Ember Cup Review 6oz Battery-heated Electric Copper Cup

Tuesday, July 05, 2022

With the Ember Cup, you can drink coffee without it going cold. It is a super useful gadget for home/ office work or anyone getting tired of constantly having to warm up their coffee or tea!

The Ember Cup is a battery-heated electric cup with a companion charging saucer to keep the Ember Cup internal battery topped up. The Ember Cup has been designed to work without any setup required, thanks to being preset from factory to keep drinks at a constant temperature of 135F/57C. The Ember Cup does come with a companion mobile app though - the Ember Temperature Matters app - which is needed to access the full potential of the Ember Cup. 

The outer diameter of the Ember Cup saucer plate is 11cm, while the inner diameter (where the cup rests) has a 6cm diameter. The depth (height) of the saucer 1.5cm high. The external height of the Ember Cup is 8.3cm high but the internal height is only 5.2cm high due to the recessed bottom.
 The Ember Cup volume capacity is just 178ml (6oz), which is smaller capacity than a standard small cup, which holds about 250ml (8oz). The outer diameter of the Ember Cup is 8.3cm and the inner diameter is 7.6cm. Total weight of Ember Cup and saucer is 427 grams, which is abut as heavy as the Oukitel WP17 smartphone. The Ember Cup measures  326 grams and the saucer weighs 104 grams. 

 The Ember Cup, seen pictured, is made of copper but not entirely. The outer base of the cup is made of smooth plastic with a rubberized ring to prevent the Ember Cup from sliding off on a desk. On the base of the Ember Cup, you also find two gold plated rings and a physical power button. 
The dual gold plated ring is a clever design that makes charging the Ember Cup convenient, non-fiddly and hassle free. Thanks to the gold plated rings you can quickly place to Ember Cup on the saucer and make contact with the charging prongs first time, every time, regardless of which-way you place the Ember Cup on the charging saucer.

The Ember Cup saucer is also made of copper (top section), while the plastic base is covered entirely with a large rubber pad (8.5cm diameter). The charging saucer integrates a recessed DC charging port on the side. The status led is designed to visually alert you that the Ember Cup is working and when the target temperature has been reached. You can customize the color of the status led.
As well as being able to dial the desire temperature between 120°F/48C and 145°F/62C, you can also create preset temperatures and set notifications to alert you when the target temperature has been reached. The built-in temperature sensor inside the Ember Cup shows to be accurate when using a mercury thermometer to test it against. It takes the Ember Cup 2 minutes and 40 seconds to go from 33C/91F to 38C/100F.

Some potential deal breakers with the Ember Cup include not being microwaveable, limited color options, small volume capacity and fingerprint magnet (the copper model marks easily with oily smudges). The Ember Cup saucer uses DC charging connection, instead of USB connection, which means you have to carry the included DC power adapter with you. A USB charging connection would have been better to entice new buyers and current owners to upgrade. 
Being able to use a phone adapter to charge the Ember Cup would have neat and eliminated the need of having to carry the additional weight of the Ember Cup power brick (135 grams). The Ember mobile app requires an account registration or social media login in order to access the app. There should be an option to skip account registration for those with privacy concerns. The Ember Cup is cheaper than its predecessor the - Ember Mug 2 - but it is not available in larger sizes (only standard 6oz), making the Ember Mug 2 a better purchase (available in 10oz and 14oz size). 
A possible upgrade (improvement) for the next version could be making the cup and saucer magnetic. Great selling points for the Ember Cup include rechargeable battery power, gift box like packaging presentation, premium construction, unique design, interchangeable plugs for world travel, has the same battery life as the Ember Mug 2 version - 1.5 hours when setting the target temperature at 135°F (57°C). It takes about 2 hours to fully charge the Ember Cup. 
The power bric that is included is an Ember branded one (40 watts) with non detachable 1.8 meters long rubber cable. The power brick weighs 135 grams and measures 11cm high, 7cm deep and 4cm wide (when plugged in). The Ember Cup is available in two colorways: black and copper and you can buy it from amazon.

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