Taotronics SoundLiberty Pro P10 Review Hybrid ANC Earbuds

Thursday, August 19, 2021

A pocket friendly pair of true wireless earbuds, the Taotronics SoundLiberty Pro P10 stand out not only because of the really long name but also because of the really long battery life! From a 2-hour charging time, the SoundLiberty Pro P10 earbuds deliver 6 hours of runtime with anc turned on and 50% volume and 9 hours runtime with anc turned off.

The SoundLiberty Pro P10 charging case takes 90 minutes to charge and can recharge the earbuds two times over. The charging case measures 6cm long, 4.7cm wide and 2cm thick and weighs 35 grams (without the earbuds). The SoundLiberty Pro P10 charging case has really compact and ergonomic design that makes it really easy to slip in and out of a pocket. The bottom of the charging case is rounded too, which means the charging case won't stand upright.

The SoundLiberty Pro P10 charging case has a nice stealth matte finish, although it attracts oily smudges very easily. On the front of the charging case, there is subtle logo of Taotronics logo etched around a circular indentation designed for opening the lid much easier. The lid stays open upright, revealing the earbuds which protrude out of the docking area, making them easy to remove from the charging case.

On the back of the charging case, there is a reset button which is designed to be used if you're having issues pairing the earbuds. You can also reset the earbuds directly by holding the touch controls for 20 seconds. The USB-C charging port is located on the bottom of the charging case. Speaking of pairing, the SoundLiberty Pro P10 earbuds can be paired and connected whilst in the charging case. You can switch between earbuds for mono listening but, you cannot pair and use the earbuds independently with separate devices. There is no re-connection delay. The earbuds reconnect instantaneously when taking the earbuds in and out of the charging case. The in-ear detection works also instantaneously so, the earbuds automatically pause and resume audio when removing the earbuds from the ears.

There are voice prompts for anc mode too so, when toggling you will hear a voice saying anti-wind on, anc on and anc off. Having anc or anti-wind turned on opens up the bass sound, making it punchier. The bluetooth 5.2 chip supports SBC and AAC codecs and absolute bluetooth volume (source volume control). There is no multipoint pairing support.

The SoundLiberty Pro P10 earbuds have touch sensitive controls with a glossy finish that extends down the stem. The stem is long and slimline and measures 2.5cm long, 5mm wide and 5mm thick. The body shell has the same matte finish as the charging case so, it attracts fingerprints. At the tip of the stem, there are two metal gold plated charging contacts and a microphone pinhole for calls.The audio quality is good but the mics have very little noise suppression. The SoundLiberty Pro P10 earbuds weigh 5 grams each (10 grams total) so, they feel very lightweight to wear. The earbuds also have IPX8 rating, which is the highest waterproof rating. This means, you can use them while taking a shower, running in the rain or heavy sweating.

Touch control functions include skipping tracks, volume control, calls (answer/hangup/reject), voice assistant, anc mode, anti-wind mode, ambient mode and play/pause. The button assignment consists of either a single tap, double tap, triple tap or long press. There is no app support, which means you won't be able to remap button functions, disable in-ear detection or EQ the sound. On the plus side, the SoundLiberty Pro P10 is more affordable than a lot of app-supported earbuds and has intuitive button functions. Touch controls are responsive, requiring only a light tap.

The earbuds have a short neck with an oval-shaped nozzle tip designed to fit the included ear tips with oval shaped bore. Despite the oval shape of the nozzle tips though, you can still fit standard round bore ear tips. The included eartips have a bowl-shape single flange design with a cross-guard in the centre of the bore to protect the nozzle mesh of the ear tip. The SoundLiberty Pro P10 earbuds deliver fairly good volume level via 9mm dynamic drivers, which have been tuned to favor the bass and vocals. The warm sound signature has dynamic bass sound, clear vocals and recessed treble.

As far as the anc feature, the SoundLiberty Pro P10 uses hybrid (feedforward/feedback) active noise cancellation; hence the earbuds are equipped with two microphones to actively cancel noise. The feedback anc microphone is located near the nozzle tip, while the feedforward anc mic is side facing slightly shielded from wind noise, which can be a problem with anc earbuds, specially with feedforward anc earbuds.

The SoundLiberty Pro P10 earbuds have an additional anc sub-mode called "anti-wind" mode, which makes the feedforward anc mic a bit less sensitive so, wind noise isn't picked up as much. The overall anc performance is more suited for cutting out the bass and rumble of noises such as traffic and bassy music than higher frequencies (e.g. people chatter), which aren't attenuated as much. It does help using foam tips to attenuate high frequencies, although the earbuds won't fit inside the charging case. As far as ambient sound (transparency mode), it works as it should letting in outside sound loud and clear. The accessories you get in the box include a short and flat charging cable and various size ear tips. You can buy the SoundLiberty Pro P10 from Taotronics.

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