Redragon Anivia K614 Review Low Profile 60% Mechanical Keyboard With Hot Swap Switches

Monday, August 23, 2021

So rare is to find an affordable flat key type 60% mechanical keyboard that searching for one has been futile until now! Redragon has released the Anivia K614 - a low profile keyboard with flat keycaps and red linear low profile switches as standard, which means the Anivia K614 keyboard isn't available in brown or blue switches like other Redragon keyboards (e.g. Draconic K530 and Diti K585). 

The Anivia K614 uses 3-pin sockets with proprietary hot swap low profile switches, which is neat because you can replace the switches, although not with Outemu low profile switches. The only switches that may be compatible are Cherry MX low profile switches and TTC KS32, which have a similar pinout layout.

Being low profile, the Anivia K614 keyboard is thinner than most 60 per cent keyboards, including the Redragon K630W. The Anivia K614 keyboard is even more slimline than the Royal Kludge RK84, which is a nifty tenkeless keyboard with a removable mid-frame that allows you to convert it into a low profile keyboard. As well as being low profile, the Anivia K614 keyboard has flat keycaps and a flat base with integrated feet risers to elevate the front of the keyboard. The feet risers are rubberized all around so, the keyboard doesn't slide around whether elevated or flat against the desk 

Like most tenkeyless 60% keyboards, the Anivia K614 integrates an Fn key, which gives you access to the numpad, arrow keys, F-keys (F1 to F12), as well as Home/End/PgUp/PgDn/Insert/Del keys. From the Anivia K614 keyboard, you can also control the backlighting, including changing effects, brightness and speed of the effect. The Window key can also be locked from the keyboard to stop interfering your gameplay.

There are a total of 61 keys with N-key rollover support. The keycaps are made of double-shot abs plastic and do not wobble, thanks also to the short stem of the switch. The RGB leds shine clearly through the keycap legend and can be seen when the room is lit up. Speaking of lighting, the Anivia K614 has similar light effects as the Kumara K552 keyboard (e.g. color changing, breathing and rainbow effect), as well as the option to select solid single colors. There is no option for individually customizing each led though.The lighting can be turned off too directly from the keyboard. 

The Anivia K614 does come with downloadable software too, which gives you access to extra features such as quick-access profiles, macro editor and a key assignment feature that lets you remap each button on the keyboard with/without modifier keys or media functions (e.g. volume, skip to previous, calculator, etc). When creating macros, you can also add mouse-clicks to the event. If you want to create/access more profiles, there is a "save/import" feature that you can use.

The Anivia K614 weighs 421 grams and measures 29.5cm long, 10cm wide and 2.3cm high without feet (3cm high with feet). The backing of the Anivia K614 keyboard is plastic but the mid-frame and top plate are metal. The Anivia K614 has a Redragon logo branding etched on top of the spacebar, which also integrates a small RGB led.

The Anivia K614 has a left-side facing USB-C power port for plugging in the included power cable, which measures 1.5 meters long.The cable is non-branded and features a straight USB-A plug connector and a right angled USB-C plug connector. Next to the charging port, there is a small caps lock led. The Redragon software is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8 and Win 10. 

If you like the look and 60% size of the Anivia K614 keyboard but want bluetooth functionality too, you can get this with the RK61 keyboard, which supports multipoint connection for up to three devices simultaneously. You can buy the Anivia K614 keyboard from Redragon. Inside the box, you get a metal keycap puller, a metal switch puller, four spare switches, user guide and a Redragon sticker.

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