Redragon POLLUX K628 PRO SE Review Transparent Keyboard

Friday, August 25, 2023

Picture a keyboard that not only obeys your every instruction but also turns your gaming area into a canvas of lively, ever-changing light. The Redragon POLLUX K628 PRO SE fits this description perfectly. It's the newest member of the POLLUX K628 series, following the POLLUX K628 PRO and POLLUX K628 RGB. In this review, we'll be comparing these three models side by side.

The Redragon POLLUX K628 PRO SE stands as a 75% mechanical gaming keyboard, boasting 78 keys. It features convenient hot swap sockets that support both 3-pin and 5-pin switches, along with Redragon's custom transparent stock switches. Constructed entirely from plastic, this keyboard includes a top plate mounted PCB. The case comes with a diffused semi-transparent black tint finish, while the keycaps (colored in monochrome ABS) and switches are both fully transparent.

On the underside of the POLLUX K628 PRO SE, you'll come across an un-magnetized slot designed to store the 2.4GHz dongle. Additionally, there are two rubberized feet risers with a single height adjustment feature.

The Redragon K628 PRO SE strikes a balance between compactness and substantiality, measuring 35cm in length and 10cm in depth. Its design prioritizes comfort and practicality, considering ergonomic factors. The top row of keys sits at a height of 3.5cm when the feet are not extended, ensuring a comfortable typing experience. Extending the feet increases the top row's height to 4cm, allowing you to customize the keyboard's angle according to your preference.

On the lower end, the bottom row of keys maintains a height of 2.7cm, harmonizing with the overall keyboard profile. Despite its robust build, the K628 PRO SE is impressively lightweight, tipping the scales at 514 grams. This balance between dimensions and weight speaks to the keyboard's portability and ease of use, making it an ideal companion for both gaming and work scenarios.

In terms of practicality, the POLLUX K628 PRO SE excels with its flexible connectivity choices, providing USB-C wired, Bluetooth wireless, and 2.4GHz wireless modes. Among its counterparts, the Redragon POLLUX K628 RGB and Redragon POLLUX K628 PRO, the standout feature of the POLLUX K628 PRO SE is unquestionably its fully transparent sophisticated design. The transparent keycaps, switches, and diffused board combine to create a visually captivating result that adds an exclusive flair to any desktop arrangement. The backlit illumination further accentuates this effect, ensuring your desktop setup garners attention.

In terms of usability, the POLLUX K628 PRO SE's layout, featuring 78 keys, masterfully balances compactness and utility. It smartly includes separate arrow keys and number keys, addressing the demands of both gaming and productivity. However, it's worth noting that the numeric pad comprises only three columns, omitting the fourth column commonly present in full numpads.

The POLLUX K628 PRO SE shares an equally impressive hot-swap design with its counterparts, the POLLUX K628 PRO and POLLUX K628 RGB. The POLLUX K628 PRO SE keyboard comes equipped with direct RGB backlighting control. It offers a selection of up to 20 pre-set lighting modes, including an innovative music mode. This captivating feature synchronizes the RGB backlighting with ambient sounds through a built-in microphone, producing an engaging visual effect. It's important to note, however, that the music mode requires the Redragon software to be active in the background to function.

In addition to RGB customization, the keyboard enables you to conveniently adjust both brightness and the speed of RGB effects directly from the keyboard. When it comes to RGB performance, the results are nothing short of impressive. The keyboard emits a stunning and vibrant RGB glow that captures attention. In wired mode, you'll also notice a distinctive red LED status light, reminiscent of a laser, adding an intriguing visual touch. To gain a better sense of their RGB lighting capabilities, you can explore the individual reviews for the POLLUX K628 RGB and POLLUX K628 PRO, each featuring videos showcasing their respective RGB lighting performances.

The battery life spans approximately 15 hours (when in 2.4GHz mode) with the RGB lighting activated, and around 8 hours when connected via Bluetooth. Charging the POLLUX K628 PRO SE takes approximately 7 hours to complete.

Potential deal breakers
  • Absence of fourth column in the numpad
  • Non-compatibility with Redragon software on Mac PCs
  • Deviation from the standard bottom row layout
  • Absence of magnetic attachment for the 2.4GHz dongle
  • Single height option for adjusting feet risers
  • Privacy considerations regarding the built-in microphone in the music mode

Selling points
  • Triple connectivity modes (Bluetooth/2.4GHz/AUX)
  • Completely transparent circuit board
  • Utilizes Redragon's Custom Switch
  • Dynamic and vibrant RGB illumination
  • In-built brightness control accessible on the keyboard
  • Bluetooth multipoint functionality supporting up to 3 devices
  • Fully transparent keycaps for enhanced aesthetics
  • Complete transparency extending to the switches
  • Dedicated arrow keys for intuitive navigation
  • Full RGB backlighting customization
  • 75% form factor featuring 78 keys
  • Inclusion of a numpad, though without the fourth column
  • Compatibility with desktop software for customization
  • Ability to swap switches with the hot swappable feature
Included in the package are a metal keycap and switch puller, stickers, and a 1.5-meter rubber USB-C cable with an inline dual connection from USB-A to USB-C. If you're drawn to transparent keyboards, it's worth exploring the K649 Elf Pro keyboard as well. You can buy the POLLUX K628 PRO SE from Redragon Shop and amazon when it becomes available. 

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