Redragon GA250 Vulcan adapter Review Mouse Keyboard Converter

Friday, September 25, 2020

The stealth-looking fighter jet you see pictured is the Redragon GA250 Vulcan adapter, which is essentially a USB hub for binding a keyboard and mouse, as well as video game controllers. Audio gear like headphones will not work with this adapter. The GA250 Vulcan adapter features three USB-A ports, a USB-C DC input (for powering the adapter) and a controller port.
The Redragon GA250 Vulcan adapter can be powered by a computer (bus powered) or self powered via an external power supply, which you will need to when using a wireless mouse/keyboard USB dongle or a keyboard and mouse with RGB lighting.
If you don't use external power, the GA250 Vulcan adapter won't be able to provide enough power for the RGB. The 2.4GHz wireless dongles may also jitter and not work well since the maximum power you can draw from a USB port is 0.9mA. A power supply is not included so, you will need to get a 5V/150mA power adapter which will be able to supply each port with enough power to use them all at the same time.

The Redragon GA250 Vulcan adapter is made of hard plastic with a striking styling, reminiscent of a Lockheed Martin Nighthawk. On the base, there are four rubber feet for stability and anti-skid protection. On top, there are three RGB zones: two long led bars and the Redragon logo.

Button functions are mapped by default but, you can change button mapping via the companion software so, you can remap your buttons to resemble a traditional PC FPS control scheme. You can change sensitivity settings of the adapter with the software too, which is plug and play and does not require any driver installation. Because of the simplicity of the software though, you cannot create separate keybinding profiles. Fore 
Compared to a regular USB hub though, the Redragon GA250 Vulcan adapter is more than just a USB hub. It is also a mouse keyboard converter for Playstation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Playstation 4; hence you can emulate mouse and keyboard through one of these controllers. You will need to use original controllers too for the GA250 Vulcan adapter to work.
There are limitations too because in order to emulate a real mouse feel in first-person shooter games you need to turn the in-game sensitivity low, which prevents you from turning fast, aiming precisely and making sharp moves. 

All in all though and, for the price, the Redragon GA250 Vulcan adapter does a god job at capturing an almost real mouse and keyboard feel without any noticeable input delay. Buy it from amazon and Redragon. Check out the review of the Draconic K530 keyboard.
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