ESR HaloLock Review MagSafe-Style Wireless Charging Stand

Wednesday, March 22, 2023


ESR HaloLock is a new magnetic wireless charger alternative to the official Apple MagSafe charger, featuring a charging pad for iPhone, a charging pad for AirPods case and a charging stand for Apple Watch. 

The AirPods charging pad has a dedicated status led and so does the iPhone charging pad. There is no status led for the Apple Watch charging pad. ESR HaloLock features an on/off button to turn off "CryoBoost", which is one of the main selling features you get with ESR HaloLock.CryoBoost is, essentially, a cooling fan built-in to the iPhone charging pad for iPhone and designed to cool the phone down during charging. There is no information on the type of fan it is or what speed does the fan spin at, but one thing for certain, it is whisper quiet! 

While the ESR HaloLock is marketed as a 3-in-1 charging solution, there is technically only two charging pads. The charging stand for the Apple Watch is just that - a stand. It has no charging capability so, you have to use your own Apple Watch puck charger, which requires removing the bottom face plate of HaloLock to gain access to the routing channel for routing the puck charger 1 meter cable.
You can charge a total of 3 devices at the same time. The AirPods pad and Apple Watch support 5W, while the iPhone charging pad is capable of output between 5W and 12.5W, depending on the device. For instance, when charging an iPhone the wireless output is limited to 7.5W. ESR HaloLock is compatible with all iPhones that support wireless charging and that includes the iPhone 8 and newer models including the latest iPhone 14 Pro Max. 

Being Apple, iPhones wireless charging is limited to 7.5W when using HaloLock or any other Qi charger. This isn't a problem if you have an iPhone 8 or iPhone 11 series since the maximum wireless charging speed is 7.5W anyways. However, if you have an iPhone 12 or newer iPhone you won't be able to benefit from 15W wireless. This is where the ESR HaloLock is at a disadvantage against Apple's MagSafe charger, which is capable of 15W.
HaloLock magnetic attachment works with "naked" MagSafe iPhones, as well as "cased" iPhones as long as the protective case is an official MagSafe case or MagSafe compatible case (e.g. HaloLock case). The magnetic attachment doesn't work with a non-MagSafe case or non-MagSafe iPhone. That said, the ESR HaloLock iPhone charging pad and AirPods charging pad can be used to charge an Android phone too; hence you can charge two smartphones at the same time, using the ESR HaloLock. The AirPods pad has also a magnetic attachment.

The iPhone charging pad is built-in to a strong friction hinge that allows you to tilt the charging pad between 65 degrees (default position) and 45 degrees. When charging an Android phone, you will need to prop up the ESR HaloLock stand to prevent the Android phone from sliding off of the charging area, unless you use a MagSafe adapter ring for your Android phone.
Construction-wise, ESR HaloLock is made of plastic and rubber with solid aluminium metal for the Apple Watch stand and iPhone charging stand. The Apple Watch puck charger holder comes with a detachable white rubber ring. The iPhone charging pad dimensions are 7.5cm x 7.5cm with a 6cm diameter.
The height of the Apple Watch stand is 9cm, while the height of the iPhone charging stand is 18cm. The height of the base is 1cm. Overall dimensions are 18cm high x 16cm long x 9cm deep. Total weight is 410 grams. The power adapter weighs 153 grams and comes with a 1.8 meter long non-detachable cable

Potential deal breakers
  • Non-adjustable fan spin
  • No USB power input - runs on DC barrel input
  • Not capable of 15W for MagSafe iPhones
  • Apple Watch charging stand has no built-in puck charger
  • Not compatible with Samsung Watch puck charger
Selling points 
  • MagSafe Compatible
  • Capable of charging two smartphones at the same time
  • Works with Android phones
  • 24W power adapter included 
  • 24 month warranty
  • Sleak modern looking
  • Fan can be turned off
  • Qi wireless charging
  • Magnetic pads for iPhone & AirPods
You can buy the ESR HaloLock from ESR Gear. Check out also the review of the ESR phones for the Galaxy S23.

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