JAM Audio TWS Athlete Review Ear Hook Earphones with Charging Case

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Body odor is an undesirable by-product of sweat but, sweating is actually good for you as it allows your body to sweat out toxins while cooling down the body.While sweat is a fact of life, water and electricity isn't. The two don't mix, which is a problem especially when working out wearing headphones.
Luckily, most headphones these days are water resistant, including the new JAM Audio True Wireless Athlete, which are IPX5 sweat/water resistant true wireless earphones with an ear hook design that keeps the earphones secure in the ears.
Over-ear hook earphones are easily the most secure type, followed by earphones with wingtips, which also do a good job of preventing earphones from falling out of the ears every few seconds! If you do sports or activities that require a lot of movement like running or working out in the gym, the earhook design is the safer bet.
The JAM Audio TWS Athlete have the classic over-ear hook design, which works extremely well without being uncomfortable, thanks to the hooks being rubberized. The rubber is soft and seems good quality, although there is no mention of whether it is silicone or TPE rubber. The latter is more flexible but not as durable as silicone rubber.
That said, both TPE and silicone rubber are hypoallergenic; hence they are unlikely to cause an allergic reaction.  The earhooks have an ear-like shape design so, they fit comfortably around the contour of the back of the ear.
The JAM Audio TWS Athlete earphone shell has a triangular design with a narrow nozzle neck, which is also angled, making the fit more comfortable. The shell is lowkey but fairly bulky, which is a good thing - sound performance wise - since the JAM Audio TWS Athlete aren't designed to be discrete like the Live Loud TWS earphones. The dimensions of the TWS Athlete earphones are 9cm tall, 6cm wide and 4cm deep. Weight of each earbud is 8 grams.
The TWS Athlete charging case is also bulkier than most true wireless earbuds to accommodate the earhooks. The charging case weighs 70 grams and measures 15cm long, 4cm wide and 12cm tall. It has a smooth matte black finish with a pronounced groove, running half way around the charging case. The USB-C charging port is located on the rear of the charging case. It is exposed and recessed inside a small cutout.
Opening the TWS Athlete charging case reveals a large docking area with deep groove cutouts for the earphones. The lid opens wide and stays open upright at a 90 degree angle via a hinge, which is made of plastic. The earbuds sit snugly inside the charging case without any fiddling around when taking the earbuds in and out of the charging case.
The 600 mAh charging case battery recharges at 5V/1A input, taking 45 minutes to fully charge and, it can carry an extra 24 hours of battery power. Each earbud can deliver 3 hours worth of playtime on 50% volume and take 2 hour to fully charge inside the case. There is no quick charge support nor the Bluetooth 5.0 chip supports aptX or AAC codecs.
The JAM Audio TWS Athlete earphones are not touch controlled. Instead, they have clicky-sounding physical buttons, which work well, although not as convenient as touch controls. The single button controls most functions, aside from volume control, which might be a deal breaker for some since volume support is a great convenience to have.
Bluetooth pairing is easy, requiring only one single connection. The TWS Athlete earphones have seamless stereo/mono switching (with 2 second re-connection delay) and they can be used independently of each other so, you can pair them to two different devices.
There is a microphone on each earphone, located on the front, right below the status led. Dual microphones are always a nice feature to have since the call audio goes through both earpieces, letting you enjoy stereo calls. The call quality is good for a quick chat, even in fairly loud environments, thanks to the loud amplification of both microphones.
Despite their size, the JAM Audio TWS Athlete only integrate 6mm drivers, which is the same size driver found on the much smaller Live Loud earphones. That said, driver size doesn't necessarily dictate good sound.

In terms of audio dynamics, the TWS Athlete earbuds are as loud sounding as the Live Loud earphones. The depth of sound though, it's much deeper with the TWS Athlete earbuds, which deliver a fuller, more detailed sound signature with deeper bass.
The included USB-A to USB-C charging cable is branded with the word JAM etched on the terminals of the cable. The TWS Athlete earphones are available to buy from the JAM Audio website and amazon when they become available. Check out the review of the TWS Exec and Jam's TWS ANC earbuds.

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