RevoNext NEX602 Review Quad Driver Hybrid In-Ears

Friday, April 17, 2020

More drivers do produce better sound overall but, there is also a lot that can go wrong with having so many drivers if not tuned correctly! The RevoNext NEX602 will satisfy most people, especially those wanting a pair of quad drivers that sound good with a wide sound stage experience similar to over-ear headphones.
The RevoNext NEX602 have three balanced armature drivers and one 10mm dynamic driver, which help deliver punchy low end (bass), as well as detailed in the vocals and instruments. Some quad driver earphones don't integrate dynamic drivers at all; hence no bass. This is worth noting if you're someone who likes listening to drum and bass and other similar music genres. 
The RevoNext NEX602 cable integrates a large hard plastic Y splitter to split the audio into left and right channels. The Y splitter features thick strain reliefs, which should help prevent premature wear and tear.
Other than the Y-splitter and the cinch cable management, there is no microphone or audio remote inline the NEX602 cable which measures 1.20 meters long. Like most RevoNext earphones, the top end of the cable is curved so, you can only wear this around the top of the ear. The NEX602 can not be worn straight down.
Being stereo earphones, the RevoNext NEX602 cable wiring carries two channels of audio. In the case of the NEX602, each audio channel is wrapped in a separate rubber sleeve, which has the advantage of preventing audio crossover and noise interference, also known as microphonics. The rubber sleeves are intertwined in a braid style that keeps the cable neatly, preventing it from tangling too easily.
The NEX602 cable is detachable from the body of the earphones via gold-plated pins (two per earphone), measuring 5mm long with a 0.78mm diameter. Being detachable, like most RevoNext in-ears, you will be able to replace the cable or interchange it with another 0.78mm 2 pin cable, which you can buy separately. You can even buy a 0.78mm 2 pin bluetooth cable version that would allow you to turn the NEX602 earphones into wireless earphones.
The RevoNext NEX602 audio plug has a right angled design with a flat, low profile and a thick strain relief. The word "RevoNext" is carved into the top of the audio plug. The 3.5mm connector is gold plated with two black ring sleeves. The NEX602 has no microphone line so, the cable only carries two channels for left and right audio.
Earphone cables with a microphone built-in will have three black ring sleeves to accommodate the microphone channel.
In terms of construction, the RevoNext NEX602 have a similar construction to the NEX202 and QT5 earphones with a body entirely made of metal with a machine polished finish and perforated metal mesh, covering the nozzle tips and the tiny small gap on the front panel of the earphones. The letters RN are engraved with raised lettering contained within a circular indent.
The NEX602 driver housing has smoothed out curved edges and lighter construction, bringing the total weight of the NEX602 earphones (including the cable) to just 19 grams, which is 6 grams lighter than the RN-QT3 earphones, which also have a quad-driver setup.
The slimmer, 90 degree angle audio plug makes the RevoNext NEX602 more convenient to insert into the headphone jack of a mobile phone than a straight plug, which naturally sticks out, making it more liable to damage.
The RevoNext NEX602 cable wiring is also made of 6N OFC (oxygen-free copper), which is higher purity copper than oxygen-free copper and standard copper. With this level of copper purity, the NEX602 wiring should stand the test of time, thanks to more corrosion resistance.
There is no secret that having good quality wiring creates better conductivity, which in audio sound is always an advantage. The RevoNext NEX602 earphones deliver warm, clear sound without distortion, even a maximum volume.
The NEX602 earphones have fairly sensitive drivers (106dB). There are no hisses or static noises even at low volume, which  can happen with some earphones with very sensitive drivers. The NEX602 earphone housing also features a vent port designed to increase bass response.
Despite the quad driver setup, the NEX602 earphones have the same low and high end frequency response (7Hz-40kHZ) as the RX8S earphones, which have a triple driver setup. While the NEX602 drivers could have probably been tuned up to a higher spec, the low (bass), midrange and highs (treble) have been kept balanced, producing a more natural/warmer sound that is not as bright sounding as the RX8 earphones.
The NEX602 earphones have a 30 Ohms impedance rating; hence you can drive them in any phone without the need of a headphone amplifier. Typically, earphones with less than 32 Ohms can be powered adequately by most smartphones.
Some earphones even have as little as 6 Ohms impedance rating, which can make the earphones sound louder because they are easier to driver but, having too low impedance can create noise in the sound.
The NEX602 earphones come with silicone ear tips, foam ear tips, 12-month warranty and a snazzy hardshell EVA zip case with water resistant fabric material and an internal mesh pocket. The hard shell case measures 9cm long, 9cm wide and 3cm thick. Buy the NEX202 on amazon

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