Novostella Lasting Rainbow Review LED Rope Lights

Tuesday, July 19, 2022

LED lights are a neat way to accent the interior and outside landscaping of a property! The rope lights seen pictured are the Novostella Lasting Rainbow - a set of 24V led rope lights that work via 24V/0.875A (21 watt) input.

The Novostella Lasting Rainbow ropelights are available as a 16-meter reel version and 32 meter reel version in two separate reels (each 16 meters long). Along with the rope lights, you get an led signal receiver to connect both strips and create a continuous 32 meter long ropelight strip.
Each led ropelight contains 280 SMD leds (5050 type), which is a lot of leds but the included 24 volt power adapter delivers plenty of power to keep the 5050 type leds bright and vibrant. The Novostella Lasting Rainbow lights don't experience any issues with voltage drop, which is a good thing since voltage drops can causes led strips to appear dimmed (washed out). 

The 5050 type SMD leds used in the Novostella Lasting Rainbow ropelights are very bright - up to 1000 lumens per meter of light, which translates to 22 lumens per led. The 5050 type SMD leds are brighter than other types such as 3528 leds, which produce only 8 lumens of brightness. There is also 2835 SMD led type, which produces up to 720 lumens per meter of light (about 25 lumens per led)

The Novostella Lasting Rainbow ropelights are fitted with circular 4 pin waterproof connectors with IP68 rated threaded coupling, which helps prevent dust and water ingress. The Novostella Lasting Rainbow ropelights are easy to deploy and store, thanks to the included plastic reel, which is a neat way to keep the ropelights tidy. The only drawback with the reel is that it is made of flimsy plastic and easily breaks. As far as the construction of the ropelights, they have a transparent rubbery enclosure, which makes cleaning them easier.

Each ropelight reel weighs over 1kg (1078 grams). The led signal receiver (small black box) weighs 68 grams  and has a 60cm long cable. The y cabling section of the led signal receiver measures 15cm long. The led signal receiver is designed for connecting the led strips together. The led signal receiver has a sealed black box enclosure and cannot be opened without breaking. The led signal receiver is made of plastic and measures 5.5cm long, 2cm thick and 2cm wide. 

The Novostella Lasting Rainbow ropelights also feature an IR remote, which is made of plastic and measures 11cm long, 4.5cm wide and 1cm thick. The remote has clicky rubber buttons and comes with a coin cell CR2032 battery. You can also use a CR2025 coin battery to power it. The IR remote lets you control the RGB lighting effects, brightness, power, etc.

Other accessories included are mounting plastic brackets, a power adapter (164 grams with 1.4 meters long cable) and 100 outdoor cable ties. Each cable tie is 20cm long and 0.4cm wide. The cable ties are made of nylon 66 with a 50 lbs tensile strength, UV resistance and UL 94 V-2 flammability rating, which means the cable ties are coated with anti-flame retardation and will stop burning when catching fire within 60 seconds. 
The highest flame retardant in the UL 94 classification is UL 94-5VA (highest), UL 94-5VB, UL 94 V-0, UL 94 V-1, UL 94 V-2 and UL 94 H-B (lowest). "V2 stands for vertical burning, while "H" stands for horizontal burning. 
Inside the box, there is also a small 10 gram tube of RTV silicone rubber, which ready-to-use sealant typically used for electrical insulation in cars. RTV silicone is similar to regular silicone so, if you run out you can always buy regular "outdoor" silicone and use that. RTV silicone is a bit more expensive but cures at room temperature and, it is designed to withstand heat better, which is generally why it is better for outdoor use.

Potential deal breakers facing the Novostella Lasting Rainbow ropelights include average water resistance rating and not being as flexible as regular led strips, which can be bent without breaking. Led rope lights such as the Novostella Lasting Rainbow ropelights have internal wiring which can easily break when bending. Other than that, the Novostella Lasting Rainbow led strips are super easy to use and setup. 

Selling points include dust and water resistance (IP65) and weatherproof against hot temperatures (up to 40C) and cold temperatures (down to -25C). The Novostella Lasting Rainbow ropelights have an A (green) energy efficiency rating and are housed inside a rubber protective enclosure (unlike regular led lights), making the Novostella Lasting Rainbow safer to use. The included physical remote control will be a great plus for those who do not like app controlled led lights. If you prefer using a phone though, there is mobile app support. 

As far as RGB effects, there are a good variety of dynamic multicolor options and static (single) colors to choose from. The included power adapter is also a good selling point as it comes with a detachable power adapter cable, which is handy should you need to replace the cable or buy a longer cable to extend the length of the power adapter. You can buy the Novostella Lasting Rainbow ropelights (model NTS102-RGB-UK-F) from amazon.

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