Redragon AATROX M811 Review MMO MOBA Gaming Mouse With 10 buttons

Thursday, October 13, 2022

Redragon's new gaming mouse - AATROX M811 is appropriately named after one of League Of Legends (LoL) most notorious characters - Aatrox - who happens to be one of the most played champions in multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) gaming!

When playing online multiplayer strategy games, such as League of Legends, you need plenty of time and a comfortable mouse with plenty of buttons to press! Redragon's new AATROX M811 is perfect for MMO/MOBA gaming mouse - the AATROX M811 - equipped with 15 buttons that allows you to map and access different character actions, abilities and skills quickly and easy.  
The top of the AATROX M811 mouse has a standard layout - left/right click buttons, scroll wheel with centre button and DPI buttons, which are clicky and made of plastic. The left and right click buttons are long and wide with a rubbery coating. The centre backside of the mouse has a smooth plastic finish. The AATROX M811 scroll wheel has rubberized traction with a quiet linear actuation (no notched ticks) and clicky center button.
 On the left side of the AATROX M811 mouse, there are two standard browser buttons as well as a keypad block of 8 buttons designed for MMO and MOBA games.The browser buttons and keypad buttons are all clicky and made of plastic. It's nice that the keypad buttons have been angled at a different orientation. This makes locating and actuating specific buttons a lot easier. The thumb rest location is also perfect - just below the keypad buttons. The thumb rest is wide enough to accommodate any thumb size. 

Another notable feature you get with the AATROX M811, that most gaming mice do not have, it is vertical mouse ergonomics. While not quite as steep as a vertical mouse, the AATROX M811 has s sloping right side that keeps the palm of the hand tilted up to almost a handshake position. 

Because of the sloping right side, the AATROX M811 has a pronounced middle centre hump with the right side being taller (5cm high) than the left side (2.5cm high). The length of the mouse is 12cm long and has a 9.5cm wide middle section. The front and back of mouse have a narrower width: 6.5cm and 6cm respectively.

The bottom back end of the AATROX M811 has a raised lip with an RGB led strip built-in to it. The other RGB zones are located on the scroll wheel, Redragon logo and keypad.
The AATROX M811 cable (1.6 meters) is not removable but it isn't stiff rubber. It is made of soft braided fabric which is ideal for a wired mouse since a rigid or stiff cable tends to drag on a desk. 
On the bottom of the mouse, there are four teflon pads and a push button to toggle between RGb effects (9 to choose from, as well as off). The DPI buttons on top let you up and down DPI on the go without the need of software. There are four DPI levels to choose from: 500 dpi, 1000 dpi, 2000 dpi, 3000 dpi and 6200 dpi. When changing DPI, the scroll wheel led changes to a specific color to differentiate between DPIs.
If you want to remap the DPI settings, you can do so via the Redragon software. You can choose between 200 dpi (lowest) and 12400 dpi (highest). The software also gives you access to RGB effects, macros and user profiles. As far as performance, the AATROX M811 uses a Pixart 3327 optical sensor - a midrange sensor (based on Logitech's AM010) with similar performance to the 3335 optical sensor found in the Pulsefire Core, Pwnage Symm and M913 Impact Elite

The Pixart 3327 sensor works well in the AATROX M811 mouse. It is snappy and precise (no jittering delay) when tracking, making it ideal for high level online (and offline) game competition. In terms of weight, the AATROX M811 mouse weighs just 153 grams with cable (120 grams without cable) so, it is similar in weight to the M612 Predator and 20 grams lighter than the older M913 Impact Elite wireless mouse. Another wireless mouse worth checking out is the M686 Vampire Elite which is another wireless mouse equipped with a 3335 optical sensor.

Potential deal breakers
  • Maybe too heavy for FPS (first person shooter) games
  • Fixed cable - cannot be detached
  • Old PixArt sensor
  • Over sized USB plug - too long, it sticks out from USB port
  • May not be suitable for palm grippers due to steep mid hump
  • Build quality -buttons make rattling noise when shaking mouse

Selling points for the AATROX M811
  • Vertical mouse ergonomics minimizes wrist damage
  • Shoelace style cable minimizes cable drag
  • All 15 buttons are programmable
  • Thumb rest and pinky rest
  • Suitable for long and short fingers, thanks to long right/left click buttons
  • On-board DPI changer (up/down)
  • Browser (back/forward) side button
  • Silent scroll wheel
  • Angled and clicky MMO buttons
  • Software support
You can buy the AATROX M811 mouse from RedragonShop and amazon. Check out the review of the Redragon TRIDENT M693 mouse. Check out the review of M990 Legend Chroma X

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