Redragon M990 Legend Chroma X Review RGB Wired Gaming Mouse

Thursday, August 31, 2023

Unleash the chromatic might and redefine your gaming narrative with every click and scroll. It's time to script your victory with the M990 Legend Chroma X, where every move is a chapter in your gaming odyssey!

The Redragon M990 Legend Chroma X is a modernized edition of the initial M990 Legend, which made its debut six years ago. Just as its predecessor, the fresh M990 Legend Chroma X stands as an MMO gaming mouse incorporating 16 side buttons set up in a 4x4 grid formation. These buttons are split into two parts, 1 to 8 and 9 to 16, and come with a concave button pad design that aids in button recognition. This feature proves invaluable for seamlessly executing intricate combinations.

When placed next to each other, the M990 Legend Chroma X closely resembles the original M990 Legend, showcasing a sleek leatherette grip on its right side and designated spaces for the thumb, ring, and pinky fingers to rest. The ergonomic layout is skillfully crafted, enabling your fingers to find a comfortable perch atop the mouse. The sole drawback lies in the finish, as it readily attracts unsightly oily smudges.

Atop the M990 Legend Chroma X, you encounter a setup akin to the original M990 Legend, featuring four mid-hump buttons, a clickable RGB illuminated rubberized scroll wheel, and a quick fire button. When it comes to the left/right click buttons, the M990 Legend Chroma X opts for HUANO switches, whereas the original M990 Legend utilizes omron switches. 

The mid hump buttons are strategically positioned behind the scroll wheel, incorporating two DPI buttons for seamless DPI adjustments across five levels (1000/2000/4000/8000/16000 dpi). Each DPI level is indicated by a distinct color on the scroll wheel illumination. The third button serves the purpose of controlling RGB lighting effects, while the fourth button acts as a profile switcher, changing the color of the Redragon logo for easy profile identification.

The M990 Legend Chroma X boasts a grand total of 24 buttons, of which 23 are programmable, featuring the customizable 16 side buttons that can be tailored to suit individual playstyles. Just like its predecessor, the M990 Legend Chroma X is equipped with the same red and black braided cable, measuring approximately 1.8 meters, and terminating with a gold plated USB-A connector.

Beneath the base of the M990 Legend Chroma X lies a brushed aluminum plate accentuated by glide plates, alongside a circular plastic lid compartment that grants access to the weights. This lid conveniently twists both clockwise and anticlockwise to secure and release. The removal and addition of weights are effortlessly facilitated by the gun barrel cartridge design. 

A collection of 8 weights, each weighing 2.3 grams, collectively amounts to 18.4 grams. When coupled with the barrel cartridge, the combined weight reaches 20.6 grams. Overall, the M990 Legend Chroma X registers a weight of 190 grams inclusive of the cable and weights, and around 170 grams without the weights. Disregarding the cable's influence, the mouse weighs approximately 130 grams without weights and 150 grams with them. It's important to note that the cable is not detachable.

In terms of dimensions, the M990 Legend Chroma X measures 12cm in length and stands 4.5cm in height, with the apex positioned at the center, resulting in a characteristic middle hump profile. The width of the mouse is broader at the front, measuring 7cm, and tapers to a narrower 6cm at the back.

The M990 Legend Chroma X employs an Optical Pixart P3389 sensor, setting it apart from the original M990 Legend that utilizes an ADNS-9800 laser sensor. In the realm of performance, the M990 Legend's laser technology contributes to enhanced tracking reliability; however, the M990 Legend Chroma X takes the lead in delivering a higher degree of accuracy and precision in movement. 

Unlike laser sensors, the M990 Legend Chroma X ensures consistent speed and smoothness, thereby minimizing any unwanted fluctuations. This characteristic renders the M990 Legend Chroma X exceptionally suitable for FPS games. However, for those predominantly engaged in MMO gaming, the original M990 Legend retains its edge.

Selling points
  • High redefinable DPI levels (up to 32000)
  • Extensive programmable buttons for customization
  • Comfortable ergonomic design
  • Integrated rest areas
  • Striking RGB LED color options
  • Precise and responsive tracking
  • Pixart 3335 optical sensor
  • Redragon software support
  • Beveled thumb rest
  • Slanted side buttons
  • Metal base
  • No rattling noise
Potential deal breakers
  • No Bluetooth connectivity option
  • Heavier than an FPS mouse
  • Wired connection only
  • Easily marks with oily smudges
When compared to other Redragon MMO mice such as the  M913 Impact Elite and M811 Aatrox gaming mice, the Redragon M990 Legend Chroma X emerges as the superior choice. It outperforms the M913 by featuring a higher maximum DPI of 32000, offering a significant advancement. Furthermore, the M990 Legend Chroma X boasts a more extensive selection of programmable buttons, allowing for enhanced customization. In comparison to the M811 Aatrox, the M990 Legend Chroma X also outshines it in terms of programmable buttons, offering a competitive advantage particularly in fast-paced MMO and MOBA games that require rapid character actions.

The package includes additional accessories like a Velcro strap and a compact plastic pelican case designed for storing the weights. You can buy the M990 Legend Chroma X from Redragon Shop amazon

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