TORRAS COOLIFY 2S Review Neckband Cooling Heating Solution

Tuesday, May 09, 2023

Introducing the COOLIFY 2S Neckband Cooler - the ultimate wearable cooling solution designed to provide you with instant relief during hot summer days. This device features a hair headband style and weighs only 409 grams, making it comfortable to wear around your neck for extended periods. The neckband is flexible, thanks to the silicone rubber joint in the center, which prevents rubbing against the back of your neck.

Equipped with a pair of direct current brushless motor fans and outlet openings on both sides, the COOLIFY 2S propels cool air outward, providing instant relief. In addition, this device features a pair of thermoelectric panels on the interior portion of the neck strap that conduct chilling and warming actions, ensuring you stay comfortable throughout the day. The thermoelectric panels produce an immediate cool and warm result in mere seconds, while the fans rotate at approximately 5000 revolutions per minute, generating a sound level equivalent to that of a CPU fan during overheating. However, the fans lack blades, eliminating concerns of entangled hair or fingers, similar to the Dyson bladeless fan.

The COOLIFY 2S supports three cooling modes - low, medium, and high - with battery life performances of 5, 4, and 3 hours, respectively. It also features three fan modes - low, medium, and high - with battery life performances of 28, 17, and 11 hours, respectively, as well as a heating mode with a battery life of 6 hours.

Thanks to the TORRAS COOLIFY Connect mobile app, controlling the COOLIFY 2S is a breeze. This app is free to download and provides a remote control to power on/off the device and operate it from your phone. The app also features a battery status indicator, as well as an animation of the neckband highlighting the setting you're on. You can enable cooling mode, heating mode, and air blower mode and adjust the speed between 5 power levels: 20%, 40%, 60%, 80%, and 100%. When heating mode is activated, you cannot use cooling and air blower simultaneously, but you can use cooling and air blower separately.

One of the best things about the COOLIFY 2S is its year-round usability. With a heat mode that can keep you warm during colder months, the NTC technology uses four Negative Temperature Coefficient Sensors to maintain a constant cooling effect, even in temperatures over 110°F. With a battery life of up to 18 hours in fan mode 1 and up to 1.8 hours in cooling mode 3, the LED screen makes it easy to monitor the battery life and mode settings.

In conclusion, the COOLIFY 2S Neckband Cooler is a reliable and versatile device that delivers comfort and convenience. Its user-friendly controls, impressive cooling and heating capabilities, and varying battery life options make it a top choice for anyone who wants to stay comfortable on the go. Whether you're working outdoors, exercising, or just trying to stay cool in the heat, the COOLIFY 2S is the perfect solution.
Potential deal breakers
  • No bluetooth speaker function
  • Not water resistant
  • Not suitable for people with pacemakers
  • Weighs 409 grams, which may feel heavy for some users
  • Produces a sound level equivalent to that of a CPU fan during overheating, which may be distracting in quiet environments
  • An 18 watt QC charger is not included, which means users must purchase one separately
  • Heating mode cannot be used simultaneously with cooling and air blower modes

Selling points
  • TORRAS COOLIFY Connect app for remote control and monitoring
  • LED screen for easy battery life and mode setting monitoring
  • Supports quick charge
  • Multiple cooling and fan speed modes with varying battery life options
  • Heating mode
  • Bladeless fan
  • Works instantly
  • Saves the last used mode upon power-off
  • Provides warmth & cooling
  • Universal fit
  • Easy to clean
  • Passthrough charging is supported while in use
  • Uses brushless motor fans, which are more efficient
The COOLIFY 2 neckband comes with a fantastic donut-style hard case to keep it protected and secure when you're on the go. You won't have to worry about damage or scratches, thanks to the scratch and water-resistant fabric used to create the case's shell. The case also has a rubberized zip slider with the COOLIFY logo, giving it a sleek and stylish look. 
The built-in lanyard cord is a convenient addition, making it easy to carry and transport. Although the zipper seam isn't water-resistant, the hard case's premium quality feel more than makes up for it. With this protective case, you can rest easy knowing that your COOLIFY 2 neckband is always safe and secure. An 18-watt fast charging cable is also included. You can buy the COOLIFY 2S neckband from Torras website.

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