RHA TrueConnect 2 Review: True Wireless Earbuds With 4 Microphones

Wednesday, August 05, 2020

The TrueConnect 2 pick up where the first generation TrueConnect left off, retaining the same snazzy silky soft rubbery finish and stylish quirky-looking earbud stem design reminiscent of mini tennis rackets. From the back, the TrueConnect 2 earbuds look like cute tiny saucepans.
The design of the TrueConnect 2 design is, definitely, a plus as it makes them stand out (in a good way) from the sea of true wireless earphones. Thanks to the soft rubbery finish, the TrueConnect 2 are extremely comfortable to wear (weighing just 6 grams each). That said, they have short, stocky nozzle necks which aren't angled; hence they aren't as secure in the ears for sports and fitness activities that require a lot of movement.
That said, the TrueConnect 2 aren't marketed for fitness enthusiasts so, it's not likely potential buyers are going to be buying the TrueConnect 2 for exercising or working out in the gym. The RHA TrueConnect 2 are IP rated though. They have IP55 dust and water resistance, which means the TrueConnect 2 have protection against both dust and moisture (i.e. sweat, water).
Most wireless earphones actually don't have dust protection other than sweat/water protection; hence their IPX rating. It's surprising though, why most wireless earphones don't come with dust protection when ingress of dust is a major cause of damage to electronics.
The TrueConnect 2 have two microphones per earbud. One mic is placed at the very tip end of the stem and the other mic on the front of the earbud above the touch control area. The TrueConnect 2 have four microphones in total with a good DSP processor that does a very good job of isolating your voice while suppressing everything else loud going around you.
The microphone sound quality is better than the TrueConnect 1 and, you can regulate the volume also audio during a call, which is something you cannot do with the vast majority of true wireless earphones. There is also no re-connection delay with the TrueConnect 2 and because the TrueConnect 2 can stay connected to phone inside the charging case, you can quickly take them out of the case and answer calls instantly. Another nice thing about the TrueConnect 2 zero re-connection delay is that the transition from mono to stereo listening is seamless and instantaneous.
The RHA TrueConnect 2 earbuds are fully functional independently; hence you can use them standalone since each earpiece contains a bluetooth chip and microphones for taking calls over your smartphone. The status led is located on the inside of the earbud rather than on the outer front like on most true wireless earbuds. The good thing about having the status led on the inside is that the flashing/blinking light is out of sight.
The TrueConnect 2 charging case takes 3 hours to fully charge and can store 35 hours worth of power. The TrueConnect 2 earbuds take 1 hour to fully charge and feature 10-minute quick charge and 15-minute quick charge, which provides the TrueConnect 2 earbuds with 60 minutes and 3 hours and 30 minutes worth of playtime respectively. When fully charged, each earbud can provide 4.5 hours of playtime at 50% volume.
The TrueConnect 2 use capacitive touch technology, which works just like the capacitive touch screen of a smartphone. This means, the TrueConnect 2 touch controls can only be operated with a naked finger. You won't be able to use gloves to operate the touch controls like you can with the TrueConnect 1, which have physical buttons.
While being able to use gloves with true wireless earbuds is nice, it is also nice having touch functionality so, you don't have to jam the earbuds into the ear-canal. The touch controls on the TrueConnect 2 are really precise, making it easy to navigate through functions. There is also volume support, which is nice, although it requires a double tap, instead of a long press, which is even more convenient.
Once the charging case lid is slid open, it triggers automatic pairing for the earbuds so, you can pair the earbuds to a phone without having to physically take them out.
Instead of a standard hinge, the TrueConnect 2 charging case has a swivel hinge mechanism that makes the lid slide open upwards at an angle. The charging case opening style isn't only unique but functional too since you can open the case with one hand. Taking the earbuds in and out of the charging case is effortless.
The TrueConnect 2 deliver brighter sound with better instrument separation than the TrueConnect 1.They also have punchy bass but not as bass heavy as the TrueConnect 1, making the TrueConnect 2 a better performer for a broader genres of music.
RHA TrueConnect 2 have a newer bluetooth 5.0 chip, although it does not support multipoint connection nor aptX. The only codecs supported by the TrueConnect 2 are SBC and AAC, whereas the TrueConnect 1 only support SBC. AptX support is great for Android devices because of hi-resolution and lower lag when watching videos via the YouTube app.
The AAC codec is compatible with Android devices too. And, while it offers comparable audio/lag performance to aptX, the AAC battery drain in Android devices is super high. The AAC codec works great in the Apple iOS ecosystem for listening to iTunes and watching videos via the Apple Music app without lag.
As far as streaming videos via the YouTube app though, AAC doesn't remove latency in iOS either unless the streaming is done via SBC. Problem is though, you cannot select codecs from an iOS device like you can with an Android device.
The first generation of TrueConnect is currently available for purchase; hence it's not obsolete. In fact, the first generation of TrueConnect is currently on sale with a substantially reduced price tag. While both TrueConnect 1 and TrueConnect 2 are identical and are available in the same blue and black colorways, TrueConnect 2 hardware/software has been refined, making TrueConnect 2 a smarter purchase.
The TrueConnect 2 also retain the same top notch built quality with an aluminium charging case (79 grams), while improving the functionality of the earbuds with better IP rating and touch controls, which is a nice touch (pun intended!).
A good amount of eartips has been included, although not as generous as the TrueConnect 1, which come with comply eartips. A non-branded USB-A to USB- cable is also included. You can buy the TrueConnect 2 from RHA Audio and Amazon.

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