, you could use the Draconic K530 keyboard as a compact-size travel keyboard for getting work done on the go.
While the Redragon Draconic K530 doesn't have the typical sections found on full size computer keyboards, the Draconic K530 keyboard does integrate two Fn function keys (Fn1 and Fn2), which work just like the Fn key on a standard keyboard to activate dual-purpose keys.
The Draconic K530 is a full rollover keyboard, meaning the Draconic K530 keyboard can detect the user pressing multiple keys at the same time. Full rollover works similar to anti-ghosting but without any keystroke limitation.
For non-gaming purposes, an anti-ghosting keyboard works just fine but, on a gaming keyboard anti-ghosting is detrimental because you are not able to use multiple key combinations. With the Draconic K530 keyboard though, you can execute 3-key combinations, including the useful first-person shooter key combination (Ctrl + W + R) for crouching, while moving forward and reloading at the same time.
There are a total of 38 dual-purpose keys on the Draconic K530 keyboard to activate various functions, including the "F Shortcut keys" (F1 to F12) for performing certain functions such as saving files, printing, or refreshing a page. With the Function Key (Fn1) you can also activate the Print Screen key (PRTSC), DELETE, INSERT, PAGE UP/PAGE DOWN, as well as Home/End keys for moving the cursor to the beginning or to the end of line.
The second Function key (Fn2) allows you to activate further functions, including brightness, lock the Windows key, turn off back-lighting, enable back-lighting modes (13 modes to choose) and macro recording, which is enabled by holding Fn2 and pressing key number 7. You can record up to 6 macros and also delete each macro one by one, or delete all six macros at the same time by holding Fn2 and pressing key number 8 for five seconds.
With the Redragon Draconic K530 keyboard, you can also record the back-lighting color to a specific key on the keyboard, which makes it easier and quicker than having to cycle between each back-lighting mode.
The Draconic K530 keyboard also supports Magic Fn Function, which lets you use CapsLock as Fn1 and Fn2 key to allow some Fn functions to be performed easier.
With many keyboards, the Magic Fn function has to be enabled via companion software but on the Draconic K530, Magic Fn is supported on-board the keyboard so, there is no need to download and/or install any software. It's worth mentioning that while Magic Fn is enabled, CapsLock is disabled but, it can be quickly enabled with a single press.
The Draconic K530 is a Bluetooth 5.0 keyboard but, it's backward compatible so, it supports Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity, meaning you can connect the Redragon Draconic K530 keyboard to any Bluetooth-enabled device (Windows 8/10 and/or Android), including a tablet and a smartphone. This is useful, especially if your tablet or phone does not support USB OTG (On-The-Go), which would allow you to connect the Draconic K530 keyboard via a USB On-The-Go cable.
On the left side of the Redragon Draconic K530, you find the USB-C port, power on/off switch, and Bluetooth channel switch, which allows you to toggle between the three bluetooth channels (Bluetooth 1, Bluetooth 2, Bluetooth 3).
There are two status leds also, including one led for the Bluetooth channel switch, which turns a different color for each channel. Red (Bluetooth 1), blue (Bluetooth 2), green (Bluetooth 3).
The led next to the bluetooth led feedbacks low battery power (flashing red light), charging status (flashing green) and when charging is complete (solid green). The Draconic K530 charging time is 9 hours, via USB-C connection, to fully charge the 3000 mAh battery. This is longer charging time than the Royal Kludge RK61, although this keyboard has a smaller 1450mAh battery. Battery life is around 10 hours.
The tallest row of the Redragon Draconic K530 keyboard measures 3.5cm high, while the lowest row measures 3cm high. There is a gradient between the key rows so, the top row of the keys is lightly higher than the second, third, fourth and fifth row of keys.
The spacebar is the largest key, measuring 11cm long. The SHIFT key on the left measures 3.5cm long, while the SHIFT key on the right measures 4.5cm long. The ENTER key also measures 3.5cm long.
The Draconic K530 keyboard is entirely made of plastic so, it's lightweight (weighs 620 grams). The back panel is made of hard plastic and, given how compact it is, there is no keyboard flex. On the back, there are also two flat rubber feet and two height-adjustable feet with a grippy rubberized side.
The included 1.8 meter long cable features a USB-C connector with a right angled plug on one end and, a USB-A connector with a straight plug at the other end. The sleeve of the cable is made of rubber.
Two key removal tools are also included, one of which is made of metal. A mechanical switch replacement kit is also included with four different types of switches, blue, red, brown and black. The switches that are pre-installed in the Draconic K530 keyboard are brown switches, which have a soft tactile feel. The top of the keycap is slightly concave rather than flat, which provides better grip when gaming. Read the review of the recently released M686 Vampire Elite mouse and GS520 Anvil desktop speakers.

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