Tronsmart Groove 2 Review Submersible Bluetooth 5.3 Speaker

Monday, July 11, 2022

Get on your groovy train this summer with Tronsmart latest wireless speaker - Groove 2 - a cheerful and ultra small outdoor bluetooth speaker that you can carry around!

The Groove 2 speaker has a nice siliconized soft rubber finish with rubberized dome-shaped physical plastic buttons (non-clicky), metal grille mesh, front facing full range driver, rear facing passive radiator, hardware accents and a front facing RGB ring which supports dynamic multicolored effects, single red solid color option and OFF mode if you want to turn off the lights. Speaking of lights, there is also a small status led (for battery, charging and bluetooth) which stays lit up (solid blue) when listening to audio. The buttons control audio playback (play/pause, track skipping and volume), voice assistant and calls (answer/end/reject).

The Groove 2 bluetooth speaker has a squarish octagonal style, measuring 10cm long, 6cm deep and 11cm high. The Groove 2 speaker weighs 479 grams and has a right angled bracket built-in to the corner of the speaker that is designed for attaching the included carabiner.

In terms of audio sound quality, the Groove 2 bluetooth speaker delivers plenty of loud volume, equally the same in bluetooth and wired modes. The sound is good with some bass, which doesn't bleed into the vocals but falls behind the midrange and treble, which are more pronounced. The passive radiator helps the bass response a bit but not a lot due to the small speaker enclosure. 
Keep in mind too that the Groove 2 speaker has only one driver. It is a mono speaker, which provides good depth but without stereo speakers it has no soundstage width. If sound is top priority, it's best going for a slightly bigger bluetooth speaker such as the Force 2 speaker, T6 Plus speaker, T2 Plus speaker or Mega SoundPulse speaker.

At 50% volume, the Groove 2 bluetooth speaker has a runtime of around 17 hours with RGB lights OFF. With RGB lights ON, the battery life is 5 hours. The Groove 2 bluetooth speaker takes 3.5 hours to charge, which is quick considering the large size of the internal battery (2500 mAh). Whilst charging, you can also use the Groove 2 speaker in bluetooth mode and wired mode, which is convenient. 

Some potential deal breakers include low output RMS power (only 10 watts), no powerbank mode for charging external devices, no aptX or AAC codec support and no multipoint connection support. The Groove 2 bluetooth speaker has a tethered thick rubber cover protecting the connectivity ports, which is nice. The only drawback is that the rubber cover design isn't a swivel hinge that you can move out of the way. This forces you to bend the rubber cover when using the 3.5mm aux port and overtime, the rubber cover will start to bend backwards, preventing it from making a tight seal. 

The Groove 2 speaker does not support absolute bluetooth volume so, you cannot control the volume of the speaker when connected to an audio source (e.g. phone). That said, you will hear an audible beep alert when reaching 100% volume. Other potential drawbacks include no mobile app support.
Overall, the Groove 2 speaker selling points likely outweigh the deal breakers. Selling points include: latest bluetooth 5.3 chipset, microphone for calls, tripod mountable, 3.5mm aux connection, micro SD/TF card support (up to 128GB) for playing music off of a memory card, long wireless range (up to 59ft/17 meter range in direct line of sight), TWS mode for connecting two Groove 2 bluetooth speakers in wireless stereo mode. 

The Groove 2 bluetooth speaker has a rugged construction, thanks to the thick rubber surrounding the outer frame of the speaker. The small compact size and included metal carabiner clip are two great selling points too, allowing you to attach the Groove 2 speaker externally on a backpack or carry it on a bicycle handlebar whilst cycling. 
The Groove 2 speaker is fully submersible underwater (1 meter depth) for 30 minutes and features on-board EQ for balance sound and bass boosted sound. The Groove 2 speaker also supports audio passthrough during charging. The physical buttons are responsive but have a hard actuation, which is good for longer lifespan and to prevent the speaker from accidentally powering on when transporting it inside a backpack. 

 Accessories include a non-branded charging cable (40cm long), black anodized metal alloy carabiner and rubber audio cable (40cm long). You can buy the Tronsmart Groove 2 speaker from Tronsmart website and amazon.

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