Bellroy Tech Kit Review Accessory Organiser Made With Baida Nylon

Thursday, September 24, 2020

Transporting your tech nicknacks all lumped together in a bag is probably not the most clever way to carry and store digital accessories because you end up with a tangled clump that would be a nightmare to sift through!
With an accessory case pouch like the Bellroy Tech Kit, you can organize and house charging cables and other bits of tech very neatly. The Bellroy Tech Kit can accommodate your standard small everyday carry items such as memory cards, stylus pens and flash drives, as well as larger items like a small laptop charger, a little Bluetooth speaker, a powerbank, wireless mouse and a pair of wireless earbuds with charging case. 
There is really no limit of what to fit and how to use it; hence you could even use the Bellroy Tech Kit as a passport wallet or toiletry travel bag.
The material covering the outer shell of the Bellroy Tech Kit is made of marine blue Baida nylon, which is 100% recycled nylon exclusively made for Bellroy in a specialist South Korean mill. Baida nylon has a matte, crinkle paper-like texture which is very different from most recycled nylon.
Baida nylon is actually upcycled nylon from pre-consumer industrial waste, meaning the nylon waste was salvaged before landing on a landfill and used in its current condition. Most nylon waste is downcycled, meaning it goes through the recycling process of being picked up from waste sites/landfills before it is sorted, cleaned, and reprocessed, which takes a lot more energy resources than upcycled nylon.
The outer shell of the Bellroy Tech Kit contains leather accents, including the leather zip pull tab and two small Bellroy branded tags located alongside the zip. Water resistant coating has been applied to the outershell before leaving the factory, although the zip seam has not been coated; hence it's not water resistant. The zip has the same corn teeth metal OOK zip design found on the Bellroy Laptop Tech Folio
Internally, the Bellroy Tech Kit is lined with various weaves of recycled polyester material. The elastic bands are fairly thick and made of slightly coarse weaving, which provides a grippy contact surface to prevent accessories from slipping out. There are a total of seven elastic bands, varying in size from two small loops for holding pens, two large elastic bands (measuring 7cm long) and three smaller square size bands, measuring 2.5cm long.
Sitting behind the elastic bands, there is a large compartment with a magnetic snap closure. This compartment spans the entire length and width of the Tech Kit and, it's the largest internal compartment where you can store larger items like a powerbank. This compartment also features a small inner sleeve pocket, which is so well hidden it can double as a secret pocket.
On the opposite side of the Tech Kit, there are two mid-size elasticated mesh pockets made with tight knit soft polyester and elastane weaving. These mesh pockets have a stash-pocket design and measure 10cm wide and 9cm tall. Just above these pockets, there is a small, non-elastic fabric loop, which is large enough to hold a pen or, anything that you're able to loop through it.
The Bellroy Tech Kit has a rigid shell enclosure with box bottom corners, which give the Bellroy Tech Kit a brick-like design. Total weight is 209 grams, which is the exact same weight as the new Redmi Note 9S smartphone.
The Bellroy Tech Kit is sewn with standard single thread stitching throughout. The stitching from the internal dual mesh pockets is visible on the outer of the shell, which looks somewhat odd since the internal stitching on the other side is not visible.
The internal height dimension is 6.5cm, although the Bellroy Tech Kit case can expand a bit further if you don't mind it bulging out. External dimensions are 23cm long, 13cm wide and 7cm tall.
The Bellroy Tech Kit ships with a drawstring bag, which doubles as the outer packaging and carrier bag for transporting the Tech Kit. The carrier bag is made using fiber from recycled plastic bottles; hence it is made from recycled polyester material. It takes roughly 10 plastic bottles to make a polyester t-shirt so, the Tech Kit drawstring bag probably took 1 plastic bottle to make. 
Being made of polyester, the Tech Kit drawstring bag is naturally water resistant and should protect the Tech Kit against scratches. The Tech Kit is not machine washable so, cleaning has to be done with a damp cloth.
Because of its snazzy design and functionality, if you have a job that involves meeting clients face to face, you are sure to make a good first impression when whipping out the Bellroy Tech Kit on the desk! You can buy the Bellroy Tech Kit on amazon.

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