X-Sense SC07-W Review Wireless Interlinked Combination Smoke Carbon Monoxide Alarm

Monday, July 04, 2022

The best way to incorporate the need of a smoke alarm and a carbon monoxide alarm is to have a combination device! The one pictured, the X-Sense SC07-W combination smoke carbon monoxide (CO) alarm, has wireless interlinked support.

The X-Sense SC07-W alarm has a sound level ‎of 85 dB and weighs 270 grams. The alarm comes with a plastic mounting plate that weighs 50 grams, bringing the total combined weight to 320 grams. The X-Sense SC07-W alarm measures 12.5cm in diameter and 4.5cm high and, it is compatible with the X-Sense XH02 heat alarm.

The X-Sense SC07-W outer shell is made of fire retardant plastic and features a metal mesh faceplate that integrates a digital LCD display, status led and large concave physical button to silence the alarm and perform sound alarm tests. The buzzer sounder is also front facing concealed by a small vent. The X-Sense SC07-W alarm has cutouts around the body for airflow ventilation.
 The mounting plate is designed to allow you to mount the alarm on a ceiling or wall (ideally 2ft above the ground). The mounting plate has a twist lock mechanism with dual purpose to lock and activate the alarm. Once locked in place, it will not detach from the alarm nor fall off accidentally. To undo the locking mechanism, simply turn anti clock-wise. That's it.

The X-Sense SC07-W carbon monoxide alarm sensitivity has been set from factory and cannot be modified. The trigger points depend on the carbon monoxide concentration (ppm level) and time duration. They are as follows: 30ppm of carbon monoxide for over 120 minutes (2 hours), 50ppm of carbon monoxide between 60 minutes and 90 minutes, 100ppm between 10 and 40 minutes and 300ppm carbon monoxide level for 3 minutes. Anything below 50ppm is considered low carbon monoxide level and anything greater than 100ppm is considered high carbon monoxide level. 
Carbon monoxide is poisonous so, the safe level should be 0ppm of carbon monoxide. You won't be able to measure this with the X-Sense alarm because it doesn't support real time monitoring. The maximum level of carbon monoxide ppm that you can safely breath is 9ppm over 8 hours and 6ppm over 24 hours. Carbon monoxide above 800 ppm kills in just a matter of minutes.

 The X-Sense SC07-W has the same drawback as most combination carbon monoxide and smoke alarm alarms and that is placement and trigger alarm confusion. The X-Sense SC07-W alarm will make 3 long beeps every second to alert you of fire/smoke and 4 quick beeps every 6 seconds for carbon monoxide alert. The X-Sense SC07-W alarm will also make a sound when there is a fault with the unit (2 beeps). As well as audible beep alerts, the X-Sense SC07-W status led also flashes to provide a visual alert. There are combination carbon monoxide and smoke alarms on the market with voice alert, which is way more user friendly than a beep.
A few other potential deal breaker with the X-Sense SC07-W alarm is low brand recognition, which is definitely a hindrance when it comes to safety. Many buyers are likely to opt out for a more popular smoke CO detector brand. The X-Sense SC07-W alarm also doesn't have any indicators on the unit of the type of alarm (e.g. photoelectric or electrochemical). The X-Sense SC07-W alarm cannot be turned off manually once turned on, preventing you from storing it when not need it. No mobile app support maybe a deal breaker too for those who like mobile app supported gadgets. 
An app controlled smart smoke/CO alarm has the neat benefit of being able to be controlled remotely so, you can receive alarm alert s when you aren't home. You can also check the alarm status remotely from work or different world location, which is always reassuring. Speaking of world location, the X-Sense SC07-W cannot handle high humidity, extreme cold (up to 4C/40F) and hot temperatures (up to 37C/100F). The placement location is extremely important.
Key selling points for the X-Sense SC07-W alarm are: long 10 year battery life (non-user replaceable battery), interlinked functionality for linking multiple alarms, maintenance-free (no serviceable parts), backlit illuminated LCD display, space saving 2-in-1 form factor. The X-Sense SC07-W alarm works without a mobile app, which is perfect for those looking for an easy, hassle free set-up. 
You can get cheaper combination smoke and carbon monoxide alarms but the X-Sense interlinked feature really makes it stand out. You can link up to 24 X-sense alarms and, best of all, when one alarm gets triggered, it automaticlaly triggers all other alarms in the chain (very neat safety feature). A few other selling points for the X-Sense SC07-W alarm include anti tamper-proof power that prevents the alarm from being able to be turned off. The detector is portable too (not hardwiring required); hence you can re-locate the alarm anywhere you want.
A detailed user guide is included with a troubleshooting section, showing you how the X-Sense alarm works and how to link it with multiple units. Before buying a smoke/carbon monoxide detector, beware of the different types: photoelectric, electrochemical and ionization, which have advantages and disadvantages. The X-Sense SC07-W uses a photoelectric smoke alarm and electrochemical carbon monoxide alarm (most carbon monoxide detectors are electrochemical).  
Photoelectric smoke alarms work best for smoldering (slow/flameless) fires and ionization smoke alarms are better suited for flaming (burning) fires. Photoelectric smoke alarms are less prone to false alarms from burnt food, so the X-Sense SC07-W alarm is perfect for kitchen areas. Metal screws and plastic wall plugs are included for wall/ceiling mounting. You can buy the X-Sense SC07-W detector as a single detector or as a pack of 3 or pack of 6 detectors from amazon. The "inter linked feature" works with 2 units and a maximum of 24 units. You can interlink and unlinked the alarms at will, which is convenient.

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