Moment Everything Review 21L Backpack + 4L Camera Insert

Tuesday, August 29, 2023


Your expedition knows no boundaries, and neither should your gear! Capture, create, and carry 'everything' you need, all while staying effortlessly organized and stylish with the Moment Backpack and Camera Insert!

Starting off with the Moment Everything backpack, it is a handy travel companion that effortlessly weighs 925 grams and can be flatten at just 5cm thick. This compact design makes it perfect for storing within a larger suitcase as a versatile day bag for those spontaneous day trips or strolls through town. The Moment backpack's bottom base isn't naturally flat, so it won't stand upright on its own, tending to lean forward when resting on the ground – unless laden with your equipment.

When it comes to how well the Moment Everything backpack fits, it's just right for people who are of average height (around 5 feet 8 inches) and even those who are taller, up to about 6 feet 2 inches. However, if you're on the shorter side, like around 5 feet 3 inches, the backpack might hang lower than your waist. In that case, the 17-liter version of the Everything backpack could be a better choice for you, especially if you're shorter.

Crafted from the same material (420D Nylon Fabric) as the outer shell, the bottom boasts full padding for added protection. Within the backpack, you'll discover D-ring loop holes designed to clip, attach, and secure your essentials. The heart of the backpack lies in the main compartment, nestled between the front-facing section and the laptop compartment at the rear. Unveiling its contents is a breeze with dual metal YKK zippers, lined with PU waterproofing to guarantee full water resistance. The bright velex (polyester) liner fabric feels durable and water resistant, making it easy to clean with a damp cloth.

A thoughtful design detail is the angled yet spacious main compartment opening, offering access to the very bottom for effortless packing and retrieval of your gear. Inside, two elastic loops and a generous zippered fine mesh pocket (measuring 18cm high x 24cm wide) provide organizational excellence.

Venturing to the front-facing compartment, the Everything Backapack has a similar side facing zipper as the Moment Travelwear Backpack - a vertical zipper with a 27cm opening unveiling ample space. While not waterproof, the hidden coil teeth design enhances its functionality. Measuring 40cm high x 30cm wide x 15cm deep, this compartment offers roominess for a cycling helmet or more. Internally, breathable fine mesh fabric crafts a small sleeve pocket and a sizable zippered fine mesh pocket, complete with an integrated fabric plastic keyring. Suspended for added protection, this pocket spans the backpack's width at approximately 30cm long and 20cm high, yet without padding – best suited for less delicate items.

The rear compartment features a waterproof, angled-opening PU zipper. This design facilitates easy laptop insertion and retrieval, along with ample space for a tablet or A4 binder. The fully padded laptop sleeve accommodates up to 16-inch laptops, while an elasticated non-padded pocket, two pen holders, and two small open pockets (12cm high x 10cm wide) organize cables and small devices. The laptop compartment measures 49cm high x 28cm wide.

The Moment backpack's shoulder straps are very comfortable. Their hockey stick design incorporates an adjustable chest strap and substantial closed cell padding (47cm long x 6.5cm wide x 1cm thick). These attach via adjustable plastic ladderlocks, conveniently managed by elastic bands to prevent unwanted dangling. Though possessing only one side pocket, the Everything backpack comes with an elasticated band for expansion and content containment. Partial internal lining of stretchy fabric material enhances this side pocket. Standing at 20cm high, it maintains a secure hold for a water bottle.

The Everything backpack's internal liner adds a touch of convenience, making gear retrieval swift and hassle-free. Externally, the Moment backpack spans 46cm in height and 31cm in width, expansible up to 20cm for added roominess. Behind the shoulder straps lies a thickly padded, breathable fabric-covered back panel. Sturdiness meets comfort with this design, offering not only support but also air ventilation through its quadrant-cross padding. Furthermore, a passthrough trolley sleeve facilitates easy carriage on wheeled luggage handles. The unique back panel's dimensions measure 39cm high x 22cm wide.

At the backpack's summit rests a robust, wide webbing grab handle catering to larger hands. Reinforced stitching adds durability to key points, ensuring the backpack's longevity. The Moment Everything backpack is a convenient, durable and stylish backpack. Some things to note, the backpack does not feature a waist strap, which could impact stability and weight distribution during more active use. The lack of an included rain cover might require additional measures to protect the backpack and its contents in heavy rain. 

While the laptop compartment accommodates up to 16-inch laptops, users with larger laptops might need to consider compatibility. The backpack comes with well-designed compartments, including a main compartment with elastic loops and a zippered mesh pocket, a front-facing compartment with room for a helmet, and a laptop compartment with ample padding and pockets.

