GameSir F8 Pro Snowgon Review Gaming Phone Holder With Thermoelectric Cooler & Joystick

Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Heat is the enemy of anything electronic. It robs precious performance while lowering its lifespan in the process. Cooling is vital in so many electronic applications such as pro gamers' gaming rigs who like setting overclocking records by using "ridiculawesome" evaporative cooling systems such as liquid nitrogen (LN2) cooling. Other cooling systems such as thermometric are also making their way into the gaming world. Take for instance, GameSir's newly released F8 Pro Snowgon - a telescopic phone grip holder with a thermoelectric pad located in the centre of it that is designed to cool down a phone.

The F8 Pro Snowgon thermoelectric pad is, essentially, a mini Peltier cooler that uses electricity to move heat from one side to the other. It uses a semiconductor refrigeration chip, cold plate, aluminum alloy heatsink and fan blade to accomplish a refrigeration effect similar to a car air conditioning system. The F8 Pro Snowgon cooling effect is definitely not a gimmick. It truly and really works as demonstrated in the video below.

From the side, the F8 Pro Snowgon looks like a space ship docking station with spring loaded arms on either side to fit a phone between 10cm and 17cm long. The cradle arms are rubberized to help keep the phone securely in place. The F8 Pro Snowgon is also equipped with RGB leds and a protective guard to protect the fan blade and allow air to passthrough safely. The protective guard has small cutouts, which are small enough to prevent a child's fingers from getting caught in the fan blades. To prevent any possible accidents though, if you have very small children it's worth checking to see their fingers don't fit through the guard.

The F8 Pro Snowgon is made entirely of hard plastic and has ergonomic grips, which are large enough to fit small to large hands. If you have very large hands and/or large fingers, you may find your thumb may be too long to comfortably move the thumb joystick around. The grips are comfortable, although they aren't rubberized.

The thumb joystick is another neat feature you get with the F8 Pro Snowgon. It is a mini thumb slide joystick designed similarly to the thumbstick on the Sony PSP 1000 series handheld console. The F8 Pro thumbstick is more slimline though and, it has a limited range of motion (3mm) on either axis, which is a short range and only suited for certain games such as basketball type games (e.g. NBA Jam), third-person shooter 3D games (e.g. Dead Space) and racing games (e.g. Reckless Racing). The F8 Pro analog joystick works via conductive capacitive sensing when the joystick rests against the phone screen.

The F8 Pro analog joystick has a plastic body construction with a spring loaded aluminium plate , which has circular grooves on top (like an LP record), making it grippy. The F8 Pro joystick makes a subtle scratchy sound when actuated. The joystick is detachable and has an articulating arm with two pivot joints that allows the joystick to be adjusted at different angles.

The third neat feature you get with the GameSir F8 Pro Snowgon is a kickstand, which is a metal bracket built-in to the backside that allows the phone to be tilted at a fixed angle (~45 degrees). The kickstand is not adjustable but, it retracts neatly out of sight. You can also charge a phone at the same time, thanks to passthrough openings on the sides, which allow you to route a charging cable. The F8 Pro weighs 146 grams and measures 15cm long, 9cm wide and 4cm high

The F8 Pro requires external power to operate; hence the F8 Pro has to be tethered to a 10-watt power source such as a 5V/2A wall charger, although you can use a power bank too, making the F8 Pro portable. There is a power switch for manually turning on and off the cooling fan. The USB-C charging port is front facing.

When seen from the backside, the F8 Pro looks like a space rocket, especially when the cooling fan and led lights are turned on. The cooling fan isn't overly loud. It is as loud as the average CPU computer fan (32dB), making a humming sound. 
The sound of the cooling fan is mostly noticeable when holding the controller upclose (up to 10 inches away) but, you can barely hear it if you're further away (~50 inches). If someone is sitting across a room watching TV, they won't hear the F8 Pro fan noise so, it won't disturb them. The led lights turn on automatically when the cooling fan is turned on; hence, the lights cannot be turned off independently.

Aside from the user guide and sticker, you get an unbranded USB-A to USB-c cable, which measures 1.5 meters long. You can buy the F8 Pro Snowgon from GameSir. Check out the review of the Gamesir X2 bluetooth controller, G4 Pro gamepad controller, Gamesir T4 Mini.

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