Gamesir T4 Mini Review Bluetooth RGB Controller With Motion Sensing And Rumble

Monday, October 11, 2021

The perfect third party gamepad controller for backup and player 2! The new Gamesir T4 Mini is compact, works cross platform with Nintendo Switch, PC, iPhone and Android and, it features USB-C charging so, it won't wear out like a Dualshock controller!

The Gamesir T4 Mini has an internal 600mAh battery that provides 8 hours of battery life (with lighting and rumble) and takes 3 hours to recharge. Speaking of rumble, the T4 Mini integrates two asymmetric vibration rumble motors (only supported in Switch and PC), which can be adjusted in five levels. 


Being asymmetric, the motors work independently of the other, which means they feedback different in-game sound effects at the same time.The T4 Mini is suited for small to medium hands. The controller measures 14cm long, 8.5cm wide and 5.5cm high (including thumbsticks). The T4 Mini is made of same-transparent plastic with a smoked tinted effect. Itt's very lightweight too (153 grams).

The T4 Mini has the same asymmetrical (non-symetrical) thumbsticks design as the Xbox 360 controller; hence the left thumbstick is naturally higher than the right thumbstick, which makes moving forward with the left thumbstick more comfortable. The Gamesir T4 Mini uses the classic Nintendo SNES BAYX face button layout (same as the Nintendo Switch), which is different to the ABXY layout of Xbox and Playstation controllers. 

The T4 Mini face buttons are clicky and responsive and are made of clear plastic with a bubble-like effect. The face buttons illuminate too but the lighting cannot be changed or turned off. The thumbstick ring has customizable RGB led illumination. You can cycle from 9 single colors (red, green, yellow, blue, cyan, purple, orange, rainbow color), breathing rainbow effect and breathing single color effect. There is also an option to disable the RGB lighting.

As well as four face buttons, the T4 Mini has a nice d-pad (wthout dead zone) and five smaller buttons (screenshot, home, turbo, plus and minus buttons). The thumbsticks also have a centre button functionality, which is activated by pressing down on the thumbstick. 


The T4 Mini thumbsticks have non-removable ribbed rubber covers, which are very grippy and have a dimple on top for resting the thumbs. There are two turbo modes (automatic and manual). The turbo function works like macro recording and you can re-program the face buttons (ABXY) and shoulder/trigger buttons (L, ZL, R, ZR). The thumbstick centre buttons cannot be re-programmed.

On the top of the T4 Mini controller, there is the USB-C charging port, sync button, two digital shoulder buttons and two digital short triggers with short travel. The buttons and thumbsticks are responsive and the d-pad has a centre pivot on the cross pad, which prevents accidentally pressing all four directions at the same time. Because the T4 Mini has a proper d-pad cross design, it is suitable for playing 2D platform games, which is something you can't properly do with the Nintendo Switch because the joy cons have a split d-pad (d-buttons) with separate buttons.

There is also a 6-axis gyroscope sensor natively built-in to the T4 Mini controller, which means you can play games that require motion sensing in gamepads such as The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (BotW). The 6 axis gyro works precisely and, it's a neat little feature because you can play games by rotating/moving the contoller without using the d-pad or buttons.Functionality wise, the T4 Mini is very similar to the Gamesir T4 Kaleid controller

The Gamesir T4 Mini supports Nintendo Switch, PC (wired X-input or D-input), Android and MFi (Made For iPhone) devices (iPhone and iPad). The T4 Mini also supports HID (human interface device) Android gamepad games, Apple Arcade and MFI gamepad games. To toggle between different platforms, simply follow the button combination as outlined in the user guide. For instance, to connect to an Android phone, you simply hold X+home button. Connecting to iPhone, Android and Switch is done via bluetooth, while PC connection is done via wired cable. The Gamesir T4 Mini controller is registered by each platform as an "Xbox controller".

There aren't any other accessories included, other than an unbranded USB-A to USB-C cable (90cm long). You can buy the Gamesir T4 Mini from the AliExpress Store today and get $6 off  special offers. You can also buy it from Gamesir amazon store when it becomes available. Check out the review of the F8 Pro Snowgon controller, X2 Pro telescopic controller and Gamesir F7 Claw grips.


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