Master & Dynamic MC100 Review Cast Aluminium Wireless Charger Coaster

Monday, August 16, 2021

It is not secret that electronics are affected by heat. The hotter the temperature, the lower the performance, it's that simple! Heat dissipation is essential in electronics and aluminium metal has excellent thermal heat transfer characteristics that makes it ideal for computer applications and wireless chargers such as the new MC100 wireless charger by Master & Dynamic.

The MC100 wireless charger has a peculiar design reminiscent of a mini hot plate hob. It's about the size of a drink coaster too so, very compact. There is one status led on the side of the charger, which shows solid white when the charger is inactive. When the charger is working, the led starts blinking in a slow breathing pattern. The MC100 wireless charger also supports foreign object detection (FOD); hence the MC100 is a Qi-certified wireless charger, which is important to note because it is a safety feature not all wireless chargers have.

FOD allows the charger to stop working when the wireless charging process becomes interrupted or the charger starts overheating, which can easily happen if there is something magnetic stuck on the back of the phone such as a car air vent magnetic holder. If the MC100 wireless charger detects any issues, the status led will show solid red.

The led brightness is a fairly unobtrusive, which is nice because the charging status led of some chargers can be really bright like a lit up Christmas tree! The MC100 charger status led doesn't disturb you or keep awake at night even when placed next to by a bedside table. At weighs 90 grams, the MC100 charger has a good weight to it due to its cast aluminium metal body construction, which is the same type of aluminium used for making metal patio garden furniture. The choice of aluminium for the charger construction is a good one because aluminium is excellent at extracting heat; hence why most CPU heatsinks are made of aluminium.

The total diameter of the MC100 charger is 10cm and integrates a canvas fabric cloth on top. The height (thicknesses) of the charger coaster is 1cm high. The metal base of the MC100 charger has deep tall grooves in maze-like pattern, which looks cool but it's also functional, allowing air to ventilate while cooling the base. The MC100 charger has thin anti-skip pads that keeps the charger firmly in place on a desk.

The MC100 wireless charger supports standard charging (5W) and fast wireless charging up to 10W when using a 10W wall charger, which is not included. If you use a standard 5W wall charger, the MC100 wireless charger will only deliver 5W charging. If the device you're charging doesn't support fast wireless charging, the MC100 wireless charger will adjust accordingly.

The wireless charging induction coil is located in the centre of the pad so, it's just a mater of placing the charging device in the centre. It doesn't have to be precisely in the centre because the induction coil is large enough, although you definitely won't be able to fit two devices at the same time because the MC100 charging coaster isn't big enough. There is a 1 meter long USB-C to USB-C cable included too. The MC100 wireless charger coaster can fully charge the MW08 Sport charging case in 100 minutes and 30 minutes to 50%. When charging a phone with 4510 mAh battery, the MC100 wireless charger can fully charge it in 2 hours 30 minutes. You can buy the MC100 charger from Master & Dynamic. Check out the review of the MC300 headphone stand wireless charger.

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