Selling points
  • Versatile Design:
  • Compact and Lightweight
  • Waterproof Features
  • Organizational Excellence
  • Quick access side zipper
  • Padded laptop compartment
  • Comfortable Shoulder Straps
  • Breathable Back Panel
  • Trolley Sleeve
  • Sturdy Construction
  • 2 year warranty
  • Bright internal liner
  • Weatherproof ripstop shell fabric
  • Compatible with Moment camera insert
  • Bluesign Certification

Potential deal breakers
  • Limited Side Pockets
  • No external secret pocket
  • Angled Rear Laptop Compartment Zipper
  • Limited padded protection
  • Limited color options
  • Not all zippers have waterproofing
  • Compact Size
  • Single Side Pocket
  • Limited External Pockets
  • No Waist Strap
  • No Rain Cover
  • Limited Laptop Size

Next up in this review, it's the Moment Everything Camera Insert – a compact solution with a 4-liter volume capacity designed to carry mirrorless camera lenses. This versatile insert is equipped with a zippered flap, ensuring quick access through dual metal YKK zippers activated by long fabric pull tabs. A notable feature of the flap is its 360-degree unzip, enabling unobstructed gear retrieval.

A clever design element lies beneath the flap – a detachable padding layer that moonlights as concealed storage. This hidden compartment ingeniously accommodates memory cards, business cards, credit cards, and more. Additional covert storage is found within the internal dividers, where elasticated breathable sleeves are ready to accommodate credit cards and memory cards alike. These concealed elastic pockets measure 7.5cm in width and 13.5cm in height.

Flexibility is at the core of the Moment camera insert, effortlessly shifting from a spacious singular compartment to a trio of sections. The detachable velcro padded dividers are key players here, offering not only structure but also integrating elastic side pocket sleeves that function as secret hideaways for your essentials.

This insert is designed with compatibility and innovation in mind, tailored to fit mirrorless cameras featuring a 70-200 lens. Adding to its practicality is the water resistant shell fabric (350D Recycled Nylon CPH), which acts as a protective barrier against the elements. Swift and easy access is essential, and the zipper flap can be discreetly tucked under for seamless retrieval. Environmental responsibility is woven into the design, as the Moment camera insert proudly bears the Bluesign eco-friendly certification, reflecting its alignment with sustainable manufacturing practices.

For precision in measurement, external dimensions span 29cm in length, 16cm in height, and 11cm in width. Internally, the insert occupies 25.5cm in length, 14cm in height, and 9.5cm in width. This 4-liter volume capacity offers an efficient and organized solution for storing your camera gear. Designed with portability in mind, the Moment camera insert is impressively lightweight at just 282 grams. Its fabric shell boasts water resistance, extending this protective attribute to the zipper, cleverly fashioned with hidden coil teeth. However, it's important to note that the zipper itself is not fully waterproof, demanding additional caution during adverse conditions.

To recap, the zippered top lid equipped with dual metal YKK zippers ensures swift and convenient access to your camera and equipment. This insert flexes its versatility by transforming from a single spacious compartment to three distinct sections via detachable velcro padded dividers. The lid's versatility extends with a removable padding layer doubling as concealed storage for memory cards, business cards, credit cards, and more. Elasticated breathable sleeves integrated within internal dividers offer further hidden storage for credit cards and memory cards.

Specifically designed to accommodate mirrorless cameras with a 70-200 lens, it caters to a diverse range of photography equipment. Its waterproof shell fabric acts as a reliable safeguard against moisture and unexpected weather conditions. A discreetly tuckable zipper flap ensures quick and easy access to your camera gear. Weighing a mere 282 grams, the camera insert contributes minimal weight to your overall gear setup, enhancing portability. Ultimately, the Moment camera insert is a manifestation of both functionality and innovation. Its intelligently designed compartments, adaptable layout, and commitment to sustainability position it as the ultimate companion for photographers on the move.

While the Moment camera insert excels in camera gear organization, it is worth noting that its specialized design limits its versatility for other types of items. Additionally, the zipper's hidden coil teeth design doesn't guarantee waterproofness, which might be a concern in wet conditions. Although offering some padding, the insert might not provide the same level of protection as dedicated camera bags. Larger camera bodies or additional accessories might not fit comfortably within the insert's internal dimensions.

The absence of external pockets limits quick access to items like spare batteries or memory cards. Unlike some camera bags, the Moment camera insert lacks built-in shoulder straps for separate carrying. Its design is optimized for camera gear, making it less suitable for multi-purpose use. The waterproof shell fabric offers a degree of protection, yet it might not withstand heavy rain entirely. Depending on the insert's configuration, accessing items at the bottom of divided compartments could require extra effort. Lastly, the insert's dimensions might not accommodate larger camera accessories or additional personal items.

Potential deal breakers
  • Limited to Camera Gear
  • Non-Waterproof Zipper
  • Limited Padding
  • Size Limitations
  • External shell fabric not waterproof
  • Minimal Exterior Pockets
  • No Shoulder Straps
  • Limited color options
  • Single Use
  • Not Designed for Heavy Rain
  • Limited Accessibility
  • Size Constraints
  • Not suitable to carry large laptops

Selling points

  • Compact Storage Solution
  • Easy Access
  • Convertible Design
  • Bright red liner made of Nylon Velex
  • Hidden Storage
  • Additional Hidden Pockets
  • Compatibility
  • Zipper Flap
  • Environmental Responsibility
  • Compact and Lightweight

You can buy the Moment Everything Camera insert and Moment Everything Backpack from Shop Moment.

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