Puncube Laptop Desk Review Portable Stand With Retractable Mouse Pad

Thursday, March 23, 2023

More practical than an electric fan-driven laptop stand! The new Puncube Laptop Desk is a portable laptop stand with foldable riser feet and a retractable mouse pad!
Puncube's Laptop Desk is one of the easiest laptop desks you will ever deploy, taking literary seconds to setup and minimal space inside a backpack or laptop sleeve. The Puncube Laptop Desk weighs 659 grams and, it's made with high-density fiberboard covered with soft PU leather. The base isn't rubberized so, it isn't as grippy. The laptop stand can confidently hold around 20Kg, while the retractable pad can hold 5kg. 

The PunCube Laptop Desk incline can be adjusted in 2 levels between 5cm (15º) and 7cm (30º). The incline works just like an adjustable keyboard riser feet, elevating the front of the PunCube Laptop Desk to adjust the angle of the laptop. When not in use, you can easily fold the riser feet inward. 

The mouse pad is neatly concealed and securely stored inside, thanks to a magnetic pulltab, which prevents the mouse pad from sliding out accidentally. Deploying the mouse pad is easy. Simply lift the magnetic pull tab and slide out the mouse pad.

 In the retracted position, the Puncube Laptop Desk measures 31.5cm long x 22.5cm deep x 0.6cm high (thick). With the mouse pad extended out, the overall length is 48cm. The mouse pad measures 18cm long x 19cm deep 

The shorter riser feet measures 19.5cm long, while the taller riser feet measures 12.5cm long. The stand area where the laptop sits measures 26cm long x 14cm deep and, it is vented to allow air can to pass, which is perfect for preventing laptops with bottom facing fans from overheating.

The Puncube Laptop Desk is made for people who like to increase productivity on the go. If you're someone who travels on a train or bus commute to work or sits in a coffeeshop the laptop desk solution is for you. 
As well as being a laptop stand with mouse pad functionality, the backside of the Puncube Laptop Desk is rigid enough to be used as an A4 size clipboard for holding paper in place, using the magnetic pull tap like a top clip. The Puncube Laptop Desk can also double as strong placemat, being able to hold up to 40kg of down force. This means, you can use the Puncube Laptop Desk with heavier laptops too.

Potential deal breakers
  • Slides when sitting on the lap
  • No leather option available
  • Heavier than an invisible laptop stand
  • No extra accessories

Selling points
  • Adjustable incline
  • Easy setup
  • Vented stand design
  • Retractable pad 
  • Compatible with 12"-16" laptops
  • Portability
  • Doubles as a magnetic clipboard
  • Foldable riser feet
  • Perfect for on the go
  • Origami style folding design
  • Available in different colors
  • Water resistant
  • Suitable for gaming
  • Easy to clean
  • Suitable for heavy laptops
  • 1 year guarantee
You can buy the Puncube Laptop Desk via Kickstarter. Check out the review of the Puncube Minimal Wallet and Sandwich Wallet.

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