JAM Audio TWS Exec Review Earbuds With Background Noise Reduction

Thursday, July 30, 2020

Making calls on the go is 50% of the reason why a lot of people use wireless headphones; hence good call quality is a top requirement. If you do a lot of calls and bassy sound isn't overly important, the JAM Audio TWS Exec earphones are a good pick. They are affordable and deliver a decent call quality during noise calls.
The TWS Exec stems measure 2.5cm long and feature the microphone at the tip. There is a microphone on each earphone and, like with all built-in microphones, the TWS Exec microphones integrate noise reduction algorithms that separate background chatter from clear speech. Some algorithms work better than others, depending largely on the amount of filters and microphones used.
Algorithms do alter the quality of the speech and can make calls sound very digitized, even robotic. The microphone processing algorithm inside the JAM Audio TWS Exec do a fair good job of picking up good, clear sound. The JAM Audio TWS Exec work best in an environment with normal background noise though, like a small office.
The JAM Audio TWS Exec earphones have a stealth, blacked out finish perfect for a business/ office environment. The finish is smooth with subtle JAM logo etchings on the front panels. The front panels have a circular recessed groove, encircling the touch control area, as well as a discreet status led located above the JAM logo.
The status led flashes blue every 3 seconds while in use. Touch controls are responsive and support most audio playback functions (skipping tracks and play/pause), aside from volume control. The touch controls also support voice assistant control and, of course, call control.
Each earphone weighs 5.5 grams, making the fit very comfortable since you can hardly tell you have them on the ears. The fit is secure too when using them for non-sporting activities.
The earphones are IPX4 water resistant, which should be okay for light runs or jogs. For more demanding activities, you should probably consider the TWS Athlete  earhook earbuds.
The JAM Audio TWS Exec charging case has a circular tub design with a flat base that can stand upright by itself.
There is a micro USB port on the rear, four tiny battery status leds (on the front) and a revolving style lid, which has a subtle JAM logo etching on top. The lid of the charging case is opened and closed by revolving the lid around clockwise and counterclockwise.
The JAM Audio TWS Exec charging case weighs 43 grams and has a 5.5cm diameter. The charging case measures 3cm tall and can store 24 hours worth of charge. The charging case takes 1 hour to fully charge via 5V/1A charging input.
The rotary hinge allows the charging case lid to open up 180 degrees and stay open securely at the 12 o'clock position. The docking area is lightly recessed and magnetic to keep the earbuds inside the charging case securely. As far as charging time, the JAM Audio TWS Exec earphones take 2 hours to fully charge.
You can get 4 hour playtime per earbud (on 50% volume) and, you can use the JAM Audio TWS Exec independently of each other. Bluetooth connection/pairing is easy with seamless transition from stereo to mono and viceversa.
Re-connection is instantaneous when transitioning back to stereo from mono; hence no re-connection delay, which is a good thing when answering calls since the longer the re-connection delay, the longer it will take you to answer an incoming call.
The Bluetooth 5.0 chip supports standard Bluetooth. No aptX or AAC support though. This means, there is latency or lag when watching videos via the YouTube app (no issues on video streaming apps like Netflix though). If you do watch a lot of videos on YouTube and don't want to the lag, there is a walk-around to this by watching YouTube videos through the web browser instead.
Regarding audio performance, the JAM Audio TWS Exec sound quality is on par with the Live Loud earphones. Good volume level and light bass with emphasis on the upper mid-range. The included micro USB cable is JAM branded. You can buy the JAM Audio TWS Exec earphones from the JAM Audio website and amazon when they become available. Check out the review of Jam's TWS ANC earbuds.

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