Redragon CASTOR K631 PRO Review Hot Swappable Mechanical Keyboard

Wednesday, July 06, 2022

A keyboard hard to miss! The new Redragon CASTOR K631 PRO sports a beautiful red, black and white color combination that makes it stand out among other pre-builts.

The CASTOR K631 PRO can be used wired and wirelessly via 2.4Ghz dongle and Bluetooth connection. It has a 60% form factor layout with 68 keys sitting on top of hot-swappable Redragon's Outemu red switches, which can be universally interchanged with most 3 pin and 5 pin switches. The CASTOR K631 PRO stock keycaps are made of double shot ABS. The top plate is made of plastic.
On the bottom of the CASTOR K631 PRO keyboard, there are single feet risers for high adjustment. The feet risers have a strong hinge and are covered with grippy rubber on front and bottom, preventing the keyboard from sliding on a desk. 

The CASTOR K631 PRO keyboard is naturally angled towards the front with an almost level (flat) keybed. The top row of keys measures 3.5cm high and the bottom row of keys measures 3cm high. With the feet risers deployed, it elevates the top row of keys to 4.5cm high. 

The CASTOR K631 PRO measures 32cm long and 10cm deep. The spacebar measures 11.2cm long. Like most Redragon keyboards, the CASTOR K631 PRO comes with Redragon's software. The software is compatible with Windows computers only, including older and latest Windows operating systems such as Win XP, Win Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10 and Win 11. The charging time of the CASTOR K631 PRO is about 6 hours, providing a battery life of 30 hours (RGBs turned on) and 120 hours (RGBs turned off) via 2.4Ghz wireless. Bluetooth battery life is about 10 hours.

Accessories include a metal keycap puller, metal switch puller, four spare red switches (3 pin), detachable rubber cable (1.2 meters) with right angle USB-C connector and dual 2-in-1 connector (USB-C and USB-A). You can cycle between RGB effects from the keyboard, change speed effect, adjust brigthness levels and turn off the backlight. 
Despite the lack of metal top plate, the CASTOR K631 PRO keyboard construction feels well made. There is very little rattling noise coming from the keys and the feet risers do not wobble. Potential deal breakers include the plastic top plate, which may cause keyboard flex if you're a heavy typist. 

The CASTOR K631 PRO 2.4Ghz wireless dongle storage compartment is not magnetized like on most Redragon keyboards. Instead, it uses a clip-on design, which is snug and secure but the magnetic connection is a better choice for long term lifespan durability. The included user guide is also an issue as it fails to mention the command FN+PgUp for changing between RGB effects, which are limited to dynamic and static multicolor effects. There are no single solid color options and no custom light mode on-board the keyboard for changing the color of the keys.

Great selling points for the CASTOR K631 PRO include backlit stock keycaps with mixed color scheme (black, red and white), which gives the CASTOR K631 PRO a custom keyboard vibe, making it stand out from other pre-built keyboards. The CASTOR K631 PRO has a recessed charging port (great for durability), as well as an OFF switch to power off the bluetooth chip and extend standby battery life. 

The CASTOR K631 PRO is an upgraded version of the original CASTOR K631 but it has almost virtually the same features. Both keyboards have same 68 keys, hot swap switches, same dimensions, plastic plate, Outemu red switches and double shot ABS keycaps, which are durable so, the legends won't wear off. 
The main differences between the two are that the CASTOR K631 PRO has wired connectivity, 2.4Ghz wireless connectivity and Bluetooth connectivity with multipoint connection for up to 3 devices. The original CASTOR K631 is a wired-only keyboard. The CASTOR K631 PRO also has on-board macro recording and macro playback (no software needed). 
The original CASTOR K631 is available in 60% form factor and 75% form factor, while the CASTOR K631 PRO is only available in 60% form factor. The CASTOR K631 PRO weighs 470 grams, which is 40 grams heavier than the original CASTOR K631 (430 grams). You can buy the CASTOR K631 PRO from Redragon's website and amazon.Check out the reviews of the Elf Pro K649 transparent keyboard, Garen K656 Pro.

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