Divoom Pixoo Sling Bag Review Bum Bag With Matrix Display

Thursday, July 29, 2021

The history of the bum bag (aka fanny pack/ belt pouch) is an interesting and long one, dating as far back as history itself. The bum bag has been used for very much the same purpose we wear bum bags today - to carry things more conveniently than in pockets. Bum bags are also a stable in many cultures with pocketless costumes such as the traditional Scottish Highland dress, which uses the sporran belt pouch (bum bag) around the kilt.

The look of the bum bag is not to everyone's liking but from a practical stand point, bum bags are super functional. You can wear them front to back around your waist and across the body like a sling bag. One of the most fashionable bum bags around, it's the Pixoo Sling bag by Divoom. It's a bum bag with a full color RGB matrix display, which is concealed within the front panel. The display is not visible to the naked eye unless the display is turned on, which is perfect when traveling low key.

Speaking of visibility, the Pixoo Sling bag matrix display looks more vibrant in low light than in direct light where it can look a bit washed out. Overall, the Pixoo Sling bag matrix display isn't as bright as other Divoom pixel displays such as the TimeBox speaker. The likely reason is because the Pixoo Sling bag matrix display is covered with a protective rubber material to prevent scratches. The matrix display is a really cool feature that makes the Pixoo Sling bag stand out from other fanny packs. That said, the display is also the weakest point of the Pixoo Sling bag because it is also liable to impacts which can cause the display to break

The Pixoo Sling bag display measures approximately 13.5cm long and 10cm high, while the bag measures 30cm long, 18cm high and 5cm thick when empty and weighs 539 grams. On the far left top corner of the front panel, there is a circular metal badge, which looks like a button but it isn't. It's just a styling badge with the word Divoon printed on it.

The front panel of the Pixoo Sling bag is separated from the rest of the bag via elastic side hinges, which creates a quick access external compartment where you stash something like a small tripod, folding umbrella or water bottle by simply wedging it in-between the gap. 
Above the front panel, there is the front compartment, which has a long zip slider that runs horizontally across it. The zip has a 23cm long opening with a reverse coil design, which means the teeth are concealed, although the zip is not rubber coated; hence the zip is not waterproof.

The front compartment doesn't have organizational space but, it's a spacious narrow compartment designed to store a powerbank (not included), which is needed in order to power on the matrix display. To power off the display, you simply detach the USB cable from the power bank. 
The matrix display uses leds and only requires 5 watts (5V/1A) to operate; hence the display doesn't get warm or hot to the touch. There is no power switch or any other buttons for controlling the display other than the Divoom mobile app, which requires an account registration (via email or social media).

The Divoom mobile app has been around for many years and, it's the same app used for the other Divoom products. The app works well without issues, although you may find it a bit overwhelming at first because of the cluttered design layout. 
The Divoom app integrates several features including the main one - pixel art - as well as a "DJ deck" for creating beats, although Pixoo Sling bag does not have speakers built-in. The pixel art feature works just like on other Divoom pixel displays (e.g. Divoom Tivoo) where you can customize each pixel, as well as play pixel animations. Aside from pixel art, the display can be used to display time, alarm and SMS notifications, which is handy.

Moving on towards the back, there is a centre compartment with the same reverse coil zip design and metal slider. The word "Divoom" is carved on to the pull tab slider, which is covered with a grippy rubber sleeve. The centre compartment has the largest volume capacity and organizational space with a roomy bottom base. It features two internal open pockets on one side and a large zip mesh pocket on the opposite side. The open pockets measure 10cm high and 10cm long. The zip mesh pocket measures 22cm long and 14cm high. Inside the centre compartment, there is also a detachable plastic key holder with a metal ring and a 9cm long fabric cord sewn onto the bag.

The Pixoo Sling bag is very versatile. It can be worn across the body, as a sling bag, as a bum bag or as handbag via the grab handle which is large although it's rear facing (rather than on top), which makes carrying the Pixoo Sling bag a bit awkward. The grab handle measures 17cm and 2.5cm wide.

Just below the grab handle, you find the rear facing compartment, which is fully padded. The rear facing compartment opens up in a u-shape and, while the zip only opens half way down the sides, the opening is large enough to easily gain access into the pocket. The rear facing compartment has a small pull tab on either side of the zip, which helps zip and unzip the compartment more easily. The rear facing compartment zip has reverse coil teeth (non-waterproof) and measures 21cm long, 8cm high and 2cm; hence it's a narrow compartment suited for things such as train tickets, passport or a smartphone

The Pixoo Sling bag has a long webbing strap, which is permanently sewn into the bag; hence you cannot detach it from the bag. The webbing strap integrates metal ladder locks for adjusting the strap, as well as a large flat buckle for fastening the strap. The Pixoo Sling bag buckle is made of hard solid plastic but it has a low profile design similar to a flat buckle belt. The buckle integrates a metal clip in the centre of it with a fabric cord pull tab that you pull up to unclip and undo the buckle. Despite the unconventional design of the buckle, it works extremely well. The webbing strap can be adjusted from a minimum length of 66cm to a maximum length of 115cm.

On the base of the Pixoo Sling bag, there are two quick release straps with a similar function to the bottom straps on a hiking backpack - to carry gear externally. The bottom straps on the Pixoo Sling bag also have a secondary function to let you expand or compress the bag. The bottom straps integrate metal G-hooks and elastic bands to manage the excess of the straps, which can be adjusted up to 11cm long.

The Pixoo Sling bag is also compatible with the Pixoo remote control (not included). The Pixoo remote control does look like a neat idea. It is a physical remote control designed to be attached to the handlebar of a bike so, you can use the Pixoo Sling bag as an arrow indicator to signal left and right. You can buy the Pixoo Sling bag from Kickstarter. Check out the review of the Divoom Ditoo and Divoom Planet 9 wake up alarm and Divoom Pixoo Max.

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