Trust GXT 488 Forze Review PS4 Gaming Headset

Thursday, June 18, 2020

Gaming with television speakers or a home theater system is great until you start playing games such as the Call of Duty installments - Modern Warfare and Warzone - where communication is more important between team mates to get that elusive victory.
Using a microphone and television speakers just doesn't cut it because you can't hear properly where enemies or the explosions are coming from, making it tougher to play first person shooter team games.
Getting a gaming headset is a sound investment whether you chat a lot in game or not because you can use the gaming headset microphone also to talk casually to friends. The Trust GXT 488 Forze is one of many gaming headsets available on the market that you can use to talk to friends via Playstation Network and/or in-game.
The GXT 488 Forze features a 1.2 meter long nylon braided cable with a standard 3.5mm connector designed to connect into the 3.5mm port of the Playstation 4 DUALSHOCK 4 wireless controller.
While the GXT 488 Forze gaming headset is officially licensed for Playstation 4, it works also with computers, smartphones and tablets. Basically, any audio source that uses a 3.5mm auxiliary port will be able to take the input of the GXT 488 Forze headset.
The GXT 488 Forze features a 5cm wide headband with six small cut out openings on the top for styling. Underneath the headband, there is 2cm thick foam padding, which provides decent comfort. The inner frame of the headband is also made of hard plastic but, it's reinforced with a brush aluminium band.
The headband is adjustable via a standard notching mechanism that makes audible clicks when sliding the headband up and down. The headband yoke is also made of hard plastic with a wide girth that integrates chrome plated hard plastic styling similar to the GXT 322 Carus headset.
The yoke doesn't swivel but allows slight up/down tilt adjustment of the earcups, which are also made of hard plastic. The earpads have 2cm thick soft padding with a vertical oval shape that you should fit most people's ears. The outside of the earpads measure 11cm tall and 9cm wide, while the inner opening hole measures 6.5cm tall and 4.5cm wide. While the earpads do provide a good cushioning, the depth of the earcup (0.7cm deep) is very shallow similarly to the GXT 383 Dion headset.
Depending on how much your ears stick-out, they will rub against the speaker driver more or less. There is fabric mesh covering the driver, although it's very thin and not padded. The earpads don't have breathable mesh around the inner sides either so, you can expect quicker heat build up and sweaty ears after a while.
In terms of comfort, the GXT 322 Carus headset and the GXT 383 Dion headset feel more comfortable on the ears than the GXT 488 Forze headset, which is due to the vertical oval shape of the earpads, which isn't as ergonomic as round earpads. The weight of the headset is also a factor because the GXT 488 Forze weighs 350 grams, which is heavy.
Regarding sound leakage, there is good passive noise isolation, although it depends largely on how good of a seal you can get because of the odd shape of the earpads. On the video below, you can hear how much sound leakage to expect.

Sound-wise, the 50mm drivers inside the GXT 488 Forze do not disappoint, delivering good audio dynamics, immersive soundstage and heavy bass with detailed midrange and clear treble without artifacts or distortion at high or low volume. The GXT 488 Forze headset can easily be driven from a smartphone, thanks to low impedance (32 ohms).
There is a boom microphone arm built-in to the headset that measures 14cm long. The mic is non detachable but it is bendable and has a pivot that allows you to rotate the microphone upwards out of the way. The actual microphone capsule is housed inside a large bullet-style housing with a removable pop foam filter. The microphone provides good quality for in-game chat, Skype calls and Zoom meetings.
Inline the nylon braided cable, there is a large volume/mute remote box, which is positioned 45cm away from the left earcup.
The volume remote measures 9cm long, 1cm thick and features a volume knob and a mute switch for disabling the microphone audio. There is no led indicator for the mute switch. In fact, the GXT 488 Forze headset doesn't integrate any status leds or RGB lighting on the earcups or microphone. You can buy the Trust GXT 488 Forze headset from amazon. Check out the review of the GXT 391 Thian headset.

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