Pitaka MagEZ Case And MagEZ Mount Qi Review

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Nothing quite like the feeling of dropping your phone and picking it up only to find you damaged it, or worse, cracked the screen! If you have spent a lot of money on a shiny flagship phone with all the bells and whistles, spending the money to protect it makes common sense!
Many phone users don't bother with a phone case, preferring instead going naked, and with good reason since some phones can be really stunning to look at! With beauty though, comes at a price and that is fragility because many phones are more easily breakable due to their glass backing, bezel-less designs and waterfall displays.
While beautiful, most phones these days don't stack up to the durability of phones made just a few years ago such as the LG V10 (made in 2015), which has a rubberized backing and 3mm thick stainless steel frame.
With a phone like the LG V10, you pretty much don't need a phone case but with most phones you could do with one, including the iPhone 8, HTC U11, Galaxy S8 and the iPhone X, which is the object of this review.
If you are an iPhone X owner, you might be interested in the Pitaka MagEZ phone case, which is different from most, being made of aramid fiber weaved and colored in a carbon fiber finish. The Pitaka MagEZ aramid phone case is as strong as carbon fibre but aramid fiber is more bendable, allowing the MagEZ case to have a higher breaking point before snapping.
The MagEZ phone case has minimal branding, all of it located on the underside of the case, giving the MagEZ phone case a cleaner look. The Pitaka MagEZ phone case has embedded metal plates that provide added support to the backside of the case, as well as a magnetic connection that turns the MagEZ Case into a nifty phone holder when mounted on the MagEZ Mount Qi car wireless charger. 
the metal plates are positioned in the midsection of the phone case
The MagEZ Mount Qi comes with a ball head car air vent adapter and a ball head 3M sticker base for sticking the mount to a dashboard or windscreen. While not the intended purpose, the ball head car air vent adapter can be used as a kickstand of sorts.
The MagEZ Mount Qi backside construction is hard plastic with a zinc alloy metal accent around the outer perimeter of the mount. The front panel where the phone rests is magnetized with nine N52-T grade magnets. The front is also made of aramid with a carbon fiber finish and features a flat TPU rubber ring around the front to prevent the phone sliding off the mount.
The MagEZ Mount Qi integrates one single wireless charging coil to recharge the phone whilst held in place. As a wireless car charger, the MagEZ Mount Qi works well without connectivity issues via GPS or Bluetooth, thanks to its aramid construction, which unlike carbon-fiber, doesn't block signals.
The MagEZ Mount Qi wireless charger integrates safety protection features, including overvoltage, overcurrent and overheat, as well as FOD (Foreign-Object Detection), which is a very important feature for a wireless charger to have because without it the wireless charger cannot detect if there is metal in between, leading to overheating and the possibility of the wireless charger catching fire.
The MagEZ Mount Qi wireless charger is designed to accept 10 watts (5V/2A) and 18 watts (9V/2A), and output 5 watts, 7.5 watts and 10 watts; hence the MagEZ Mount Qi can output fast charge to recharge a 3,500 mAh phone in around 3 hours. 
As well as safety protection, the MagEZ Mount Qi wireless charger integrates a cooling and ventilation system, consisting of a small (noiseless) fan and ventilation outlets (on the back and sides) to prevent heat build up. The ventilation outlet on the backside has a radiation dotted/slit pattern, while the side ventilation consists of perforated zinc alloy grille.
Surrounding the rear ventilation of the MagEZ Mount Qi is a ball socket with a locking twist mechanism built-in to prevent the ball head adapters from slipping out. Once firmly locked, the ball head adapters can freely pivot off the socket, allowing you to tilt the MagEZ Mount Qi up and down and left to right, as well as rotate it 360 degrees.
In terms of weight and dimensions of these Pitaka products, the MagEZ Case weighs 13 grams, the MagEZ Mount Qi weighs 89 grams, the ball head 3M sticker base weighs 7 grams and the ball head car air vent adapter weighs 12 grams.
Included also with the Pitaka MagEZ case is a 0.33mm thick tempered glass screen protector, alongside a dust absorber, alcohol pad and microfiber cloth to help you install the screen protector on your iPhone X without air bubbles. Putting on a screen protector is, probably, one of the most challenging and frustrating things you will ever do.
Some phone users don't bother with screen protectors, while others swear by them. Tempered glass protectors are actually weaker than the actual screen of a phone.
However, the idea behind tempered glass protectors isn't so much to protect a phone when it falls but, to take the hit by absorbing the energy of the fall so, the screen of the phone doesn't have to absorb it.
If you haven't installed a screen protector before, here is a pro tip. Clean the screen and apply the screen protector in the bathroom directly after a steaming hot shower. The hot steam in the air will keep all of the dust away.
You particularly want to do the hot steaming shower trick if you have dogs and/or cats at home. Do make sure though, that the phone is turned off completely before putting it inside a steaming bathroom and wait 2 to 3 hours before powering the phone back on to ensure that any residual moisture has dried up.
This Pitaka tempered glass screen protector adheres via silicone glue, which means you can remove it and re-stick it if you aren't successful in applying the screen protector correctly at the first attempt. A Pitaka-branded 3ft long charging cable is also included and made with a rubber sleeve and aramid fiber accents.
Included also in the package is a special QR code that you can scan to extend the standard warranty of the MagEZ Case. You can buy the MagEZ phone case and buy the MagEZ Mount Qi from amazon. Check out the Pitaka Pixel Fold case.

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