KSOUND K01 Review Stem Style Wireless Earbuds

Monday, August 10, 2020

There is no doubt that the removal of the headphone jack from newer smartphones has contributed massively to the popularity of true wireless audio. How much? We will never know for sure but, one thing is sure, it's the convenience that true wireless audio brings to consumers. Without wires getting in the way, you no longer have to experience the cable pulling out the earphones when turning the head left to right!
True wireless earphones come in all kinds of styles, including bullet type and stem style earbuds like the KSOUND K01, which stow away inside a capsule-like case, which also charges the earbuds. The charging case has a tall and long frame that measures 8cm long, 3cm tall and 3.5cm wide. Total weight is 34 grams. The charging case has rounded edges and a beveled bottom base with a ridge running across the top of the lid.
The K01 charging case has a pronounced slit opening, as well as a smooth blacked out matt finish with a laser printed KSOUND branding on the front. The base is non rubberized but, it's flat allowing you to rest the charging case upright.
There are four white leds on the front to indicate the battery status of the charging case, as well as the earbuds, which is a rather unique that works by keeping the charging case leds lit up until the earbuds are fully charged. The internal 420 mAh battery recharges via 5V/1A USB-C input, taking 2 hours to fully charge.
The KSOUND K01 earbuds have a stealth black stem style with a powdery-like finish free-from any branding. Other than the charging contacts and large R/L lettering on the underside, there are no visual markings on the earbuds. The earbud stem is long, measuring 2.5cm long and features a high gloss cap at the tip where the built-in microphone is located.
The KSOUND K01 earbuds have a really low weight (4 grams per earbud) and a relatively compact footprint and similar looking to the Aukey T21 earbuds, although the KSOUND K01 earbuds have larger acoustic chambers.
The K01 earbuds have standard 6mm drivers but the sound is anything from standard. Good volume dynamics and deep bass that does not overpower the high end, which has good midrange level and clean treble perfect for listening to audio books.
The KSOUND K01 earbuds have a extremely comfortable fit, thanks to the low weight and angled nozzles. For regular activities like walking the dog, commuting to work or walking about with friends, the KSOUND K01 earbuds stay in securely. For sports, you should look elsewhere to a earbuds with a more secure fit like the Aukey T10 or EP-B60 earbuds which are also IPX rated -IPX5 and IPX6 respectively. The KSOUND K01 have IPX5 sweat/water resistance.
The KSOUND K01 earbuds also have touch controls, which work via responsive taps, letting you control volume up/down, as well as answer calls, reject/ end calls and control audio playback (play/pause, skip forward and skip back).You also have control of the voice assistant and the ability to power (on/off) the earbuds.
Volume control works via long presses, which is nice since a lot of true wireless earbuds require a double tap to control the volume, which is obviously not as convenient as a long press. There is no voice prompt/beep though, when reaching max volume.
The touch control area is completely smooth and integrates a status led, which is so discreet you can hardly see it. The status led does not flash/blink when audio is playing,which compliments the stealth styling. Despite the lack of a rubberized surface, the K01 earbuds are easy to take in and out of the docking area, which is magnetized. They automatically turn on when taken out and, they turn off when put back in the charging case.
The KSOUND K01 earbuds take 1.5 hours to fully charge and, each earbud provides 5 hours worth of playtime when listening via SBC codec at 50% volume. The K01 Bluetooth 5.0 chip supports AAC but does not support aptX, which reduces lag on Android devices. If you watch a lot of videos via the YouTube app or do a lot of gaming, you should consider the Key Series N33 neckband earbuds or, better still, the B-80 earbuds, which support aptX and aptX LL (low latency).
The K01 Bluetooth 5.0 chip provides a stable connection within 10 meters direct line of sight. There is no re-connection either, which means seamless transition between stereo and mono listening. You can use the earbuds independently too. As far as call quality, the microphones (one mic on each earbud) deliver good clarity, amplification and isolation to minimize background noise traveling into the call.
Included are eartips, user guide and an unbranded USB-A to USB-C charging cable .You can buy the KSOUND K01 true wireless earbuds on amazon. Check out the review of the Aukey EP-N5 ANC earbuds

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