PaMu Slide Mini T6C Review TWS Earbuds with Qi Charging Wireless Case

Tuesday, August 04, 2020

With offerings such as the PaMu Slide Mini T6C, one no longer has to spend a ton of money on earbuds to get all the features one could ever want from a pair of earbuds. The PaMu Slide Mini T6C true wireless earbuds have all the latest bells and whistles, including a charging case that can charge wirelessly so, you can easily top up the charging case without any cables.
The Slide Mini T6C have a Bluetooth 5.0 chip (Qualcomm 3020) that supports SBC, AAC and aptX, for high resolution audio and lower latency. Video latency when streaming content via YouTube and YouTube music apps is notorious for having very noticeable audio delay. Other streaming apps like Netflix and Amazon prime don't have this delay issue so, it seems an issue exclusive to YouTube.
The PaMu Slide Mini also support AAC, which provides zero latency when watching videos in Apple Music, although not so much in YouTube unless the iOS device is streaming via SBC codec. The problem is though, if headphones support AAC, iOS devices will automatically pick AAC and, there is no way to change the codec like you can with Android devices.
The Slide Mini T6C charging case features a 400mAh internal rechargeable battery and four tiny battery status leds on the front, just below a thin groove to flip open the lid. The charging case is entirely made of hard plastic (including the lid hinge) and has a smooth matt finish all around.
The Slide Mini T6C charging case has a narrow, tall frame similar to that of a wooden treasure chest, measuring 7cm long, 3cm wide and 3cm tall and, weighing 38 grams (without the earbuds). The earbuds weigh 7 grams each.
The top side of the Slide Mini T6C lid has a beveled edge, while the base is flat so the charging case can stand by itself. The USB-C charging port is positioned on the rear of the charging case. The docking area is magnetized with shallow cut outs for docking the earbuds, which sit high above the charging case. 
The PaMu Slide Mini T6C earbuds have a space grey finish with the word Pamu lightly etched on the bottom side of the stem. The Slide Mini T6C have a short and stocky stem with a built-in microphone (one per earbud) for calls. The PaMu Slide Mini T6C microphone quality is good and amplified in a loud setting. That said, the position of the microphones on the inside of the stem is not ideal because calls can get muffled if you position the stem at a forward angle. Essentially, you have to potion the stem at 90 degrees downward to prevent any muffling during calls.
The nozzle of the Slide Mini T6C earphones has short necks with an oval shape and metal mesh tips. Because of the oval shape of the nozzles, the PaMu Slide Mini T6C earbuds come with custom made oval-shaped ear tips; hence you won't be able to use standard ear tips.
The Slide Mini T6C earbuds use 6mm drivers, which deliver deep punchy bass and full sound with clean separation across the midrange and treble. The PaMu Slide Mini T6C earbuds favor slightly more the bass frequency than the high end.
The PaMu Slide Mini T6C earbuds also integrate the same rubber silicone sleeve found on the Pamu Slide T6W, which provides IPX6 water resistance and surprisingly good anchoring in the ears, considering they aren't standard earwings. The Pamu Slide T6W has the same IPX6 water resistance and look virtually the same as the PaMu Slide Mini T6C earbuds. The Pamu Slide T6W charging case also supports Qi wireless charging.
This ear silicone sleeve can be easily removed by sliding it in and out and it's securely put in place, thanks to a tiny notch on top. This notch looks like a pinhole for a microphone but it is not.That tiny hole seems to be a tiny vent/port to let air in and out and help the bass the response. 
The touch control area is located between the vent/port and status led, which flashes white every 2 seconds during audio playback. Touch control is responsive, requiring light taps to active voice assistant, answer/decline calls, play/pause and volume up and down, which functions by long pressing the touch control area to decrease volume (left earbud) and to increase volume (right earbud). There is voice prompt to alert you when max volume is reached.
The PaMu Slide Mini T6C earbuds integrate an 85 mAh battery that takes 1.5 hours to fully charge and can provide 5 hours of playtime on 50% volume. The earbuds also support 5-minute quick charge, which provides 1 hour of playtime. The charging case takes 2 hours to charge via the charging cable and 5.5 hours wirelessly via a 7.5W Qi charger. The charging case provides an additional 20 hours of playtime. 
The PaMu Slide Mini T6C bluetooth pairing process requires both earbuds to be paired as two devices. Some true wireless earbuds pair with each other automatically so, you only have to pair them as a single device, which streamlines the bluetooth pairing/connection process.
Because of the bluetooth pairing design, switching between earbuds for mono and stereo listening is not seamless with the Slide Mini T6C. This means, when you put the left earbud (master) inside the charging case, the right earbud disconnects; hence you can only use the left earbud independently and not the right earbud. There is also a 3-second re-connection delay when taking the earbuds from the charging case.
Included accessories are a non-branded USB-A to USB-C charging cable (~30cm long) and a thin PU leather drawstring pouch which has the word Pamu branded in the centre and the words "carry and protect your earbuds" etched below it. There is also included three pairs of different size thin eartips and three thicker pairs of eartips, which emphasizes the bass. You can buy the PaMu Slide Mini T6C from PadMate and amazon. Check out the review of the Pamu Quiet ANC earbuds , Pamu Nano earbuds and Pamu Z1 earbuds.

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