Edifier MG300 Review Gaming Soundbar Speaker

Tuesday, April 04, 2023

Give your gaming desktop setup an edgy striking look with Edifier's new MG300 - a gaming soundbar with USB wired and bluetooth connectivity.

The Edifier MG300 has a plastic enclosure housing two 53mm (2.5W) full range drivers concealed by a perforated metal grille on front. The total RMS output is 5W. Dimensions are 40cm long x 8cm deep x 7.5cm high. The weight is 668 grams. As well as drivers, the MG300 speakers house two inverter tubes (bass ports) and a bluetooth 5.3 chip.

On the bottom of the speaker, there are two thick rubber feet positioned at an angle which raises the front of the speaker. The rubber feet are very grippy, which helps stabilize the speaker off of the ground, as well as double as isolation pads to help minimize vibrations when the speaker is sitting on a desk. The front part of the rubber feet is 10mm high, while the rear part of the rubber feet measures 5mm high.

The built-in microphone is positioned strategically on top of the speaker (in between the volume buttons), which is a good location for calls. The button controls are also located on top so very easily accessible. There are a total of 5 physical buttons - made of rubber and with a clicky actuation. The buttons are angled too, which helps locate them easily.

Button control functions include power on/off, volume up/down, track skipping and mode switch (game mode and music mode) and RGB effects, which include 4 single static colors and one dynamic color changing rainbow effect and OFF mode. When switching between game mode and music mode, you will hear a single beep (music mode) and a double beep (game mode). There is no voice prompt or status led and there should be because it makes figuring out the mode you are in hard to tell. The user guide doesn't make any mentions. 
Because of the USB power interface, the Edifier MG300 can be powered via a laptop and desktop computer. However, you get the best performance (louder volume) when the MG300 speaker is connected to mains electricity via a wall charger. The Edifier MG300 can also be powered via a powerbank, which means you can use the Edifier MG300 outdoors on a garden like a regular portable bluetooth speaker. That said, the Edifier MG300 isn't meant for the true outdoors. It isn't weatherproof and has no water/dust protection.

Despite the lack of tweeters, the MG300 soundbar has good vocals with clear upper midrange focus that is designed for gaming, particularly first person shooter games. The inverter tubes (bass ports) are too small and the enclosure cabinet too narrow to make any meaning full impact though. The low end lacks sub bass to give the bass proper slam. Even if you could hook an extrnal dac, the MG300 drivers are simply not capable of thumpy bass due to their small size (about the size of headphone drivers).

While the MG300 bluetooth chip lacks AAC codec and multipoint support, it has a longer and stronger signal across 30 meters compared to the standard 10 metres on most bluetooth speakers. As far as call quality, the mic delivers clear calls. However, there is no noise filtration to suppress background sounds so, you cna expect background noise to leak into the call.

The Edifier MG300 soundbar has a fixed 1.3 meter long USB-A rubber cable built-in to the backside of the speaker. Being a non-detachable power cable, it is downside as this prevents you from replacing the cable should it break. If you want to extend the length of the power cable, you will need to use a USB cable extender. 


Potential deal breakers

  • Non-detachable power cord
  • USB-A connectivity 
  • No accessories
  • No internal rechargeable battery
  • No master volume control in USB mode
  • No tweeters
  • No tone controls
  • No AAC codec support
  • No 7.1 sound
  • No 3.5mm headphone jack
  • No TF card slot
  • Under powered considering its size
  • No low latency mode
  • No multipoint support
  • No wood enclosure & expensive
  • Lacking bass

Selling points

  • USB-A connectivity
  • RGB lighting
  • Built-in microphone
  • Built-in EQ sound presets
  • Bluetooth 5.3
  • Simple to use
  • Max volume beep alert
  • Self contained 
  • 30 meters wireless range - longer than most bluetooth speakers (~10 meters)


In terms of power output, the Edifier MG300 is powerful enough for portable use on a desktop or small room. The lack of useful ports such as 3.5mm headphone jack lets the MG300 down compared to the MF200. The MP230 speaker is a lot more premium and smaller yet, it puts out twice as much power as the MG300. That said, the MG30 soundbar design allows for better stereo sound separation. If you want a stronger sounding speaker system though, you should look to the M201BT, G5000 speakers or D12 bookshelf speakers,You can buy the MG300 bluetooth soundbar speaker from amazon.

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