X-Sense XH02-W Review Heat Alarm With 10 Year Lithium Battery

Monday, January 30, 2023

The X-Sense XH02-W is a convinient heat alarm that you can install yourself without tapping into your home's electrical system. No hard-wiring required and, you won't even have to replace batteries like with 9V powered smoke alarms!
The X-Sense XH02-W comes equipped with a 10-year lithium battery for long (hassle-free) lifespan. The built-in lithium battery is designed to last the life of the alarm (10 years) so, you don't have to replace it during that time. With a regular 9V powered heat alarm, whose batteries have to be replaced every 6 months. After 10 years, you simply discard the X-Sense XH02-W heat alarm since you won't be able to replace the built-in battery anyways. This is because it is sealed in a tamper-resistant compartment.

As well as 10-year lithium battery, the X-Sense XH02-W heat alarm is made of non-combustible plastic and, it's a Class A1 rated heat detector. It uses an NTC thermistor (heat sensing resistor) to detect fire by sensing changes in temperature. The heat sensing circuit design is very simple, yet extremely effective. One of the key advantages, it's wireless "interlinked" connectivity. This allows you to pair the X-Sense XH02-W heat alarm to another X-Sense Link Series alarm (e.g. carbon monoxide (CO) detector or combo smoke CO alarm). The interlinked feature only works with X-Sense Link series alarms such as the SC07-W alarm. 
You can connect the X-Sense XH02-W heat alarm to a total of 24 Link series alarms, making it particularly useful for large houses, homestead/farm, outbuildings/annexes, etc.  The "interlinked" feature is useful because when one alarm gets triggered, it automatically triggers all connected alarms. The wireless range of the "interlinked" alarms is 820ft (250 meters) in direct line of sight.

As far as installation, the X-Sense XH02-W heat alarm is as easy to install as a regular smoke alarm such as the XS01-WT . The X-Sense XH02-W heat alarm comes with a wall mountable plate bracket to easily attach and detach the heat alarm from the cealing. The mounting plate is made of plastic and attaches via screws; hence you can mount the X-Sense XH02-W heat alarm on a drywall or brick wall. 
Once fitted, there is no maintenance required other than periodically pressing the alarm test button to check the heat sensing circuit is working properly. As well as testing the heat alarm, you can silence it for 9 minutes. After 9 minutes is up, the heat alarm will deactivated silence mode automatically. You will also hear an audible beep and flashing red led when the battery is low, triggered and/or when the heat alarm is malfunctioning.

The X-Sense XH02-W heat alarm doesn't detect smoke like a smoke detector. Instead, it senses heat so, the heat alarm will only get triggered with heat, not smoke. The X-Sense XH02-W heat alarm response time is based on how quickly the temperature rises between 129F (54C) and 149F (65C). For example, when ambient temperature rises 1C (centigrade) per minute, the heat alarm response time is within 30 and 40 minutes. When temperature rises 10C per minute, the response time is within 1 and 4 minutes. When temperature rises 30C per minute, the alarm response time is within 20 seconds and 1 minute approximately.

The X-Sense XH02-W heat alarm is ideal for places such as garages, attics, kitchens and basements. The heat alarm works particularly well in kitchens because it doesn't easily get triggered by steam, heat and smoke from cooking - unlike an optical (photoelectric) smoke alarm which is better suited for open areas in temperatures between 40F (4C) and 100F (38C).The X-Sense XH02-W heat alarm is small and compact, weighing just 127 grams and measuring 11cm in diameter and 4cm high (depth).

Potential deal breakers
  • No mounting adhesive tape included 
  • Not as quickly to detect a fire as a smoke alarm
  • Not suitable for very hot rooms above 100F/38C max 
  • Ceiling-mount only - between 25mm and 150mm below the ceiling
  • No mobile app support
Selling points
  • Easy to setup
  • No batteries to replace
  • Compatible with X-Sense Link series alarms
  • Can be connected to up to 24 X-Sense Link alarms
  • 10-year lithium battery operation
  • Physical on/off power switch 
  • Silence mode - deactivates itself after 9 minutes
  • 85dB alarm buzzer 3 meter (10ft) audible range
  • Non-combustible plastic
  • Class A1 heat detector
  • 7 year warranty 
  • Audible & visual warning for low battery and malfunction
  • No false alarms from tobacco smoke - ideal for heavy smokers
  • Conforms to the building standard BS 5446: Part 2: 2003
  • Small & compact
  • Suitable for cold environments such as walking freezer (-20F/-28C max)
  • Easy installation - no need for an electrician
  • Suitable for smoky or steamy rooms such as bathrooms and kitchens
  • Physical test button to check the heat alarm is working properly
 Accessories included with the X-Sense XH02-W heat alarm are screws and wall plugs, as well as a screw-on mounting bracket. You can buy the X-Sense XH02-W heat alarm from amazon.

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