Redragon K556 Dharma Pro Review Vs Royal Kludge RK920 Rainbow Keyboard

Friday, July 14, 2023

The Redragon
Dharma K556 Pro is a full size compact mechanical keyboard with a floating keycap design, RGBs and tri-mode connectivity. You can connect via USB-C wired, Bluetooth and RF wireless via 2.4Ghz dongle.

One of the features that stands out the most about the
K556 Dharma Pro it's the design. It is a full size board with standard 104-key layout, which provides all the necessary keys for efficient gaming and typing. The K556 Dharma Pro has a super slim TKL form factor, making it a lot more compact than the average full size keyboard.  
Designed specifically for gaming, the K556 Dharma Pro can be used for productivity work also, thanks to the stock red switches (made by Redragon), which are liner and provide a nice typing and gaming experience.

Constructed with brushed aluminum material, the K556 Dharma Pro feels more durable and premium than the standard plastic case most keyboards are made of. The top plate is also aluminium, which has the added benefit of providing more stability when typing. 
On the backside, you find sturdy feet risers made of durable plastic, as well as a 3-button switch and magnetic slot for 2.4Ghz dongle. The K556 Dharma Pro measures 43.5cm long and 12.5cm deep and weighs 1.08kg. The height of the top row of keys with the feet risers is 5cm high. Without feet, it is 4cm high. The height of the bottom row of keys is 3.5cm high.

The sockets are hot swappable with 3 pin and 5 pin. The keycaps are made of monochrome ABS plastic. Internally, you find a 1600mAh battery with 150+ hours battery life (RGBs Off)  and 50+ hours with RGBs On. 
The charging time is 7 hours - similar to the K649 Elf Pro. The Dharma Pro RGB lighting produces a nice glow underneath the caps but it appears a bit subdued from the top due to the black keycaps. Using transparent keycaps would be a good idea to maximize the RGB performance. 
The K556 Dharma Pro comes with 20 preset backlighting modes directly accessible from the board without software. You can adjust the brightness and effect speed too. The RGB effects include dynamic single colors, dynamic multicolors and single static colors. To customize the RGB lighting, you need to use the Redragon software.

When compared the Royal Kludge RK920, both have 104 keys but the Redragon K556 Dharma Pro has more versatile connectivity options with USB-C wired, Bluetooth, and 2.4GHz wireless modes. In contrast, the Royal Kludge RK920 is a wired-only keyboard, lacking wireless connectivity. The Redragon K556 Dharma Pro features hot-swappable switches too, while the Royal Kludge RK920 doesn't have hot-swappable functionality.

The Redragon K556 Dharma Pro boasts vibrant RGB lighting with 20 preset backlighting modes and customizable options. The Royal Kludge RK920 also comes with plenty of light effects to choose from but lacks the extensive RGB customization of the K556 Pro. That said, the
RK920 cascading rainbow effect is really beautiful and vibrant. Overall, the K556 Pro feels like a better keyboard, thanks to its aluminium frame and floating keycap design.

Selling points
  • 3-mode connection
  • Universal switch compatibility
  • Slim aluminum frame
  • Floating keycap design
  • Hot swappable switches
  • Versatile RGB
  • Onboard controls for brightness and RGB effects
  • Redragon software support
  • Detachable power cable
  • Keys don't rattle
  • Bluetooth multipoint connection for up to 3 devices
  • Gaming mode
  • Numpad
  • Onboard storage for 2.4Ghz dongle
  • Standard bottom row
  • Auto sleep mode (bluetooth mode only)
  • Programmable keys and macros (via Redragon software)

Potential deal breakers

  • Small Enter keycap
  • RGB lighting not as vibrant as
  • Slow charging time
  • No quick charge
  • Battery life
  • Not TKL compact
  • Limited color options
  • Only available with red switches

Accessories included are stickers, 1.5 meters rubber cable (USB-C to dual USB-C/USB-A), keycap puller, switch puller and velcro fabric strap. You can buy the Dharma Pro K556 from Redragonshop and amazon. Check out the review of POLLUX K628 PRO SE transparent keyboard.

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